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  1. f**k Levein, anyone who starts a 4-6-0 v Czech republic certainly has no personality
  2. Age has nothing tae do with it, Clarke's been an assistant coach most of his non-playing career, Killie is only his 3rd manager position, has been a caretaker manager a couple of times too. Point is he's no really one o the boys on the managerial merry.go.round and might be a right good kick up the arse the national team needs
  3. Has to be Stevie Clarke, if the sfa c***s have any ambitions at all. An up & coming manager, passionate too aboot his country. Mind you Stevie likes to speak his mind & the sfa don't really like anyone wi the potential to step outta line.
  4. Where we walk there was a dead Deer by the side of the dual carriageway nearly 2 week ago. The council removed the carcass after a day or so. The big guy is still looking for it on a daily basis
  5. This weather is right up the Greyhound's street
  6. Big guy likes his sunshine, in fact when it's a sunny morning he's up at the crack o dawn makin noises for us to get up and take him out. The plant pot behind his head contained a really nice Japanese Acer tree until he killed it wi pee
  7. You always remember the dogs you lose but please think about adopting another. Best thing I did was get another Grey after our other passed, sort of a continuation if ye like. There's a lot of beautiful hounds stuck in animal shelters.
  8. Was a good deal in the Sons Shop yesterday a player shirt with shorts and socks thrown in for twenty five pound. Thought our playing surface is great too at this late part of the season. Well done tae all concerned
  9. Aye, he's very disciplined. The big guy's testacles went many years ago mind you. He's nearly 10 now
  10. Big guy's got his own settee now, and he ain't giving it up anytime soon
  11. mygoaltv.com Picture pixelates a bit, right now thats no bad thing though
  12. 2nd photo, he's on a slope, his arse is actually huge
  13. No sure what's worse..shoe-horning a post about Rangers/deid/alive into a thread which has f**k all tae do with them, or actually replying tae a shoe-horned post about Rangers/deid/alive
  14. Yup. Still too early even for lawn sand / moss treatment unless you're in SW Scotland. I'll take your word for it Big Chief. Cheers My daffodils have been up for weeks aswell
  15. Bit early to be cutting the grass is it not? All i know is my grass has been growing for weeks now with the mild weather.
  16. Was goin to rev up the mower today for the first trim o the year. Load of moisture on the grass due to being a frosty night. Maybe just leave it the now
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