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  1. I hope the other dugs are going easy on Leo's dug after its recent operation.
  2. Don't Give Up, Dave, you'll think of something.
  3. Here we go again, a storm with a name is going to 'batter' the country and there's a threat of 'the white stuff' falling on higher ground.
  4. The pop when a new pot of jam is opened. PTTGOYN if it doesn't open easily.
  5. Definitely looking forward to the game but I don't know about being excited (yet). Apprehensive, wee bit of fear certainly, but with just that niggling reminder that there's always a cup 'upset'...
  6. The current ee advert that offers you "more bang for your buck". Makes about as much sense as Boris Johnson's speech yesterday.
  7. Always good to be cynical but in this case it"s just a case of him being totally incompetent, out of his depth and more suited to just watching Peppa Pig. Man's a buffoon.
  8. And as the man who would be Churchill witters on about supersonic rail links and business needing people with skills, he can't even read from a prepared speech. Yup, the giant who'll stride the world stage to make Britain great. What a joke.
  9. I'll be disappointed if this is anything other than a convincing Forfar win.
  10. I really hope that's not some strange chicken/cat experimenting going on there.
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