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  1. He’s been linked with us on here recently, would be a cracking signing imo. Played for Celtic first team a few times this season already
  2. Probably one of the most exciting players to watch that airdrie have had in years so to answer your question, naw you can’t have him back
  3. Looking forward to this one, will we make it 4 wins from 4? Or will a newly managed East Fife cause a ‘shock’? Feels that every game is massive now and would be very disappointed if we don’t come away from this with 3 points (no disrespect to East Fife). Performance last week was far from the free flowing football we are used to but still managed to grind out a result. Let’s hope on Saturday we’re back to the enjoyable football we know and get a result. Mon the diamonds[emoji815]️
  4. Would be a cracking bit of business. Can’t see it mind you, been in and around the Celtic first team lately
  5. Airdrie fan here am not being snide at all here, genuine question cos I can’t be arsed reading back. Are yous happy with Martin Rennie or do you think it’s just another poor appointment?
  6. Shouldn’t ever have started but then since it started it should have been played to a finish. Guaranteed to lose the replay cos it’s Airdrie. Anyway, could be worse, could support a club who has a rapist up front and a racist on the wing[emoji1360][emoji1360]
  7. Barry Cook is a fucking cock. Game being replayed for 15 minutes remaining is a disgrace.
  8. Not a clue how reliable this is but heard that we are linked with Ross Lyon in January, any info about him? Position and how good he is etc?
  9. Yes that would have been the more sensible option but it’s the SPFL we’re talking about here… Anyway I’m not bitter about it at all[emoji102][emoji23]
  10. Ref is a b*****d, game should never went ahead. We’ve been cheated!!!!
  11. Looking forward to this one, should be a tough game. A real big opportunity for airdrie to lay down a marker and get a result here to push on at the top of the league. Cove however are a good side with some real top quality players and to be honest airdrie never really laid a glove on them in the reverse fixture at balmoral, was just more annoying that day that we lost in the 89th min. Will go for a tight match with airdrie winning 2-1. Mon the diamonds[emoji815]️
  12. Copa90 are always top class with the stuff they produce. Great watch[emoji1360]
  13. Sad to say that even if we do qualify I definitely won’t be going, a World Cup in November in a country which is expensive as f**k to get to as well as when you’re there is a no goer unfortunately. Would love to but I feel this is a mutual feeling throughout lots of TA members. F*ck FIFA
  14. The fact that he is only 20 years old along with the rest of the squad being relatively young really does make me so fucking excited about the future of the national team. I fucking love this country
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