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  1. Would love an insight into the mind of tinfoil Steve.
  2. I get Ozzy Osbourne ticket vibes about this were they'll just keep postponing until they die.
  3. Just got this aswell and losing out on £120 from our hotel and wasting holidays from work pain in the arse.
  4. Now I have a hangover and toothache, also to add to an already shite day I've accidentally turned up to my appointment 20 minutes early, f**k mondays.
  5. Ginky going to have another sore head in the morning.
  6. Lost a filling today, tooth in agony, phoned NHS24 and there is nowhere open in Edinburgh until tomorrow so just going to the boozer to get plastered, best pain relief.
  7. Do Americans see the whole of Britain as thick ignorant arseholes because Boris Johnson is in charge, we voted for Brexit and the very vocal far right thickos that seem to get lots of airtime?
  8. Some very insecure big men in this thread, the way trans people can reduce these guys to actual tears just by existing is utterly pathetic.
  9. But if you're into churches you're spoilt for choice, church on every street.
  10. Accept your fate and bow down to your new winged overlord.
  11. Guns N Roses next week, my missus favourite band seen them in London a couple years ago but we've went for some VIP tickets because she wants to experience going at the front. Very jealous of anyone seeing Pearl Jam aswell.
  12. I do work in some of the prisons a few times a year, anyone that thinks they're a holiday camp should go to Cornton Vale for a few hours.
  13. Genuinely can't believe that people are quite content with a system allowing their country to be run into the ground by a Tory government from another country that we didn't even vote for, when was the last time the Scottish majority meant anything in the UK government? Surely to f**k the **** and shitebag pensioners can't f**k it up again.
  14. Always funny seeing middle class idiots referring to prison as a holiday camp
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