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  1. EoS Conference A chat 2018-19

    Kick off times for the midweek fixtures are brutal I hear... In regards to Coldstream, 6.30 kick off vs penicuik?
  2. EoS Conference A chat 2018-19

    Having already demolished Leith at home, and narrowly losing out to a last minute shocker from the ref Coldstream can still do it, its not impossible. A massive improvement having a coach involved. I'd expect full points against Arniston Oakley and Peebles. But against a plucky Easthouses side may be the hardest of the 4. Makes for an interesting run-in to the end of the season.
  3. EoS Conference A chat 2018-19

    I hope Coldstream do it. Hard work this year on the training field and off it by their comittee. Been great training with them on a Thursday whilst helping out at Tweedmouth.
  4. Goalkeeper looking for a club

    Eyemouth need 1, their french keeper from edusport is honking.
  5. EoS Conference A chat 2018-19

    Hopefully do my pals at Coldstream a favour on Saturday at Dunbar. Won't hold my breath tho.
  6. Leafa

    Can Danderhall still be in with a shout?
  7. EoS Conference A chat 2018-19

    Felt we coped well, I had 2 saves to make bar the goal first half. And 2nd half, apart from the 2nd goal I had nothing to do in terms of making a save. Was only helping Tweedmouth out, but the defend well and compact. That's the way Prof had his previous teams.
  8. Redhall Under 15s require a goalkeeper.Training is on Tuesday and Thursday nights, Goalkeeping coach available on a Tuesday night to further development. Games played on a Sunday. If you're interested contact Bobbi - 07967 737967
  9. Open Trial

    Don't think anybody would come, as you are hopeless and clueless.
  10. Kelty Hearts on the slide ?

    Aye that's him.
  11. Kelty Hearts on the slide ?

    There was a lad who was at queen of south, young lad he was released as budget wasn't available and he's been picked up again but can't recall who for possibly montrose? Think that's who u may on about.
  12. Kelty Hearts on the slide ?

    They are signing or have signed a boy from Peterhead, a goalie I believe plenty money avaipable if more bodies needed? They had a 2 year plan, and at the moment that was to win EOS and then win the Lowland with a large budget.