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  1. Not true hibs fans were violent when they won the Scottish cup that also coincidentally involved Rangers but it wasn't anything to do with those innocent angels in the Rangers end.
  2. Clearly that's why you openly admit to singing sectarian songs [emoji23]
  3. Shocked to find Mr Tolerance sings sectarian songs, he's not a bigot though.
  4. Just because I disagree with someone political views doesn't make me intolerant to them. I am intolerant towards bigotry which you quite clearly aren't.
  5. Nothing says tolerant like singing about killing people due to their religious beliefs.
  6. There you have it folks one of your reasonable bears. The fact you cant see what's wrong with sectarianism shows that you are thick as f**k and you are the problem.
  7. So you don't see any problem with singing anti catholic songs?
  8. You could just condemn the violence and sectarian songs being sung last night but why do that when you can play whataboutery like you do with your clubs historical bigotry.
  9. How can it be a Glasgow problem when most of these glory seeking c***s live nowhere near Glasgow?
  10. "The best fans in the world" [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  11. If it a "Glasgow problem" then why haven't Celtic rioted for the last 9 years when titles have been won? Usual Rangers fan burying their head in the sand about their bigoted abhorrent football club and scumbag fans.
  12. I can't think of any reason why anybody would want to be associated with these c***s.
  13. I'm sure the club will be sufficiently fined and will have to pick up the tab for all the damage their inbred fans have caused.
  14. All those Chelsea fans must've been in Glasgow today trying to frame the Rangers fans again.
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