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  1. Why would Dinsey goto Arni when he had chance to goto Craigroyston who are more local?
  2. Danderhall and Pencaitland looking for players on Twitter. I know Pencaitland have been struggling big time their secretary working like a trojan to get bodies in.
  3. Most recent club - Coldstream in EOS. Recently helped out in a 3-2 win for Pumpherston at Armadale. Looking to get back playing again. DM for contact details. Regards.
  4. May have read something wrong somewhere.
  5. Armadale 2 3 Pumpherston Scoreline maybe doesn't tell the whole story. Pumphy controlled the whole game.
  6. Craig Conway? Ex Dundee Utd Ayr at Pumpherston?
  7. He's talking shite as usual. Meadowbank offered 2 seperate kick offs to Sandys 12 and 4 after finding alternate ref.
  8. No ref apparently. And only refs available could do 12 or 4 kick off.. Sandys problem I believe.
  9. Would imagine alot of folk back at uni will be involved for uni sides. Probably a good thing for them.
  10. Scott Coleman Edinburgh Star. Kenny Fisher Gorgie Hearts Theres 2 boys outwith top Saturday Leafa league who could possibly make it into the 16.
  11. Usually in the Lowland League section of Scottish Games.
  12. Alot of lads cannot speak highly enough of his sessions and commitment. All the best.
  13. Your right he did play against glenrothes, that's right my mistake.
  14. Played the last couple games for them. Was very good against Oakley especially when down to 9 men. I'd probably go as far as saying he's better than Ali Adams...
  15. Correct. I'll go a wander instead of wonder.
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