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  1. If that's how much she thinks of doctors it gives the game away about how she feels about the rest of us.
  2. Wonder how long it'll be until she says she's being misrepresented, mischaracterised, or it's all an attack on her?
  3. The first non-violent revolutionary, so Stephen Stills sang.
  4. I'm extremely disappointed she's not said anything about 'tartan gonks', tbh. LIZ Truss will look to rebrand Scottish independence as “separatism” in an effort to paint the movement in a negative light, reports say.
  5. Absolutely no problem with potential obstacles being highlighted/discussed. The DPB post at first reply summarily dismisses the idea out of hand in yet another attack of the SG with no discussion.
  6. Has to be a good thing but of course there's always one or two who immediately pounce on it being bad or unworkable as it's a SG move.
  7. Wait, two GIFs of the same clip, by two different posters, about the same topic, on the conspiracy thread... ETA. At the same time
  8. But our energy is British energy. Much better than that foreign muck. We should be delighted at paying extra for a premium product. Another Brexit bonus.
  9. Coffey's best friends with Truss, isn't she. What could possibly go wrong? For a while Truss was said to have been mulling over making her home secretary but recent reports suggest Coffey might be asked to head up the cabinet office. In the key cabinet office minister’s role, Coffey would act as prime minister Truss’s fixer.
  10. Big shout out to whoever organised the fireworks display at harvest time and drought conditions at Kinettles, near Forfar last night.
  11. Which might just be the cunning plan. I can't imagine anything good with her in charge.
  12. Today's "that's not what she meant" statement will be released later, I'd imagine.
  13. The way Forfar played yesterday was another step up in performance. Some of the quick, close passing then moving the ball on was excellent. There were some superb incisive long balls from Slater who maybe tired a bit at the end, but was in control. He's some player. I'd say all outfield players had great games. Worrying that White didn't come back on after a knock at the half time whistle (hopefully not serious) but Tarek, although totally different in style, was excellent. Nditi deserves special mention - tremendous game. The front men were playing well and even Matty was holding up and laying the ball off nicely but Armour impressed as well. The only continuing problem seems to be McCallum's run of fairly poor (by his standard) run of games. The less said about Elgin's display the better, though.
  14. She's at it again. "I understand that people are worried about paying for bills and making ends meet, but I have a plan to ignite growth, boost wages and get our economy growing again – to grow the size of the pie so we can all have a slice.”
  15. Ah, the Dandy Lion! Must be an Elgin thing. There were 11, erm 10, oops 9 baffling beasts in Elgin shirts today. None as baffling as some of the officials decisions, right enough.
  16. Just as Grass was inspired by Alfred Doblin's Berlin Alexanderplatz. Both Rushdie and Grass owe a great deal to the way the devices of magical realism can deal with different historical contexts. Anyhoo, the sun's out, the pub is open, so I'm off to get ready for the Forfar game.
  17. The same starting eleven settling in early and building on the good work would be nice. There were some impressive, well, very good, passages of play last week so more of that and, of course, goals. Forfar win.
  18. Outrageous! It's not a blatant rip-off at all. Rushdie was very quick to acknowledge the importance of Grass's novel, though. But there is a more obvious German connection, as art critic Franz Roh was influential (along with Cuban writer Alejo Carpentier) in developing the idea of magical realism. The idea took off most notably in Latin America literature from about 1930s so maybe both novels owe more to the incredible works of Central/South American writers.
  19. If you pop round tomorrow night we can put that to the test as my wife is making the dinner.
  20. Read, shun Islam is quite the ironic anagram.
  21. Aye, right enough. I take it back, they are shite.* *No, they are not.
  22. Midnight's Children, as @The Other Foot has just mentioned, is one of the greats of literature.
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