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  1. Could this affect have any bearing on the payments teams are receiving from sfa, if the sfa say you play on, but teams refuse, are they then breaching the terms of agreement,
  2. Carlo walks so will alot of the money that gets invested in Maybole, that's the reason he's not been hunted before now
  3. I've just heard 2 players from Largs, and clubs that they have played in friendlies are being contacted
  4. So greenock down at kello, an hour and a half drive, pishing wet day, pitch is a bog, then drive back to greenock unwashed, then the following week you turn up and realise, oh shit Ave left ma shirt at home today, sorry coach no kit a can't play,
  5. A see nithsdales goal keeper Jamie Kerr has now signed on with kello rovers, as has the nithsdale goal keeping coach, Adam someone ,
  6. Will that boys that rab signed stay on now he's away,
  7. Cumnock have announced it 40mins ago, so it's 100% correct
  8. Hearing today Sean mckenzie is away to Cumnock, that's a massive loss if correct , obviously a cash payment to nithsdale but take a bit of replacing
  9. Nithside Park, freshly spiked and rolled, railings all painted,
  10. Whittlets, arthurlie outside bet, Maryhill in top 4, brought in the manager that got kello promoted, struggled to attract players to kello due to distance he won't have that problem with Maryhill
  11. Glad to hear yesterday that he signed up again,
  12. They done not to bad this season, 5th a think when it all stopped, mckenzie has made a big difference to them,
  13. Why does the information need to be shared, if you need info on something then you go find out about it yourself, then you have a the facts you need
  14. We need to remember we're the new kids in town here, because we've entered this league doesn't give us some god given right to start interfering, my club kello could easily have applied to the Sosfl but didn't, and honestly we'd have finished pretty decent in it, last season we played friendly matches against Abbey Vale won 9-2 and nithsdale wanderers up 6-0 game got stopped after a bad injury to a player, but at the end of the day each team plays in a league to suit them, so let's stop the sosfl shouldn't get this or that, and play by the rules thats in place, if you didn't like the set up then you could have stayed where we were
  15. So renewing junior membership only really benefits clubs who wish to play in the junior Cup?
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