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  1. Having to use practically a whole bottle of screenwash every morning due to there being more salt on the road than on an Americans lunch.
  2. Ronaldo benched, when is the next Piers Morgan interview?
  3. That's the tightest most miserable thing I've heard, what a bunch of c***s.
  4. There is nothing better in football than when Brazil decide to turn it on during a world cup.
  5. Would love to see players getting booked for doing 5 minute choreographed celebrations.
  6. Fair play to STV for having the cuntiest panel imaginable with Sounness, Aluko and Keane.
  7. Predictably STVs build up to Brazil v South Korea is highlights and analysis of the Engerland game.
  8. Those Japanese penalties are up there with the worst team effort I've ever seen.
  9. I like both teams here but would prefer a Croatia win, they're a really classy team.
  10. I plan on getting smashed, making a c**t of myself and then spending the following weeks trying to work out who I've offended but are too polite to mention it.
  11. Aberdeen fast becoming the most seething fans on here, although not sure they'll ever compete with Falkirk fans.
  12. Doesn't matter as long as you make sure you're constantly tailgating and when you park up take atleast 3 spaces preferably disabled or parent and child spaces.
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