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  1. They're a really solid team this season but there is no point being defeatist about anyone out-with the ugly sisters. Mon the dee's. As an aside I'm glad Finn is getting a bit of praise on here - he is a technically gifted midfielder that, as I said earlier, he needs a consistent run in the team before anyone can make proper judgement.
  2. In my opinion any one can come off the bench when we are winning comfortably and do well. Rudden gets a lot of stick but his hassling of defenders and work rate speaks for itself.
  3. Agree with all that my brother. Before the Thistle game people had taken offence at my suggestion that Osei should not have been leading the line on the day. I felt justified as he was absolutely pish on the day and was also pish against Hamilton. I'm hoping we see more from him and reserve on too much judgement until he has had a proper run in the team.
  4. The seagull didn’t die fyi. Everyone can rest easy.
  5. Surely that was the last chance for Sheridan today? An absolute nothing player that stifled everything we tried to do as a team. I thought that Williamson was a stand out again in a first half that didn’t offer much to rave about then he comes up with a wonder pass for the goal. Ruddens energy and determination made the difference for us. McMullan very good again. Byrne was tidy, broke up play and made some decent passes to start attacks. That is what he is there for and in my opinion he does it better than Grayson. Seagull on the pitch & MOTM
  6. That may all well be true but in my opinion he hasn't been given a run of games to prove to us otherwise. For example, if Grayson was judged purely on his first game for us we would be saying he is a nailed on starter every week, our opinions have changed on him because he has had a run of games that show us otherwise. I don't necessarily think it is the crime of the century that Finlay Robertson isn't in the team but given how shite our midfield has been I would like to at least have the opportunity to judge him.
  7. Pretty much this. Not as simple as saying he has not impressed across three managers as one brought him in to the squad in the first place, the other was trying to keep us in the top flight so had to use more 'experienced players' and Bowyer bombed most of the midfielders currently out of the squad with the intention of bringing in his own.
  8. I liked Finn any time I seen him play, looks tidy on the ball etc. I don't think he was given a fair crack of the whip probably since our promotion season and would like to see him given a chance - especially given how suspect our midfield has been over the past couple seasons. It's not as if there are players lightyears ahead of him that he can't challenge. Crucial to get the rest signed up also.
  9. Hamilton were impressive against Ayr and unlucky not to come away with anything. Stating the obvious but Dundee will need to be completely on it to get the three points here as this is the sort of fixture we slip up in. Since the Partick turnaround my mindset has shifted. Only positive vibes here. I think the team will win here. Is Anderson injured for this? If not I would go with Anderson and Byrne in midfield...everything else stays the same. Robinson must start as he is simply our best striker.
  10. Agree with pretty much all of this but the team I've been most impressed with in terms of passing and speed etc was Queens Park at home. Aside from a few of their fans being total roasters over the past week, I like Raith and always have. No matter who is in charge they seem to always want to play exciting, good football and I always like to see them do well, so long as it's not at the expense of us...
  11. I thought last weekend that the character and determination shown to turn the game around and get those 3 points could be the turning point for us and I'm really hoping today was a sign of that coming true. Robinson was tremendous today, I thought our defence was really solid today and McMullan was also a stand out. Only real negative point for me was that Mulligan was a bit meh but he came in to the final 20 minutes or so with some good driving runs. Haven't been a fan of Williamson so far but credit where credit is due he was pretty good when he came on with a lot of energy and neat passing. That's 6 undefeated now since the calamity that was the Cove Rangers game. Chance to continue good form and get a win against Hamilton next weekend. I just want us to start a game with as much intensity as we seem to find in the second half.
  12. You’re having a mare. Maybe sign off for the night.
  13. That pay at the gate really paid off. Raith fans came in their thousands. Terrible first half and then all us in the second. Well and truly scudded.
  14. I doubt it did to be honest. I would hazard a guess that Dundee would hold on until they get a track on ticket sales and Raith's anticipated away turnout before justifying an outlay for the club and putting someone on the turnstiles. All of that aside, for those that find it difficult to advance plan their lives, there is a pay at the gate option. Get on with it lads.
  15. So all the moaning was, yet again, for nothing? Deary me.
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