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  1. Sorry to see that Falkirk wasn't even among the front runners. It doesn't deserve to be languishing in the lower level of "town". And there would be much larger crowds celebrating a win. I'm sure all in the town will wish Dunfermline City all the best.
  2. I'm sorry, but I can't accept that as being true.
  3. Business being hit, like all of us, by the current economic climate? Feel you "might" have to put prices up? Then you are experiencing "significant headwinds". * Royal Mail.
  4. Might solve the obesity crisis if some of the photos are to be believed.
  5. Is deflection, changing the subject and steering the conversation away from a very good piece of political speaking by Mhairi Black count as "whataboutery"? Asking for a friend
  6. But dandelion is from the French dent-de-lion (teeth of the lion), named after the jagged shape of the leaves, so chew on that.
  7. "Munroe". Anyway, it's 'battle axe' actress Peggy Mount.
  8. Disappointed neither side has so far mentioned England 1966, tbh.
  9. Am I reading this right? If you are in a council house with an extra bedroom you get hit with the Bedroom Tax but if you are a house owner with a spare room/granny flat the government will "incentivise", which I guess means getting money or a tax cut? Given that what the MP says in the article comes over as a meaningless ramble I'll just file it under Tory being Tory.
  10. Mrs Vardy, may I respectfully suggest
  11. Alongside prioritising their chums it seems to be the main plank of their world view.
  12. Well done, guys. Welcome to L2. Look forward to seeing you at Station Park and also visiting Bonnyrigg. Now the important stuff - what are your pies like and what's the best pub?
  13. In what is purely a 'heart over head' decision, it's The Shire for me. The first "real" game I saw as a youngster when we moved to that area ages ago. Many years later I made the journey down to Ochilview to see them lose their place to Edinburgh City and I don't think the emotional scars have healed yet. Still, could've been worse, my first game might have been at Brockville.
  14. Now, that's an example of Scottish cringe right there.
  15. This school playground spat would be improved if the events of the day were acted out in the style of that Haribo advert with kids voices. Until then, keep up the great work here.
  16. Congratulations to all involved with Edinburgh City.
  17. If you're not rejoicing in the Jubilee trifle - and if not why not? - then get yourself down to M&S, do your patriotic duty and buy one of these fantastic cakes. In fact, buy one of each. What better way to show your appreciation and celebrate the incredible institution of Monarchy.
  18. We do listen. We just can't believe what we're hearing.
  19. I wonder if he actually thinks there's a wee section in the UK bank account labelled Cost of Living Crisis and the money "saved" will just be transferred over? As you say though, easing the cost of living by putting folk out of work. Mad. I suspect it's just a threat to keep any departments thinking about causing any trouble for the govt in line.
  20. Fairly sure any trifle recipe, as long as it has a cocktail stick with a wee Union Jack on it, will please Her Maj. All available at your local food bank - and you don't even have to cook it. If no exotic Italian biscuits, digestives will do.
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