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  1. “...and THEN they had the cheek to chase me into my car, spit on my windows and boot the doors!!” Piss off Thomson 🖕
  2. Look at that wretch Thomson trying to weasel his way into a gig. He can f**k off with the rest of them!
  3. Dont think its ever been confirmed by anyone. It still hasn’t been confirmed, unless you believe what Tam McManus has to say.
  4. As long as Marky boy doesn’t charge us £75k a year rent for a stand or charge over inflated interest rates on soft loans then he’ll do just fine. Don’t dare try and insinuate that the MSG/board have acted in the best interests of this club. It’ll be interesting to find out just how much of a profit they have made from this deal once it all comes out in the wash. Then we’ll see who the real charlatans are. Good riddance to them all!
  5. 1 lad on the books of Sevco proves absolutely nothing...yet. At the time the academy got the bullet, very little talent had come through for a while and the last thing I was concerning myself with was young lads who might turn out to be assets a further 5/6/7 years down the line. We had just avoided relegation from the Championship and the focus had to be on the immediate future of the Club, which was promotion back to the top flight. That needed investment - it’s just a shame Hartley and Mitch completely fucked that investment otherwise we might be sitting here calling the decision a master stroke.
  6. Lazy journalism as usual though. Scrapping the academy is a million miles away from the reason we find ourselves in League One now, as the article suggests.
  7. Patience?? My patience ran out when that p***k Ritchie stuck 2 fingers up to the fans and awarded Pressley a 3 year contract. No one other than BtB will have the best interests of the club at heart, but thanks to the spiteful MSG c***s, that won’t happen.
  8. I’ll tell you what’s scary. The fact that people who have supported Falkirk through thick and thin, showing unwavering loyalty throughout their lives, are almost at the point where they no longer give a f**k. People have become so apathetic with the Club in general, thanks to the shameful actions of the current imposters, that they no longer fear what the future may hold under Campbell. The Club as I know it feels dead to me right now. When it gets as low as that, what more do you have to lose?
  9. Do you honestly think getting rid of McKinnon buys these incompetent b*****ds some time? No wonder they’re still here stinking the place out years beyond their sell by date when so many of our fans are prepared to roll over and have their bellies tickled. Their is no opportunity for them to rectify the damage they have done. Their time has come and gone LONG AGO. Get them to f**k now!
  10. Yes please. f**k that! The man’s a fucking buffoon. Are folk mad? Although I guess 2,200 season tickets answers that question...
  11. No it’s wasn’t aimed at you, but to answer your question I have heard people say there are no investors from India involved. I’m calling bullshit on that is all I’m saying. Gow and his team are no more trustworthy than Campbell.
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