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  1. Hiya bob Nah mate, just an observation that the captain of the team is missing from the squad without so much as mention why. But give my regards to JH when you’re buying him a pint
  2. I assume it was to try and avoid conceding a penalty. Andy Forbes stepped up though. Bob Wilson has his faults but IMHO the team are weaker without him. A do or die match and the “ captain “ of the club is not even in the squad ? I hope there is a genuine reason for this and not another falling out with an honest player. If there is one player Berwick could do with in their team In the play offs against Cove or EK it’s Bob Wilson
  3. Can anyone shed any light as to why Bob Wilson wasn’t even in the squad yesterday ? According to the interview ( that wasn’t an interview ) after the Clyde game there were no injuries or suspensions coming in to yesterday’s game
  4. I think that was one of his biggest downfalls, his inability to know when to reign in the bulls__t. He was coming on every week and his ego just got bigger and bigger. Someone close to him should have had a word with him and maybe told him the interviews were becoming a bit of a joke. I don’t know the guy personally and I have nothing personal against him but from the start his appointment at Berwick Rangers has been a disaster. The big question is if he manages to scrape through these two play off games does he keep his position next season ?
  5. What do Berwick Rangers currently bring to the SPFL that is special ? Absolute snobbery of the highest form. If Cove or EK get in to the SPFL they will have got there on merit.
  6. Still can’t believe people on here are arguing over the rights and wrongs of JH. The argument is over, the guy was given the job and he has failed miserably FACT.
  7. Self confidence is required in any walk of life and especially in a sporting environment but there is a massive difference from having self belief and from being delusional, arrogant and cocky. The alarm bells should have been ringing when JH was interviewed for the managers job in the first place. There were so many posts on here after defeat after defeat saying “ you’ve got to admire JH confidence and positivity “ The true facts have now emerged that this guy was on one big massive ego trip and for a professional to hace used some of the excuses he came out with week after week including referencing the previous manager was simply amateur. To all the JH believers who slated anyone who had doubts about this guy right at the start this is where he has taken you
  8. The manager Johnny Harvey is taking a hammering on here and other platforms. Unfortunately the majority of it is well justified, I’ve not seen anything that is personal against the guy, it is all football related. He has not done himself any favours with the interviews ect. Even I’m his post match interview after the drubbing yesterday he was on the verge of coming out with excuses, wasn’t a penalty ? Two wonder strikes to make it 3 -0, the goalie shouldn’t have been sent off ? The liability and team performance are fully the managers responsiblity, no more excuses,
  9. Saying that any team are worse than Berwick ( in our current situation ) and saying they’ll “ clearly “ go down seems to me to be very cocky
  10. The boy doing the prank call is clear for all to see on the video, he’s not trying to hide. Wether he is an ex player or not I don’t know
  11. Some of the excuses being dished out for Berwicks results from management and supporters is mental. Budgets ? The Board ? Location ? The other teams quality ? We never took our chances ? Ect ect. This manager has been in charge for 4 months, 12 league games, 6 of the starting 11 were his players yesterday 7 if you count the sub who came on. Not one sign of improvement, not one !!
  12. You must be delusional mate ? Albion Rovers will CLEARLY finish bottom ? Albion now have a game in hand and still to play Berwick twice in the league. That’s a cocky post given we’ve just been spanked 7-1
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