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  1. Straight leg, studs up, no control = red card all day long
  2. Celtic should have been down to ten men in thefirst half, exact same tackle from the Motherwell game at the weekend that seen them go down to ten men after two mins
  3. 2 nil Celtic, can’t see Dundee being strong enough to cause another upset unfortunately
  4. The deluded Utd fans on here thinking they should simply turn up and walk over the Gers this weekend. The manager will be at fault if they don’t pump them at least 5-0.
  5. Good luck to all involved at Kelty, it’s been great seeing their progress. It’s good to see a club with some drive and determination
  6. Scottish football needs to try anything that could potentially improve its appeal. I think having colts clubs would draw an increased crowd on match days.
  7. Strange decision that one, I think with the buzz currently at Kelty it would make more sense to continue to build there
  8. Can’t imagine there would be much money flying round Scottish football just now. Tam would be an ideal fit for the club IMO. He turned round the fortunes of Kelty during his time there before leaving them top of the table for Fergie to take them over the line
  9. I couldn’t see anything either, who are the player that have walked out twice?
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