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  1. Aberdeen: Best: @Dons_1988 - seems ok (high praise indeed) Worst: @afc_blockhead – an absolute weapon with anger problems and @Bob Mahelp clearly needs someone's help, that much is clear. Celtic: Best: Not seen many of them around but @Romeo has had a hard time in this thread and occasionally partakes in a wee Hibs love in so they get the vote. Worst: Again, not seen many of them around Hamilton: Best: not sure Worst: @accies1874 - purely for his seething bitterness towards the Hibees in his own vote earlier in the thread. Hearts: Best: @LincolnHearts - plenty of red dots but hasn't seemed that bad from what I've seen so far. I like an underdog so gets the vote. Worst: @Pet Jeden - what was that Spanish thing all about? Hibs: Best: @Austinho every time they post it's outstanding - doesn't seem to post all the time, but every few threads they'll wade in all guns blazing with a quality gif or photoshop job and rake in all the green dots. Honourable mention to @HibsFan who's taken some flak in this thread but is pretty funny. Honourable, honourable mention to all the other Hibees. Worst: No such thing. Killie: Best: Nothing against their team but the Killie fans seemed a particularly angry, excitable bunch in our last match thread, @Moomintroll seemed like one of the good ones. Worst: There were quite a few, but @craigkillie and @killie_lad stood out. Motherwell: Best: ? Worst: @MJC With or without the bus fare to Ibrox? Rangers: Best: @bennett – feel sorry for him. He's probably bad, but not -5500 red dots bad. Worst: I mean, almost all of them. @The_Kincardine is hard to beat, but @TavTastic has pretty much managed it. This isn't Follow Follow. St Johnstone: No strong feelings either way. St Mirren: Don't mind the Saintees. Can't reliably give an answer here though.
  2. Hearts going into this game in relegation form and in dire need of a win to pick them up off the canvas and gain the momentum needed to avoid the drop. Low and behold Hibernian are up next, no doubt we'll give them just that...
  3. How are you getting on in League 1 mate? Looks like the next time you'll ever get pumped by the Rangers, it'll be the Cove variety next season.
  4. We've probably been the closest Celtic have had to a bogey team the last few seasons, but we haven't beaten them in Glasgow for quite some time. Odd feeling that might change here.
  5. Oops, looks like you're mistaken again - we beat you in the League Cup Quarter Final this season, so it's 1/3 each (We should of course be doing much better, seeing as plucky Killie have only managed a better head to head record over us a small handful of times this century, but we did have a shocking start this season ) By all means feel free to backtrack and pretend you were referring to an abstract era all along instead of the very specific season you quoted though
  6. Did I somehow miss the joke? We finished two places above Killie that season, were unbeaten in all 5 against you, winning 3 of them, beat you in the Scottish Cup and made it to the final v Celtic, and didn't get pumped out of the other cup by Stenhousemuir, unlike err... Killie. Or are you confusing that season with another of the ones from that time where we were completely shite?
  7. Seems to me the only crumb of victory the Killie boys can claim over us is another team beating us in a cup final over 7 years ago FYI, it was Hibs that dumped you out of the cup that year on our way to the final. Oh and we did it again the very next season, pumping you in the Quarter Final on your own turf as we booked another trip to Hampden Hell, we even did the same in the League Cup a couple of months ago, despite not being able to buy a win under Hecky. You must pee your knickers every time you get drawn against us... Killie have been having a wee purple patch the last couple of seasons against us, I'll give you that – all off the back of Steve Clarke assembling literally your greatest team in modern history. A team we still finished above 1 out of 2 seasons. Hibs on the other hand go into todays game, having just recovered from one of our worst ever run of results, 10 games without a win, yet a win could still be enough to see us restore the natural order
  8. That's a brilliant 3 points. Paisley is a tough place to go and by all accounts we held on by the skin of our teeth. What a difference being Heckingbottomless makes.
  9. I'd have him back in a heartbeat. We'd have the smallest midfield in the league mind you.
  10. Look kids! The lesser spotted crowd w****r in its natural habitat! Often confused with a regular w****r – the differences are often subtle. See how it ruffles its feathers and puffs its chest out in an attempt to seem larger? Careful not to disturb it now...
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