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  1. David Gormley is the new manager takes Mick Dunlop, Bill Reside and Davy Adams with him from Rossvale.
  2. Largs 0 Rossvale 0 ft, Rossvale down to 10 men after 30 minutes as well.
  3. Great wee player, will be a huge miss at Rossvale.
  4. Rossvale announce the signing of Mikey McWilliams from Pollok.
  5. Cheers DL, would you say right back is his best position, signing post mentions midfield as well.
  6. Rossvale announced the signing of Jackson Biggar this morning any info on what kind of player we got, cheers.
  7. Fingers crossed he's ready for the Premiership ️
  8. Del McNab and Frazer Johnstone announced today. Del obviously well known as for Frazer cant find too much info, has played for Motherwell and Airdrie a few years ago and East Kilbride but not much other info.
  9. Certainly not the best we have played, wouldn't say it was a battle but over the moon to get the win. Hard work starts straight away in finding players to consolidate a place in the league next season, just happy though. Cant explain how we've done it , Cumbernauld and Arthurlie were both very good teams and wouldn't have been out of place in the top league just like ourselves. Sure we will give it our best shot though and we will see what prevails.......
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