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  1. I think it's also the way the English media went on about him when he was at his peak (which he wasn't that great anyway) that makes it so funny to laugh at him. He also bought into all the shite the English media said about him.
  2. Just seen the full highlights on Sportscene, Hart didn't half embarrass himself, the howler for the goal, the rolling about holding his head after diving and McGregor taking a red card because he's in the middle of nowhere. Best keeper in the league though.
  3. Read a wee bit. One says he was a bigot and she was calling him out for it and another post said it was her food and he lifted it to take a selfie. The latter probably makes most sense in the context of that clip. Either way the boy seems like an entitled wee fud.
  4. Pointing out a keepers mistakes from 5+ years ago isn't the win you think it is. Hart is bang average at best.
  5. And people on here were arguing that he's the best keeper in the league
  6. And even better he's practically undroppable due to being an Engurland golden boy, class stuff.
  7. c***s like that should be charged with fraudulent claims, they're the reason our insurance is sky high
  8. c**t that sit in the outside lane of a dual carriageway or motorway for no reason doing 70 to then pull in and speed up to 90, arseholes.
  9. They'd surely just grow the cement to keep the costs down?
  10. Mind the c**t wanting SC punted? Fannies.
  11. Fair enough, I'd have been spewing if that was the case
  12. Who was it saying Hart was the best keeper in the SPFL
  13. Did I hear correctly 27 caps for McLean? How'd he manage to blag that many?
  14. That was a game against Ireland, guaranteed to attract fans from both of the bigot twins.
  15. Is there are reason why every Engerland game is on council telly but we get stuck on the worst sports subscription channel?
  16. This team is not filling me with confidence.
  17. Can see plenty of Hearts fans buying tickets for the home end with such a shite allocation.
  18. Surely our only tactic now can be give the ball to McGinn in a corner and let that glorious arse do its work.
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