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  1. Price for a replacement exhaust and ask for that off then get it repaired. Exhaust leaks aren't great for the car or the driver tbf depending on where its leaking from.
  2. If it was just kids I'd understand it but seeing them more and more with adults on them on busy streets in the middle of Edinburgh.
  3. These stupid scooters people are flying about on, going 10-15mph on pavements.
  4. Rebirth is absolute carnage just now, much preferred it with less people in the lobby.
  5. Ah Pokemon yellow for the gameboy colour, those were the days.
  6. I remember a video being shown to me ages ago with this Luke character punching a sheep to death whilst a family member recorded laughing, I'm sure it was his mother but not 100% it was a long time ago.
  7. Gnanduillet and McEneff were decent and as usual Halliday was like playing with a man down.
  8. Logically you might say Popescu going wide with Berra starting in the center with Halkett but with Neilson in charge its absolutely anyones guess.
  9. Firmly in the "everyone can be trusted with drink in grounds except the bigot twins" party.
  10. Walker has been our best player in recent weeks, should've started over Naismith anyway
  11. It's taken them this long to do anything substantial to the current map also with the introduction of rebirth island not too long ago cant see another map anytime soon or not a large one like Verdansk anyway. Not played the season 2 update yet but looks decent and the new zombie modes look quite cool.
  12. One of the local churches cleared their large entrance (f**k knows why as no one is meant to be there) onto the pavement either side creating a 4 foot mound of snow blocking the path forcing people to walk on the road, c***s.
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