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  1. I don't really have an alternative. I just find it odd that when marketing/advertising is tailored to the customer it seems a bit vague to use those labels.
  2. My point is the opposite to that. It's clearly not meat, I just find it odd that there's not vegan-specific names for what it is, rather than what it isn't.
  3. Given that there's a tendency for vegans to get quite vocal about their choices of not eating meat, dairy etc. you'd think the last thing they'd want would be to have their preferred choice of greenery labelled with the very things that make them so angry.
  4. For greater impact she needs better PR. Should've gone with Capt. Sir Tom's daughter.
  5. Make sure you don't get on the one to Clarksville by mistake.
  6. Yeah, their treatment of milk, fish and beef suppliers is a disgrace. I make a point of using a local butcher and getting fish from a fishmonger in Arbroath. I guess shopping in local independents and cutting out the supermarket where possible is maybe the way to go, at least for me.
  7. Some supermarkets are definitely at it - Tesco in particular with their 'loyalty' clubcard. Their adverts bleat on about the great savings with the clubcard but with massive cuts to loads of items they're not offering loss-leaders. They'll still be making their great profits. In effect they're making even more money when those without a clubcard shop there. I avoid all Tesco and shop in Lidl where the quality and variety of fruit & veg is really good (and not all wrapped in plastic), the bakery goods are excellent, and their specials can sometimes be well worth the money. Thinking on the Ben Bracken 16yo Islay Single Malt here.
  8. If that piece doesn't get him an invite to the next party I don't know what will.
  9. Has he added that to Muffy's collection on the window ledge yet?
  10. Probably not the time to start a wee overseas war when things are going so badly for the Tories, so having a pop at something to try and deflect from the Johnson shit-storm might be the next best thing.
  11. Absolutely brilliant stuff. The bit above made me think of the NME 'awards' in days of yore - this would qualify for the Annual Frank Zappa Arse over Tit into the Orchestra Pit award (named after a famous FZ fall).
  12. They've been mentioned earlier, but SAHB were absolutely brilliant musicians and great showmen.
  13. Beginning to look as if his swan could be well and truly cooked.
  14. This might be an Unpopular Opinion, but the last thing I want to see or hear when I'm out for a meal in a restaurant is children. Obviously not in restaurants or places that are geared up for them.
  15. Q: Why are you against independence? A: cos, well, over 300 years ago, erm, 1707. Saved us, made us rich.
  16. Yep, should have mentioned Meechan. Probably just so used to him being such a great player!
  17. A fun-filled day at Station Park and despite the ref's best attempts, a fairly exciting game. Couple of fine fitba flourishes by both teams and I thought Strachan was immense. Forfar again found lacking in upfront players but good performances from most players. Good to see Whyte get another run but didn't have much to do. Some refereeing, though.
  18. Knew of somebody who had the nickname Sleekit Pooch. No idea why. Boy at school wore large black rimmed glasses. Immediately got called Joe 90. His wee brother didn't wear glasses but became Joe 45. Big Joe and Wee Joe, legends.
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