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  1. 'It might be shite to you but it's my bread and butter'.
  2. My favourite tribute band name has to be Non Jovi.
  3. Love that a track on the new album's called Tess of the Dormobiles. I'd like to think Thomas Hardy would appreciate.
  4. The whole STV system is a ranking of candidates. I get that one X shows intent but it also shows the person hasn't understood the system.
  5. You'd think, but the checkers are definitely saying it's numbers not a cross.
  6. No, you're ranking your choices from 1 onwards. It's STV, not an X for your choice, so I reckon that's a wasted paper. Would have been ok if a 1 had been placed and nobody else ranked.
  7. I've got that, but it's freaking me out. Who would I call to get rid of it?
  8. Couldn't agree more. I can't think of anything he brings to the game and the team now. If I was being very generous it might be because Irvine thought his experience and presence might prove a problem for L2 players but that was quickly shown not to be the case. Definitely more a liability than an asset now.
  9. "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do to avoid holding us to account and actually fucking do something to help you, you disgusting people. Got to go, lobster on the subsidised cafe menu today". (With apologies to JFK.)
  10. One out of three spongeheid posts is just as stupid as the other two.
  11. It'll be some day for you. Hope it helps fill in the gaps in your early years
  12. Guardian 1968 During these past three weeks, the riot police were not just called out to contain demonstrators; they were let loose on the population. Many injuries came, not of direct, headlong clashes with the police, but when the police put the demonstrators to flight with tear-gas grenades and then picked off those who fell behind.
  13. No tanks or buffalos? Ah, just go for the good old fashioned ice-cream on the beach photo opp. Sure-fire vote winner.
  14. Absolutely nothing, but when, for example, all the heavy industry around, say, the Dawson Park area closes down and folks become unemployed, might Locke's self ownership ideal become just that little bit more difficult?
  15. Rumours circulating that they were naked photos of Ted.
  16. After a spell of some dreadful performances, its been good to see Forfar stringing together some fine passing play and showing real determination. Unlucky not to score two or three yesterday but with all to play for I'd be hoping for more of the same come Tuesday but with a goal or two. Barring a disaster it should be some game on Saturday.
  17. Be a great double act if he worked with Rip Torn.
  18. The wasp commanders might just be getting the troops organised, so you might not be safe yet. They might be on the way...
  19. We're now in the position of the once independent Electoral Commission being under government control. A government led by someone who unlawfully prorogued Parliament and has shown himself to be a liar throughout Partygate. I wonder how this will affect the SNP mandate for a second referendum, something that (regardless of those who are terrified at the possibility) polls show there is still an appetite for in Scotland. Will the government opt for the 'muscular approach'@Duries Air Freshener thought worked so well in Spain to clamp down on the democratic process; a continual shout of No; or maybe just lie and say there's no appetite?
  20. Couple spotted just outside Forfar on Wednesday. Good to see but not as exciting as the ospreys though.
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