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  1. Sean McKenzie 29 goals in 19 games for Nithsdale Wanderers.
  2. The fact I'm 50+ yrs old I don't play anymore, I've played previously at professional level and worked with professional teams in sports science prior I've seen the change in officiating and it's quite frankly rotten at the minute and at all levels.
  3. The refs in question were not involved in a team I play for. Just someone thats been around football long enough to see they'll waste more games than anything else.
  4. Shouldn't be young boys refereeing games at Amatuer, Southern counties or junior football if they've never played the game before and can't take a bit of stick, some of them would get football stopped, utter dross, they waste more games than anything else
  5. So today saw a game abandoned due to an altercation between a referee and player at the Summerhill game, the ref in question officiates in the southern counties also and the way he speaks to players and staff is nothing short of a disgrace, so its no wonder people will react. Part of the south clique of officials, we all know who they are. Probably never played the game. Poor sunday team will probably end up fined and have little chance of appeal because of a fucking shithouse ref ringing the police. These refs would put you off football
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