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  1. Fixtures to be announced at 9am today, who are we all wanting first and last games of the season?
  2. Airdrie just signed Nat Wedderburn from Raith, see that he’s an ex par, Rovers fans seem to hate him, what’s your thoughts on the guy??
  3. There’s a big stand behind the goal at the top of the hill
  4. Seeing airdrie are linked with a move for Grant Gillespie, any decent?
  5. Personally thought he was one of the most average players we had, liked to get forward but couldn’t ever deliver a decent cross, not fussed about losing him but happy you have paid a ‘fee’ for him
  6. Always wondered what an away day to airdrie is like for travelling fans? Compared to many other teams in the league I’d imagine it would be god awful as it’s a big soulless stadium with no pubs etc nearby. Opinions?
  7. Got to be Either Forfar, Peterhead or Montrose
  8. Extremely early for this to be up but will be a good laugh to look back at when the season has finished, f**k it here goes, my prediction: 1- Falkirk 2- Forfar 3- Airdrie 4- Raith Rovers 5- East Fife 6- Clyde 7- Peterhead 8- Montrose 9- Stranraer 10- Dumbarton Guaranteed to be totally and utterly wrong but hey ho!
  9. Raith Linked to Airdrie right-back Chris O’Neil who rejected a new contract offer, thoughts?
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