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  1. Of all the games to pick, why this one? It should have been Auchinleck v Hamilton. Obviously.
  2. It'd be good to see the Old Firm draw one another, getting rid of one of the Cheeks. Though I suspect heated balls may keep them apart. Partick v Clydebank would be a good tie. Morton v St. Mirren, too. Edinburgh City v Hearts/Hibs. Imagine Banks of Dee vs Auchinleck! Not a great tie, but one of them is guaranteed progression. Ayr vs Killie, Airdrieonians v Motherwell would be good, too.
  3. Should have been a draw! A great performance from the Rovers today, but wasn't to be.
  4. Your prerogative, of course, but I think you should stick by your club during thick and thin. It's hard, sometimes...just don't go throwing yourself off a bridge!
  5. Is that true? I take it you're not going, then?
  6. Great start from Hibs, but I can see Rangers scoring two in the second half, unfortunately.
  7. 15 games played and there's two points between first and fifth and one point between the bottom five! After that many games, that's pretty amazing.
  8. Things are still not back to normal, though. I think a lot of folk are reluctant to return to grounds. Does yesterday's attendance include season ticket holders, as I thought you'd sold more than 3,000? Do you have figures for the livestream? On a cold day, how many folk would rather stay at home and watch it on TV?
  9. At home...on penalties! That might work in Ayr's favour, as they'll be less complacent. Could be a classic, though.
  10. I'm planning to go to this yin. Given Ayr lost 3-0 this weekend and 4-0 last week, I think the Wee Rovers have a chance. Hoping for good weather and a brisk stroll along the promenade, too.
  11. Is the preferred term not 'climate change'? I think the response is a zero-sum game. If the rest of the world cuts their emissions whilst, say China, refuses to, then China benefits from both the limited effects of climate change and economically, as she doesn't have to implement costly measures. The opposite is true for the rest of the world. So, whilst countries sign up to this, it will be interesting to see if they implement it. As for the growing population, referred to above, that's been understood for a long time. Our current capitalist model is predicated upon continued growth of GDP, and this is why there needs to be a GREAT RESET. Even if, what @AlbionSaint states is correct, and our superiors really do want us to eat insects and live in tiny apartments, etc - if the planet really is on a precipice, as claimed, then surely that couldn't be implemented quickly enough to save us? Tin foil hat time: could that be what the lockdowns were really about? That's not to say Covid isn't real, but would our superiors really care if we lost one percent of (arguably) some of the least productive people in society? Care enough to damage the economy? Anyone who knows the history of the Troubles will realise that the human cost wasn't what really brought the UK government to the negotiating table. It was the bombing of the Financial District...
  12. Can I please register my interest in a future league? I haven't played for years, but I used to be quite good.
  13. I always feel the Old Firm are there for the taking after a European night, but asking Ross County to do it at Ibrox is probably a wee bit too much. It's a shame, because it looked like the league was going to be much more open early on in the season, but both look much harder to beat going by recent form. Also Hearts' & Hibs' form recently.
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