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  1. All words are equal but some are more equal than others, perhaps?
  2. If he had any relevance or credibility and was even thought about by those naming a hospital, his ideal choice would probably be Nightingale Hospital, North Britain.
  3. Yes, pathetic. Given Calman's indy outburst it should be called Bank Of ProudScotlandbut.
  4. " Today Matthew, I be T-Bone Wolk"
  5. After yesterday's achievement of making banana muffins and the greater achievement of cleaning up the kitchen I thought I'd try some exercise this morning (steady). Followed the instructions in Mrs SL's Tai Chi book for ten minutes. Sod that. Had one of the the muffins.
  6. The problem with that is how does the virus know which border to cross and which ones to avoid?
  7. Hope you bought it, then, cos they're in short supply, you know.
  8. Looks like he even has trouble with the cornet test.
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