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  1. Is Mcgrath good enough to spend a fee in January to secure earlier or do we just wait till summer? Cant say I know a massive amount about him. Hes not of Hedges mould is he? More a CM?
  2. Probably the biggest disappointment in recent memory if not ever? I too thought he would be a bit of a stand out...
  3. The top figure doesn’t include the sale of McKenna and Cosgrove and the 2.25m payout from insurers will be in next years books. Overall pretty decent considering!
  4. Need at least 10 games to see where we are at but having already played Hearts after a European game there is no way they are a better team than us. Who would be the other team above us assuming Celtic, Rangers and Hibs are cited as 3 of 4. Genuinely think now we are out of Europe and had time to blend all the new signings in we will finish third or fourth at very worst.
  5. Striker coming on loan from EPL side. absolutely rapid by all accounts!
  6. I don't see why we cant challenge for third with a few additions but if we make it to the groups it will be tough. The groups and 4th would be a great first season no doubt about it.
  7. I agree but will will have to accept loses domestically to accomplish this if we go all in for Europe. Group stages will take our turnover from 15m to circa 20m, that is a massive increase. Would happily take a loss on Sunday if it meant winning on Thursday.
  8. What are you even on about. I was merely speaking about our predicament not mentality. Obviously we all want to be in Europe but the game on Thursday cost us our place in the League cup and if we lose on Sunday the game on Thursday will play a big part in the loss if we rest players. Everyone was buzzing for the season until we scraped past livi and lost to Raith, both results due to resting players for European games. Our squad is not good enough to be in Europe and rest players for domestic games, OF get away with it because there squads are absolutely miles ahead of any other team domestically.
  9. You think our first 11 is weaker than last season? I dont find it hard to believe we have a bigger wage than last season as Brown, Gallagher and Ramirez will all be top earners at club. Certainly lack depth if a few are inured but id say Aberdeen are stronger than last season and it's probably too early to gauge where they are at. In 10 games time we will know what the situation is. At the moment it feels like European football is a weight around our neck which we are struggling to cope with. Id expect 2/3 decent signings if we make the groups and maybe 1 or 2 loans if we don't make the groups. Will be interesting to see how much the club throw at recruitment if the club is eliminated on Thursday. Could well be 1 of those frustrating periods where we bring in a couple decent players after elimination and question why they weren't brought in to get us over the line.
  10. Interesting that Boyle is interested in a move back to Aberdeen. Just not sure Aberdeen will manage to persuade Hibs to sell. Even double that bid and it would be rejected.
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