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  1. He can make it stand and show the time to within a minute, using it as a sundial.
  2. Mess with their heads and tell them the visits are a cover for him setting up the rings.
  3. Top Falkirk "could've, should've" banter. Surprised your club song isn't Why Does it Always Rain On Me.
  4. The woodburner I had was in place of an open coal fire. The cost of coal was getting more expensive and most of the heat was going straight up the chimney. Definitely more efficient and cost effective than coal. It's much better and much cheaper in the long run to get a pallet load of wood delivered. Bags work out out far more expensive.
  5. I had one in our old house and it was the best change made. Chose the Franco Belge Elegance. Use seasoned wood or kiln dried wood. They give out a fair amount of heat, living room radiators never on and often left the living room door open.
  6. This would just be the best pairing of intellectual giants since, well,
  7. Which, of course, was the original title of a Faces album until they realised it wouldn't fit on the album cover.
  8. It looks like the Better Together team are circling the wagons. As well as the Baillie and Carlaw stuff, we now have Davidson in the media again: "Mistakes have been made, and one of these was not sticking the boot in after the 2014 referendum," she told the Sunday Times. Where to start on that? The media will be all over the 'sticking the boot in' comment, won't they? Imagine if an SNP representative had said that. Might appeal to the Unionist core vote right enough. Anyway, she's had her turn at being stuck in charge...
  9. Good Shout with Lulu. But seriously, Lulu's version is absolutely outstanding.
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