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  1. Poor from Queens point of view but that Kennedy looks like some player. Fantastic dribbling.
  2. I’ll just be using a free stream at the weekend. I can understand a tiered pricing system when supporters can attend the match in person (pay for increased stewarding, policing, general expenses incurred). However the cost of streaming isn’t dictated by the size of the away support unless I’m missing something? It’s a matter of principle, not quibbling over £2.
  3. Drive (2011) Fairly simple plot but some great sequences and a really good electronic soundtrack. 7.5/10
  4. Totally agree. The commentary has been fantastic, puts ParsTV to shame in all honesty. The line about Murray going down like “a coo for the nicht” was brilliant.
  5. Fair play to Arbroath TV so far. Stream seems high quality and great to hear from the Bunnet pre match.
  6. Interested to see Duku, no doubt be seeing a lot more of him at EEP in the not too distant future...
  7. Delete this now before the rest of the big team alliance get their hands on this.
  8. I’ve got a SecretLab and I’m happy with it. A little bit pricy but the quality is great, you definitely get what you pay for. It’s really sturdy, fully adjustable and has a decent warranty.
  9. Helmont for me. Got 4/1 yesterday. Form from its last race looks good as there’s been a few who’ve gone on to win elsewhere. Open to improvement and won despite struggling to get a clear run on debut. Had a 9/1 winner with Does he Know yesterday using the Sky bet offer so fingers crossed for today.
  10. Aye maybe it was that rather than he just couldn’t be arsed. Either way he wasn’t mobile enough to cause problems for defenders.
  11. Not sure what some Pars fans saw in Afolabi personally. To me he seemed lazy and his technical ability left a lot to be desired. Certainly glad that we haven’t got him back.
  12. Got my Xbox series x preordered today. Looks like quite the upgrade on my day 1 Xbox one.
  13. Martin was immense that day. The whole team clearly raised their game massively that day due to the occasion.
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