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  1. Looking to go to this with a couple of mates, we’ve all just signed up for the ssc and will be going to all home games possible beforehand to try and get tickets, would only a couple points be enough for us to get a ticket? Not wanting to book flights n accommodation etc without knowing we’d be able to get a ticket for the game
  2. Think we’re very close to getting Andy Ryan on a loan deal to the end of the season, any of you guys heard anything?
  3. Looking forward to this one. Airdrie back to winning ways while clyde seem to be playing poorly lately. Hoping for a good win with a decent away crowd but this type of game is the ‘usual’ for us to go and lose. Mon the diamonds
  4. Personally I’d continue playing the same side that’s won 4 in a row so far, don’t see the point in losing momentum with a winning lineup , would only change the team if players have injury Concerns ie Gallagher
  5. Good wins for both sides at the weekend, how do we think this will pan out?
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