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  1. Kilmarnock v Sevco 5088

    Scenes, well deserved Killie
  2. Dinner Party

    Anybody saying Keith Moon clearly haven't thought this through. Some raving looney smashing your house up.
  3. The Celtic 2018/19 thread

    What a load of pish [emoji23]
  4. If £55 isn't affordable then what is in your eyes?
  5. The Baldy Beckenbauer
  6. The Great Big Kilmarnock Thread

    Surely Clarke wouldn't take the Scotland job, career suicide.
  7. Calling Cards of Morons

    People that have children but have no way of supporting themselves never mind a child, only to moan that their free house isn't big enough and their free money isn't enough.
  8. Dotting accounts?

    At what point did this thread turn into P&Bs next top model?
  9. If we weren't fucked before we are now.
  10. Not even close but he's a hibs fan, give the guy a break.
  11. I do hope you realise I'm being sarcastic and I in no way believe sevco have been hindered by decisions, if anything they've benefited from terrible refs more than most.
  12. Aye but dodgy penalties even themselves out over the season.
  13. I think he's referring to Connor "the goal machine" Sammon and we were paying him to warm the bench at Fir Park this season.
  14. That the SFA have a conspiracy against them?
  15. Surely won most retrospective bans this season?