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  1. Empty It

    FIFA 20

    I've got Neuer and to say he's murder would be an understatement.
  2. Just been sent to a job and our site contact is Wullie Harden.
  3. Empty It

    FIFA 20

    Wouldn't reccomend anyone spending a decent amount on a keeper as they're all as bad as each other
  4. You know what they say, the people make Glasgow.
  5. ProDirect are always good and cheaper than actual shops, that's where I've had all my boots for the past 4/5 seasons.
  6. You're really not expecting the 90 minute bigots to say anything?
  7. Just use one of the phases assuming you have a neutral it should be fine
  8. Hope the game gets called off minutes before kick off for maximum seethe and inconvenience.
  9. Hope Ivan Drago smashes Hunters face in.
  10. How embarrassing are these c***s coming into the ring with masks
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