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  1. I was disappointed by the football played by both sides today. I have seen Albion Rovers, Ayr, Airdrieonians and others have played far better than these two. To be fair, the state of the pitch has to be a factor. Sharing with Queens Park is not a good idea, as a passing game on that farmer's field is impossible. I know both teams are capable of a lot more. On the plus side, I expect Cove to have a difficult game tomorrow.
  2. I'm going to this tomorrow. In the Thistle end, but a wet bit of me wants Arbroath to win the league. Will be good to see this famous Arbroath side in the flesh...particularly if they achieve the incredible.
  3. What a beautiful ground Cappielow is. Best strip in football too. I take it the supporters' association sponsors the club?! So good to see no sponsor on it.
  4. I'm half way through this documentary by Oliver Stone:
  5. I'm anti-war now. A pacifist. It's the wrong folk who die in these conflicts. Soldiers are pawns lost in the game - even the Russian lads.
  6. I did two tours in Northern Ireland and one in Bosnia. That gave me PTSD, and I have had alcohol problems and and a divorce since.
  7. Anybody else feel like this is seeing a car accident - you don't want to look; you know you shouldn't look; but it's so compelling that you have to look? I feel very guilty, as it's almost like a TV drama. A lot of folk don't seem to understand how nasty war is. Anyone old enough remember Iraq/Kuwait when the Iraqi army fled and the Allies bombed them when trapped in their vehicles?
  8. This video from the 1980s makes interesting viewing. I have shared it with a few of my friends who have suggested us and the Americans join in the conflict. Crikey, things were different back then.
  9. I decided on this game in the end. The trains from Central to Ayr were stowed.
  10. Will we be outnumbered by the paisley massive? Surely not? You got 986 against Albion Rovers, and I'd wager 100 of them came from Coatbridge. The fact you're hosting a Premiership team will possibly draw some fairweather fans. The Ayrshire derby had an attendance of a wee bit over 6,000, though 3,000 came from Kilmarnock. It's dry and 9°. It's not an evening kick off. But is the lure of St Mirren stronger than Kilmarnock? However it's a week before pay day in January. I reckon you'll bring ~2,000. The gate will be 3,789. Should be a great atmosphere.
  11. I was trying to help. I saw that on Twitter and thought I would post it here in case anyone found it useful. Why take the trouble to type out an abrasive reply to someone trying to help?
  12. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/ayrshire/scotrail-confirm-travel-disruption-football-25995448 I think I'll give this one a miss. I'd get your club's buses if I was you, though.
  13. Just here to wish Alloa luck. 3-0 Celtic, is my prediction though.
  14. Their Twitter feed states they're waiting to hear back from the SFA about that. The cynic in me suggests they're trying to sell as many tickets as possible first, before making that an option.
  15. To be fair most grounds I visit now have QR code scanners. Nobody looks at the actual ticket - the stewards are there to advise and ensure folk don't try and sneak in or use a kids' ticket (there's usually a sort of traffic light system, which identifies when concessions are used). Unsure whether to go to this game, the Morton one or the Thistle/Airdrie one.
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