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  1. 'bin', but only if the goods and delivery service are really, really excellent.
  2. Diana Krall Neil Young Brent Butt (Corner Gas) Robbie Robertson Thomas King (author)
  3. From Reuters site: Brexit trade talks are still stuck on fishing, governance rules and dispute resolution because the European Union is asking too much, Prime Minister Boris Johnson's Brexit supremo, Michael Gove, says. Supremo. 😂
  4. I've heard a rumour he's going to do voice overs in that fashion for the Roadrunner cartoons...
  5. Here's the thing - KerPlunk isn't a board game or a quiz and I'm not sure if the sticks would harbour the virus. Allowed or banned?
  6. Used to love watching This Old House with Steve and Norm. Took me ages to figure out what the meer, meers, and draws were.
  7. I'm guessing Wark will be miming and Godley will be adding one of her pathetic and unfunny voice overs?
  8. These puns are getting pasta joke. Any more of this and I'll be sending for my Latvian hit-man friend. Yup, RigaToni coming for you.
  9. Diegone, but will definitely never be forgotten. A tortured genius, but genius on the football pitch.
  10. Won't be long until Trump and Giuliani say it contains missing Republican voting papers and claim victory. Again.
  11. She has a point. It's hard to make out, but at the end of the page it does say that "during an siege and plague ye salon of the hairdresser mayeth remain open".
  12. A nice wee love-in going on with George and loveable rascal Neil Oliver* Now, if Oliver becomes his election agent... A Streetcat Named George. * Twat.
  13. Finally saw through the 'Northern Powerhouse' promises, then. They'll be getting asked to Lead, Not Leave next.
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