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  1. Gutted, thought I was a stick on winner this year.
  2. The vast majority Hearts, Hibs & Aberdeen fans have atleast been to a game in their life whereas 90% of OF fans wouldn't know Ibrox/Parkhead if it fell on their head.
  3. Anybody singing BB or making racist remarks should be permanently banned from all scottish stadiums and I'd also back further actions aswell.
  4. So the LFT test that can be used as proof of entry to events, has it been clarified if its private tests that would need to be paid for or the government tests?
  5. So we're taking the approach that Kyogo isn't a diving cheat he's just a victim every single game, it took a while but a predictable line of defence from the Celtic boys.
  6. There is your definitive proof everyone, if Willy thought he was onside then he most definitely must've been off.
  7. They should probably worry more about the safety of opposition players on the park.
  8. Progressive club? Your fans were heard on TV last night clearly singing that they were up to their knees in ****** blood.
  9. And yet only OF fans find it a strange concept funnily enough. If Hearts fans are acting like c***s I have no problem saying so.
  10. Wonder if any Celtic fans on here will call out the Green Brigade for what they are, scum.
  11. Bias officiating diving Fans throwing bottles Offside goal Just another game for a "diddy team" in Glasgow.
  12. Ofcourse its McKays fault for complaining to the ref about having coins thrown at him.
  13. That section should be shut and everyone in it banned.
  14. And once again the SFA will have nothing to say about McKay being pelted with shite every time he takes a corner
  15. But unfortunately for hibs Welsh and Ralston might be out too.
  16. Hearts attacking and Madden blows the whistle when there is no foul [emoji23]
  17. The absolute state of these mutant c***s.
  18. Must be a sniper in the stands shooting at Celtic players.
  19. Exactly, Celtic benefiting from another poor offside decision.
  20. There was no benefit, the ball fell to Starfelt .
  21. Even though he's arguing that the goal was offside Boyd is an absolute mess.
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