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  1. I'd like to think this the media getting back to normal but it would be great to watch the legal arguments unfold in court when counsel bring on Exhibit A, Cuthbert & B, Colin. Definitely a Netflix show in that. Elephant cake, though 😂
  2. I see M&S are taking Aldi to court because Aldi's Cuthbert the Caterpillar cake looks too much like their Colin the Caterpillar cake. Who'll win the cake war? Only one way to find out
  3. I saw the photo of your hand job earlier, so that's a no from me.
  4. Here's hoping you didn't slice two fingers off cutting the tape.
  5. I think half the profit of a 99 is going towards a Prince Philip memorial garden.
  6. A truly great sportsman. Who can forget his attempt to bring fly fishing in a horse and cart to a wider audience?
  7. That's a damning statistic. With 51 players over 18 months, at what point do you realise fitba management isn't your strong suit?
  8. Aye, he'd have his security team shoot the f*ck out of it ... but he did have the air of a man. Not now, though.
  9. I'm becoming quite angry at the increasing use of the word "sprinkles" when it's clearly "hunners and thoosands". A Capital One radio advert is the most recent example.
  10. Just asked Alexa what's happening in current Scottish news. Seems @johnnydun is asking awkward questions on P&B.
  11. Could be the start of a new Easter tradition.
  12. Stainrod is one of the go-to saviours. Last week it was mentioned that his 90/91 side would be top 6 in current Premiership. Might have been an ironic comment, though.* *Doubt it.
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