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  1. Come to a Brora game there is a healthy fan base. Please remember there is less than 2000 people in the town so crowds are not going to be massive.
  2. surely Halkirk, Burghead and Culter cant be far off ground requirements to join the league or get licensed?
  3. I've been watching them for weeks, must have watched a good 20 episodes
  4. probably better than recreating them with real planes ...
  5. Love these videos, amazing how people can make them with just a flight simulator.
  6. not entirely sure that the club even wants promotion, not got the budget for travel and other expenses
  7. Touchy topic... cant bring myself to support cove in any situation because they are the most annoying arrogant club ever to exist...... But then I want them out the league and to never have to play them again, a real dilemma.....
  8. Have you ever been to a game of "Non League" in Scotland?
  9. I did read your comments about what was going on somewhere else on the forum, did sound dodgy. Off the park though seems as if they really are moving forward as a club...
  10. Loads of great work going on at Tweedmouth, looks like they are benefiting greatly from joining the EOSFL.
  11. I have family down in Selkirk who care a lot about the club, heard a new club Selkirk community FC has been founded but unsure about the ambitions E:G if they want to try and play supporter level football or not.
  12. Why bother keeping east juniors while EOSFL is in existence though?
  13. Taken directly from the article posted above
  14. There was a lot of people who did genuinely want what was best for the club and they were "devoted but not scummy" but the rumours of bribery sound pretty scummy to me.
  15. Very good posted informative post but I think it should be on the other pyramid thread post. yeah your probably right wasn't really thinking about that, was more meant to just be a response to what Darvel Legend said sorry.
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