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  1. Ahem, I see Heller's novel has gone up a notch in your estimation.
  2. Wouldn't it be great if it was Rees-Mogg? Striding the world stage he and Johnson could dress in dinner suits and top hats. They would be the comic turns as the NHS is privatised, employment law is done away with, and more companies leave the UK.
  3. There's a minister, now retired, in the Falkirk area - Dr Campbell Campbell-Jack. I'd like to think his other first name is Jack to complete the circle but it probably isn't.
  4. He's a hardy sort and can rest on his laurels, letting Boris Johnson lead the UK into another fine (Eton) mess.
  5. Notwithstanding. Just use 'despite'. Come to think of it, despite annoys me as well.
  6. Black Napkins by Frank Zappa.
  7. Fair point. As an aside, it's interesting you mention Navajo because like all Native American literature it deals with issues such as a perceived loss of a Native voice, loss of land, displacement, as well as social and environmental issues.
  8. There's a strong Gaelic literary tradition as well.
  9. Why are we not raging about Councils with Latin mottos in their crests? I have no problem with Gaelic signs and actually feel quite pleased when I see them.
  10. Incredibly he even manages to come over as a fool when he is silent, as countless photo-ops have shown.
  11. Should this not be on a Brexit forum? This game's being played out in one of the countries mentioned on a daily basis. Anyway, my sweeping generalisation is, apart from one of the above countries, I think Europeans are great.
  12. Has this not already started with Davidson suggesting more project finance for Scotland should come directly from Westminster? I think Tomkins is also starting to undermine the importance of Holyrood. I think devolution is going to come under intense pressure from definitely Tory, possibly Labour, quite soon.
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