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  1. Over 1400 tickets sold, can’t fucking wait
  2. Think we’re very close to getting Andy Ryan on a loan deal to the end of the season, any of you guys heard anything?
  3. Looking forward to this one. Airdrie back to winning ways while clyde seem to be playing poorly lately. Hoping for a good win with a decent away crowd but this type of game is the ‘usual’ for us to go and lose. Mon the diamonds
  4. Personally I’d continue playing the same side that’s won 4 in a row so far, don’t see the point in losing momentum with a winning lineup , would only change the team if players have injury Concerns ie Gallagher
  5. Good wins for both sides at the weekend, how do we think this will pan out?
  6. It’s airdrie tho so we will probably find a way to be even worse
  7. Good bus away day, good local pub (can’t mind its name but just off the high street), nice stadium and canny beat a bridie
  8. Best away day in the league? Personally id say Forfar or Stranraer
  9. I still don’t understand why Dean Hawkshaw Barely gets a look in for us, imo one of our better players
  10. Came to the conclusion that Falkirk fans are full of shite and just try to think of any pish to talk about rather than the fact that their team are horrendous
  11. The game was 3 weeks ago, give us a fucking break and dry your eyes ya moaning faced b*****d [emoji23][emoji23]
  12. Enjoy your meltdown guys, it’s a great watch[emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  13. We should never play a midfield duo of both Wedderburn and Millar, makes the team way too defensive and just invites the opposition to run at us. Also don’t understand why Hawkshaw doesn’t get a game as from what I’ve seen he’s one of the most talented players we have and find it hard to understand why Gallagher hasn’t earned himself a start after last weeks 2nd half performance. Ps Ally Roy is utter pish
  14. Seems a really good player from what we’ve seen so far imo, puts himself about, annoys defenders and is full of energy. Got a goal on Saturday aswell and seems like he will get a good few this season
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