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  1. Seeing people estimating around 1k airdrie fans going tonight, should be a cracking atmosphere if so. Absolutely buzzing but nervous at the same time, would take a draw tonight to leave us to do the business at home on Sunday; however I’d give my left leg for an airdrie win tonight. Mon the Diamonds[emoji3532]
  2. Fairly frustrating night as an Airdrie fan, however the tie is far from over. Obviously need to be more clinical infront of goal and sometimes our decision making was poor for instance we could have had a shot at goal instead of playing a pass which leads to nothing. Also must admit I thought we should have had a definite penalty in the 2nd half when Easton was clipped but didn’t go down, pretty sure if he goes down there it gets given but hey ho, apart from the game it was a fairly enjoyable evening in Angus which sets up a massive game on Saturday. Hopefully we can get an early goal to settle the nerves and hopefully have a large and vocal crowd to cheer the boys on. Eio[emoji3532]
  3. Absolutely buzzing and shitting myself for this in equal measures. Set up to be a cracking game; will Airdrie continue their 20 game unbeaten streak to take a positive result away from links park? Or will the well drilled Montrose manage to come out on top? Either way should be a good game and can’t wait for it with hopefully a relatively large and vocal travelling Airdrie Support on Tuesday night[emoji3532]
  4. Congrats to Cove (as much as it pains me to say it lol) been the best and most consistent all season and rightfully deserved champions. With also one of the best posters in the league all [email protected], always welcome for a pint in Airdrie. Hope to see yous in the championship next season. Also while I have the chance would like to apologise on behalf of the decent Airdrie supporters regarding what happened at the most recent game between the sides, frankly wee Fannies who had a bit much Bucky and couldn’t accept a cracking last minute equaliser. Anyway, congratulations and all the best[emoji1360][emoji1360]
  5. Goodbye Broadwood, shite stadium, occupied by a shite club with a shite fanbase, 5-0 and up the road, too fucking easy[emoji3532]xxx
  6. His contract is up at the end of this season as far as I’m aware. P.S. if yous manage to get him I will be distraught[emoji1360][emoji1360]
  7. Congrats on the league lads[emoji1360][emoji1360], been the toughest and most resilient team throughout the season, 99.9% sure there’s no chance of us catching you. All the best in championship, hopefully we will be there with you[emoji3532]
  8. Must say, if we don’t go up via the playoffs this season I’m concerned that the whole squad(manager included) could be ripped apart. I know that Airdrie and playoff’s don’t go well historically but this is our best chance in years of promotion. Need as much vocal support as we can, see you all at links in may[emoji3532]
  9. Yeah mate, was at the end where he missed it. Gutting that he just didn’t smash it down the middle but if it goes down to ifs buts and maybes then we would be about 10 points clear. Fair play to cove though who are a team who can grind out results where necessary. Praying we can do it in the playoffs, looking forward to a midweek trip to links park. Mon. The. Diamonds.
  10. Anyone got a spare ticket for this since they stupidly took online sales off the website? Live in airdrie so can meet outside the ground[emoji1360][emoji1360]cheers
  11. Must need you’re eyesight tested cos the 1st one was a stonewaller. Ref had an absolute fucking stinker, would even go as far as saying the ref yesterday was worse than Barry Cook and that is saying something. Level of refereeing is an absolute joke, bar the female ref we had a couple of weeks ago against Montrose; put all of the usual wankers we get to shame
  12. Very good post and I agree with about 95% apart from the fact in believe that we would do better with McCabe at a deeper lying midfielder of the 4 (CDM) and possibly dropping Agnew for Scott McGill, I’d rather go balls deep attacking football at the start than trying to play counter attack at some stages. Fair play to Peterhead to be honest, they definitely never looked like a side who is sitting 9th in the table and battling for a relegation playoff.(must say I’d definitely take Big Russell mcclean at us, different Type of player that we possibly don’t have,mind you afolabi has definitely went up in my estimations that the fact he is fast an a bit of a ‘shithouse’.) 5 points to catch cove may seem quite the gap but it is not unattainable, every airdrie supporter I spoke to today seemed full of optimism and positivity and I really hope we manage to get promotion, tbh I could not care less whether it was via winning the league or through the playoffs, I would give my kidney to see an airdrie promotion. The positivity around the whole club makes me look forward to every Saturday and comparing that to years gone by it’s a breathe of fresh air; away supports seem to be gradually increasing and that can only get better with the way the team on the park are playing. Been going to airdrie games for 15+ years and this has to got to be one of the most entertaining sides to watch EVER. Even Dylan Easton who is usually one fo our standouts, imo had a poor game today. I don’t know if this is the booze talking or not but I genuinely believe we have a team capable of a achieving promotion. Not going to lie, in the past I’ve been a heavy critic of Murray but. With the combination of Murray having a full season to sign who he wants and being able to plan the football that he wants too, I absolutely love the way the club seems to be going. Onwards and upwards[emoji815]️
  13. Not exactly pay at the gate but you need to buy a ticket in the ticket office booth in the car park to get in, takes both cash and card. Enjoy the game pal[emoji1360][emoji815]️
  14. Would give my left baw for a Falkirk win here, draw will also suffice, mon eh bairns x
  15. BBC Sport giving an attendance of 649 at the game today, from where I was sitting seemed more than that. Buzzing with that result today, weren’t at our best but still handed out a thumping. Looking forward to next week and hopefully can take a decent support up to balmoor (can already guarantee that it will be freezing[emoji23][emoji23]). Onwards and upwards EIO[emoji815]️
  16. Shhhh we’re still going for the title, at least let us hope[emoji28][emoji28]
  17. Airdrie just signed 18 y.o. Justin devenney on loan from you guys, anyone know anything about him?
  18. Dear Queens Park, Please win or draw at least Yours Sincerely, Airdrieonians FC xx
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