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  1. Four excellent goals, and a good crowd!
  2. Same. I have an irrational fear of having a heart attack. It led to me constantly taking my pulse and my blood pressure. I don't exercise too vigorously and I'm agoraphobic to a degree too. I have had lots of other obsessions, but I won't go into them.
  3. It proves he's a true gent. Being humble and gracious, despite being the best in the world.
  4. Their crowds have not been great for third round games, either. I think from memory they've been as low as 15,000. Still, a modest pay day for you.
  5. That's pish. I might go to the game, but I cannae be bothered with hassle, either.
  6. Wow! The 'stadium' is literally a pitch with a perimeter fence and what appears to be a shed next to it. The photo above even has trees growing behind one of the goals.
  7. Darvel have a very 'basic' ground. Will they switch it to Kilmarnock? Surely it makes sense. I know Auchinleck didn't, but then their ground is actually fairly decent by comparison.
  8. I have been, too. Still, I think they will tire in the second half. Really impressed with the crowd. There must be 3,500 there, for a freezing November night with the game being shown live on the BBC! How many Ayr fans thought they would see their team score a lot of goals?
  9. They'll tire in the last twenty minutes and it'll end up Ayr winning by a three goal margin.
  10. I want to apologise to Pollok fans. Unfortunately, I have bet £5 on you to win at 18/1. I was tempted to put money on Darvel on Saturday and chickened out. Given this one's on TV I thought I would stick a fiver on to at least make it more interesting. Chances are Ayr will be 4-0 up after 20 mins after my little flutter.
  11. Thanks, @h_w7864 I think Lesser will be quite a smart ground, even if a little small, despite the 'Royal Box' fiasco. I still think there should be terracing behind the goals - and I don't mean safe standing. I think you could accommodate at least 25% more by having terracing.
  12. Thanks for clarifying. I'm sorry to learn that. What's happening? Surely new people can be elected? More supporters can join and then elect new officials, no? It sounds like there's a need for transparency and folk could stand based on that. Very strange, though I knew that there was stuff happening around Colin Weir's legacy funds. Best wishes for the future.
  13. Get rid of the Trust? Sorry, I don't follow. Can you explain it to me like I'm an imbecile. Normally Supporters' Trusts are good things...
  14. Couldn't find the official highlights on YouTube, so made do with this: Who are you guys wanting in the next round? An Old Firm pay day? A Renfrewshire derby?
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