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  1. I think the media, unionists, and others who want him to fail might be better directing their criticism to the really poor questions being asked by the opposition. New boy in the job for a day could have been put under real pressure but it was yet another Dross own goal allowing Yousaf to stress independence plus Sarwar harking back to Humza's time in Health and using a single example (tragic though it is) seemed very tame. It allowed FM to try and talk about the 'big picture' and not just one aspect of his remit. Overall I'd say he 'won' that one.
  2. Border, 'Scotland', Eyemouth, a political party isn't ideological, Scotland doesn't vote for anyone at WM.
  3. I thought I'd have a look for his approval ratings. First thing that came up was a Yougov site that has him as the 72nd Most Popular Conservative politician . Apologies for a poor screenshot!
  4. It's funny how differently we all view politicians. For me, of all the politicians in Scotland I can't see anyone who seems more unlikeable, smug, arrogant and poor at public speaking than Sarwar. Doesn't even come over as sincere when parroting head office releases.
  5. Any other P&B posters ever had the good fortune to have had a private tour of a stately home after driving the owner home after him speaking at a dinner engagement?
  6. All the talk about the dearth of talent in the SNP, poor quality of candidates, and it being the death knell for Scotland is quite the take after hearing Sarwar and Ross being interviewed, right enough.
  7. But they can't say that can they? I think there's a classic bit of BBC Wolstenholme going on here - they think it's all over.
  8. Trade Descriptions made us drop 'Athletic' when Irvine and Harkins were playing.
  9. Not really. Everything seems to be going well with Ray McKinnon in charge but you can't please everybody all the time. @Etherglider has taken an odd approach to supporters getting behind the team by, erm, posting a to get discussion going rather than actually starting a match thread. Although tbf it did start a flurry of posts. Just not about the team or the game.
  10. A really good game with some excellent performances, individually and as a team. I thought Hutchinson was outstanding and McKinnon's triple substitution was inspired. Even although the first half performance wasn't as polished as the second it was definitely Forfar's game. Hopefully the busy schedule will bring good results. Have to mention the Annan goalie's performance. Great stuff.
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