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  1. I was on a teams meeting fr university. There was a student on the call who I didnt recognise. Her screen kept moving all over the place and i was getting motion sickness watching her. I made a comment about it, she apologised and told everyone that she had MS. Felt like shit
  2. I picked the wrong time to search for him on Twitter. Turns out the lad who attacked Grealish goes by the same name and hes just passed away!
  3. In hindsight we should have built a smaller main stand. I was only a young lad at the time and cant really remember why we built such a big main stand.
  4. Why is the tunnel in the corner? Has it always been there?
  5. My brother works for the prison service. I will make sure your pillows are fluffed up in exchange for greenies x p.s hope it all goes well! Lawyers are rats in suits!
  6. Credit where credits due, your stadium did look fantastic last Tuesday. Both sets of fans played their part (Until we all left with 15mins to go!)
  7. I would have brought the house down all on my own!
  8. Great game here, but lets turn our attention to Ibrix/Barry Ferguson/ Mick Beale
  9. Usually ends that with “there’s a malaise”
  10. Already rent it out to your sister. Clients are queuing out the door.
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