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  1. While I appreciate why people might think we used any means possible to get the advantage over hurlford by taking the game to a "cow field" they couldn't be more wrong. We had 3 pitches booked through out the day. All first class surfaces. Unfortunately they were all called off. We tried every astro u can imagine, as far a Kilwinning Sports club with no luck. We tried to book a couple of other local grass parks and eventually managed to book Scott Ellis. We notified Thistle and the match Sec . We then got to the park to check it and it was in that state. We cant call it off at that time only a referee can. We got one down at 3pm who said it was playable and also the match referee deemed it playable. We can maybe be accused of being nieve for booking before checking but there was no dodgy game plan involved. Neither team was able to play to their strengths but Thistle came out on top as they normally do and well played to them. What the main issue should be is the lack of care or effort from the coucil. They have next to no grass football parks to maintan anymore and they still let them get in to that mess. Its shocking that they have the red neck to even charge for facilities like that. One day it will come to a head when there isnt enough surfaces for teams to play on. Especially in East Ayrshire
  2. Game has been taken. A wee trip to oban to take part in their tournament.
  3. I know this is likely pointless but have any teams been let down last minute today and have a pitch and ref sorted and need last minute opponents?? Our pre season has been left in tatters and desperately looking for a game today. If ayone is interested can they contact me asap on 07791228464 Davey New Farm Loch
  4. Due to a cancellation, New Farm Loch Afc are looking for a friendly on Saturday 3rd of August. We would ideally be looking to play an away fixture out with Ayrshire. If any teams are interested let me know. Cheers
  5. We generally do not use pie and bovril to air our views or reply to people's comments as everyone is entitled to say what they like about how good or bad they think we are. You cannot win so may aswell try our best to ignore it. What we wont ignore tho is being accused of showing a lack of respect. It's a pre season tournament that we were told last minute that we could only strip 16 players each game. So yeah players were stood watching while other players got some minutes under their belt. Isnt that what pre season is for or should we try and compete with ayrshires best teams with only 16 fit and ready players ?
  6. New Farm Loch AFC are looking for a friendly a week today. Home or away. Please message me if interested. Thanks
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