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  1. Less than 3,000 fans there, and for a play-off match! WTF?! Were all the tight highlanders watching it on the tele?
  2. Aye, it makes a joke of it. I thought it might improve attendances but it seemingly doesn't even do that. People need to REALLY ensure it doesn't end up like Spain.
  3. The SPFL wouldn't be financially viable for a lot of Highland League clubs for one. Plus it would appear there's a gulf in class between the SPFL and the lower leagues. How long has the system been in operation? Five years? Only once has a side been promoted. That vindicates the current system, IMHO. You have 180 minutes to score one more goal than a side being whooped week in and week out. That's not a tall order for a side good enough to grace the SPFL.
  4. It's played over two legs. If a side cannot beat the worst performing team, over two legs, then how can they justify a place in that league? Cove will probably do it, but if they don't it won't be down to a bad day, or a dodgy decision, but because they're not good enough.
  5. Being a multi time traveller to berwick by train I can say you heard wrong That's certainly the consensus on here. Maybe the author had just had a bad experience, or perhaps he had some gripe against Berwick. Still would rather Cove win, but the best team will surely prevail.
  6. Ach, well never mind. I actually didn't read that, but just fabricated it because I like to tell pointless lies on lower league Scottish message boards.
  7. I cannot remember where I read it, but from what I recall it was neds in the town of Berwick, and not supporters of the club. But, as I have already made clear, I can't comment from personal experience.
  8. Ahh, but have you ever actually been to Berwick, Northumbria?! I have never seen any trouble in Tijuana, but that's because I have never been there.
  9. I have definitely heard/read that. Never been, so cannot comment on its veracity. Interesting wee report on the club: https://www.thenorthernecho.co.uk/opinion/columnists/mikeamos/backtrack/17613941.borderline-case-the-column-joins-anxious-fans-at-the-north-easts-favourite-scottish-league-club/
  10. Why? Hampden Diehard's made a good case, but why do you want Cove to miss out? Personally I like the idea of an SPFL Rangers team from Aberdeen playing in blue. I have also heard there are neds in Berwick who enjoy attacking "Jocks", as they make their way from the stadium to the station. However, if Cove cannot beat a side with such a poor record, then they don't deserve to be in the league.
  11. Aye, both club's strips were included in the opening post.
  12. I disagree with this sentiment. I think the system in place now is perfect - if Cove are unable to beat Berwick, over two legs, then they're clearly not good enough. For the record I think Cove will hammer Berwick, and I think the aggregate score will be 8-1 in their favour.
  13. Surprising. Though it's a big game - I mean Aberdeen will potentially have a second SPFL club next season. That they play in blue and are suffixed Rangers, is just funny.
  14. With Falkirk coming down, they have got to be the favourites to go back up. Besides that, who else should concern us next season? Obviously it depends on signings, but realistically what's the best we can hope to achieve next season?
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