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  1. It's not Brexit that's been 'done', its all of us.
  2. That phrase means much more to those of us whose introduction to Scottish football was at Firs Park.
  3. Although it's Harry Enfield's Tory Boy for me.
  4. Dougie, is there anything you'd like to say abo...
  5. I believe with PATCO being a union of government workers, it was illegal to strike.
  6. Believe in Labour, your trustworthy Party. We'll do anything to create a local council working for the good of all residents*. Just last month: ANAS Sarwar has defended his decision to rule out formal coalitions with other parties after next month’s local elections – insisting it will bring an end to “party political stitch-ups”. * Not just to keep SNP out, no siree.
  7. I'd be very surprised if English companies/businesses stopped trading with Scotland if you're suggesting it would change.
  8. I'd love to have the easy answer to that! However, I'd hope that easy access to the EU would lead to a marked increase in Scotland - Europe trade, without the disastrous impact on business we're seeing with Brexit. I'd like to think this trade would lead to inward investment from Europe and a greater opportunity for Scottish companies to expand into Europe for manufacturing and creating closer ties with Europe and, of course, England. I'm no economist so only taking what seems a sensible approach.
  9. I don't think anyone would argue that poverty is a serious issue and of course there are issues to be addressed. But here's where people differ - some like you argue that leaving the UK would exacerbate the problems whilst others recognise the chance independence offers for Scotland to address the problems in a way that's very different from the direction Westminster is heading. Clearly the marked move to the (even further) right of the current UK government is different to the way Scots want to travel. Having the desire to create a socially just and inclusive Scotland needs all the financial levers. If not, there is definitely no chance of the issues being addressed and changed for the better.
  10. Hang the Queen at your Jubilee Party. £21.49 for 3m, (Amazon).
  11. Is she having trouble filling out the form?
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