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  1. Calling Cards of Morons

    I've actually done this. Quite enjoyed the unexpected ferry to Skye though.
  2. The Hibernian Thread

    It's coming home.
  3. The Hibernian Thread

    Ich wonder if we'll get Derek Fazackerley as Appleton's number 2 (number 2 lol).
  4. Celtic vs Hibs

    Hopefully there's too much snow. For the rest of the season.
  5. La Liga / Copa Del Rey Ole

    Anyone seen this? Mental. The 32-year-old midfielder, who is loan from Barcelona at Istanbul Başakşehir, allegedly attacked Turkish singer Berkay Sahin following a failed attempt to pick up Sahin’s wife, Ozlem Ada, on October 10. Sahin alleges that Turan walked up to his wife and said “you’re very pretty, if you weren’t married I wouldn’t let you get away.” When Sahin interjected, Turan allegedly started a scuffle, and the ensuing altercation left the singer with a broken nose. As if that weren’t enough, Turan allegedly then went to the hospital where Sahin was recovering to apologize in the most Arda Turan fashion: by offering him a gun and telling the singer to shoot him in retaliation, reportedly saying, “Shoot me if you want.” Like you would expect a rational human being to do, Sahin turned down the surely-appealing offer from the soccer star, leading to Turan allegedly taking the gun back and firing it off at the floor in the hospital room.
  6. The Hibernian Thread

    Those things don't grow on trees unfortunately, they are a rare and sought after breed. We'd most likely need to develop a raw talent ala McGinn in order to find ourselves one.
  7. Well vs Hibs

    Hibs are sehr gut, Motherwell are nicht so gut. 3-0 to the Hibbes, Stephane Omeonga to do do do all of the goals.
  8. The Hibernian Thread

    I also prefer von ßox to ze other if you get vhat I mean