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  1. COD MW2 had a few snow sections, I quite enjoyed them though.
  2. Tbf there are worse things those degenerates come out with than f**k a terrorist organisation.
  3. I'd usually agree with this but the utter state bob had himself in last night is worthy of nomination.
  4. Your second point addresses your first, Joe Hart isn't, has never been and will never be a top keeper.
  5. Do Celtic have a few players missing? I've not heard the commentators mention it.
  6. Anything keeping Sutton and Lennon off the TV can only be regarded as a good thing.
  7. Celtic moaning about squad depth when they have a larger squad than anyone else in the top flight of scottish football.
  8. Can't decide if I want Celtic to be hammered or lose to a 94th minute offside goal. Whatever would make Hartson cry more.
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