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  1. I always think it's a shame when this kind of tripe is dragged out. I guess the "too wee, too stupid" argument is a lot easier than actually sitting down and thinking hard about what statements like that actually mean. Fair enough, shout the big hurrah for the outstanding job being done at Westminster if you're of that persuasion, but to just parrot the same old clichés just comes over as trolling at best, and a loathing for Scotland at worst. But the opening line of your post says it all - preferring to be led by Westminster and calling the country you live in a "council". A council. Really?
  2. It's now 'The Possible Link to Lowered Immunity to Adenovirus Among Infants During Lockdown' thread.
  3. You say democracy, but with every unveiling of yet another "misled", or lying as most people would say, it is coming under severe pressure. Perhaps it should be "democracy" until this shit show of a government are held to account and journalists (aye, I know) subject them to intense and forensic examination.
  4. As well as stopping and thinking about who's interest the Tory party actually works for and helps.
  5. Not quite lunch*, but fitba stops play for a break as well. Although we've all got players that come back on and play like they've had lunch, a cigar and a drink.
  6. The UK government sold us a pup called Brexit.
  7. I'm now hoping it's the way "just about" has changed over time! In football commentary I've heard "he just about got that ball off the line" when he did get the ball off the line. Maybe clarification, @Loonytoons ?
  8. Archbishops are speaking out against this inhuman policy and Rees-Mogg say they misunderstand the policy, calling the transportation "almost an Easter story of redemption for Rwanda" and that the UK is providing Rwanda with an opportunity. In the name of f**k, how anybody can try to spin this story as anything other than the forcible transportation of those at the lowest point of their lives needs a good kicking. This Tory administration reaches new lows almost on daily basis.
  9. Yep, and "the proof of the pudding is in the eating".
  10. Agnes is some singer, though.
  11. Probably off to check library sources to find out how his hero Churchill's detention camps and starvation policy worked over there. Never know, might come in handy for the Rwanda debacle.
  12. I've got this image of that third tractor with the red "grabs" going face to face with the Russians and the driver moving the grabs to clap sarcastically.
  13. I see Ross Forbes is still dividing opinion. It was the same when he was here at Forfar. Personally, I think he is s class act and definitely worth keeping, I do hope the new contract is more than a rumour. His distribution and reading of a game is excellent - especially if others around him help create space for him. And of course his dead ball placement is outstanding.
  14. The expression 'pot calling the kettle black' was popularised by Cervantes in Don Quixote.
  15. I see a Lib-Dem peer is raising the suggestion with the government that the clocks move to what he's calling Double Summer Time to help ease the cost of living crisis by helping reduce bills, maximising daylight in the evenings. This move would mean the UK adopting Central European Time. Mmm, I think a key word there might mean this isn't going to happen.
  16. From State sanctioned ethnic removal to council tax cuts, the Tories offer something for everyone.* *Everyone that's heartless, cruel, self-centred, and is gullible enough to think a Tory government (and enablers) actually give a shit about anyone not in "their" circle.
  17. Well, you know that old Scots saying "many a Meikle makes a muckle".
  18. Just ignore the puns. Crack open the biscuit tin and chill with an eggspresso. Mr Al Bumen.
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