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  1. So because Beaton failed to book a Celtic player for a deliberate handball then he can't book a Celtic player later on for a deliberate handball, is that what is being claimed here?
  2. And to put the icing on the cake I read she was only having to pay something like 3k instead of 3 million in debt.
  3. Woman on radio shortbread 5 minutes ago saying children under 12 are being hospitalized up and down the country due to covid. Anyone got the figures on this?
  4. How dare Neilson point out how shite the officials are despite the officials being widely regarded as shite.
  5. The guy who does the sport on BBC Scotland radio in the morning and his utterly ridiculous accent.
  6. Wordle 222 4/6 [emoji833][emoji833][emoji833] [emoji833][emoji833][emoji833] [emoji833]
  7. Some amount of play acting there we got what we deserved after that first half.
  8. How? it hits his hand twice and its away from his body, by the shite new rules it was definitely a penalty. Not that it matters.
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