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  1. Tories really going for the late surge. Two today, both addressed to me and partner. One from MP Kirstene Hair, asking us to "lend" our vote to stop Scotland becoming a normal country and making its own decisions. Aye, we'll "lend" our vote to allow your buffoon of a boss and his pals to continue on their push for a new "Golden Age". Second one has not one scrap of a policy idea, just vote Tory to stop indy and a load of scare headlines. Project Fear never really left. A vote for Tory on anything other than your belief in Tory 'principles' means you are complicit in all that will be heaped on to the country when Brexit finally happens. And if you think there will be more positives than negatives for most of us, then you don't know their way of thinking.
  2. It's all about the language. The choice of words by the BBC and other outlets is always telling. 'Track down' is such a loaded term. I like the way it's 'but the Labour candidate', so even although she'd be out canvassing in the area, no need to track her down, then. Track down
  3. Tartan Special, Woodside in Falkirk, nearly 20p a pint, late 70s.
  4. Before Groucho Marx had his trademark greasepaint moustache his youngest brother Enrico, or Zello as the family called him, invented a clear sticky strip of plastic to keep Groucho's false moustache on. He patented the sticky tape and didn't join Groucho, Chico, Harpo and Zeppo on stage. The royalties from Zellotape, or Sellotape as it's now known, allowed him to retire to Florida when he was only 23.
  5. Dave Doogan doing a great job on the doorsteps pointing out her many failings.
  6. He's got form - is he not the guy who said that the Tories are the only party that will stand up for Scotland when he was vice-chair of Stirling Labour, in 2017? A Labour man fighting for Stephen Kerr and Tories. Wonder why the Labour vote is plummeting.
  7. What happened to Dear Sir or Madam? Outrageous, I blame Eastenders.
  8. As long as it wasn't Peg's clothes. It was freezing yesterday.
  9. I just hope Forfar manage to find a way to get near the front of the goal. A big game for us but playing at home, with things hopefully settled down on and off the park, I'm hoping for a winning team performance.
  10. The Unstoppable Keeper by Lutz Pfannenstiel is a great read. Often hilarious and proof that goalies are a different lot. Worth getting just for the penguin story.
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