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  1. And so it goes on. When Esther McVey is urging Truss not to cut benefits, saying it would be a " huge mistake" not to increase benefits in line with the cost of living, it's pretty clear what the direction of travel is with this lot. In light of the outrageous comments McVey's come away with over the years, this is incredible stuff unfolding. Wonder if there'll be time for media analysis of "McVey as voice of reason" before the next example of idiocy by the Truss government.
  2. Calling it a 'fiscal event' to avoid having the OBR looking at the figures worked out well then. That a PM and Chancellor can even think about trying to get away with that stunt is cause for worry. And when that smug git says 'we get it, we listened' he sure as f**k doesn't mean he listened to the public outcry. He's been hauled over the coals for this. Probably punted in a week or two.
  3. Definitely not the best game ever but a point and a much better performance than I expected and what we've suffered through lately. I'll go out on a limb here and say that Docherty was a reason, maybe the main reason, the team seemed so motivated. He kept the heads up and marshalled the players, so well done him. Still a long way to go and still a helluva lot of work for Forfar to do. Upfront is still woeful. What's the point of Matty holding up the ball (sometimes) with his back to goal if there's nobody to lay it off to? Even more annoying when it's a hoof up the park from McCallum or Munro (today) and there's only defenders and half a park around him. Some nice touches by Ferguson but he seems a bit light. Quite impressed by Moreland given the poor reviews. I was disappointed with Dumbarton but, like Forfar in the first 15, they had a fine final 15 minutes. Was a draw a fair result? I'd say it was. Big shout out to Roberto Nditi who took time to sign autographs and shirts and talk to some of the young fans.
  4. A manager's job is here just waiting. When can she start?
  5. Irvine just pipping Liz Truss to first place in September's Worst Manager Award. He'll probably win this month as well.
  6. Do most folk not have smart meters? Only joking. Congratulations!
  7. The Report will be ready in six weeks but you're waiting until 23rd November before telling anybody? Don't markets, investors, most of the population deserve to know asap. Truss:
  8. So it turns out the Office for Budget Responsibility did offer to look at Kwarteng's fiscal event but he declined the offer. That'll be a trashed economy without due process. Has to be a double resignation. Or removal. Totally unfit for purpose.
  9. A titan striding the world stage who'll be championing the UK as she thrashes out deals with other world leaders is silenced by questions from local journalists. Be nice if more journalists go on the attack.
  10. I'm always surprised at the number of times anyone suggests Scotland takes a different path as an independent country the knee-jerk response from some people always seems to be that it would result in poverty (ironic, given the UK at the moment), and that it's somehow a GIRU to the English people.
  11. Sorry, missed it as I'm still trying to figure out ways of keeping my house due to the complete and total incompetency of the UK government. Did the unfolding economic clusterfuck get a mention?
  12. I really think this is the case. There will be people out there facing up to certain economic hardship. The scare stories of the last referendum can't be used again in light of what's happening right now. What will the arguments be next time? Never mind 'Greece without the sunshine", more like do you want to be like rUK but without the warm beer.
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