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  1. Night time reading found at the back of a cupboard, would've been 12 at the time.
  2. Seems like a good guy so I hope he can build some confidence with no fans there to boo him every time he touches the ball because I believe the ability is still there to be a good center back although not the quickest.
  3. Seeing Berra on the team sheet gives me the absolute fear.
  4. Watching this now and feel bad about Stendel, he comes across as a genuinely nice guy and would've liked to see him get more of a chance although I have no issue with Neilson
  5. Other than... ... what have the SNP ever done for us?!
  6. At the exact scene your describing and it just jammed and shut my whole xbox down wtf piece of shit game [emoji23]
  7. So the heads gone thread is binned because a bunch of users use the rep system to pick on certain people instead of said users being binned.
  8. Empty It

    South Park

    The scene in season 23 with Randy and Towlie melted shooting all the cows [emoji23]
  9. Empty It

    South Park

    Watched the South Park pandemic special, as others have said brilliant how it ties into series 23 episodes also Randy episodes are by far the best.
  10. This is what's been sold to me by my other half who is actually a scientist developing vaccines, she's shit scared about these vaccines because there is absolutely no way it can be properly tested in the time it's taken. Obviously the various governments across the world have decided that the severity of the virus outweighs the possible side effects that no one could possibly know about. Before anyone starts I'm not an anti-vaxer, I will be taking one but it is slightly worrying that it can take 15+ years to develop and test a vaccine and this has taken them less than a year to say these vaccines are safe.
  11. Empty It

    Ted Lasso

    Seen this on here and decided to watch, well worth watching really enjoyed.
  12. Dunfermline deserved the 3 points, we were pish, can't think of a single Hearts player that gets pass marks tonight but take nothing away from pars, played some nice stuff.
  13. Heard that aswell [emoji23] I'm obviously watching a different game.
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