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  1. Thank goodness for Albion.
  2. Failed to see any improvements yesterday I’m afraid. Stirling just simply didn’t have there shooting boots on yesterday because it could have been another drubbing. In fact the first 2 goals chopped off for offside where very tight from where I was, highlights might clear that up. Im not sure how Hume is still getting a game, and keeping Murphy out the team. Between Murphy and Lewis Barr we have 2 cracking midfield players there who have a bit of everything in their locker. And Orru is horrific as well. Promising signs from back 4 and Given time/games the back 4 will only become better, but they are under a constant threat for 90 mins due to the dross they have in front of them. Regarding the comments in the difference between Stirling and us when managers took over, was the squads inherited. Jonny has brought in about 9 of his own players and moved on 5/6 from squad he inherited, so that is a lot of dribble.
  3. Hopefully big dougie can bring back some solidarity. But I think our problems stem further than just simply the defence. Looking forward to seeing both of our new strikers in action this weekend. Would love to see them both start, nothing to lose and no risk attached IMO, with regards to not knowing each other, how teammates play...etc. Dont think Willis will be a huge miss either never fully understood all the hype surrounding him, seen certain fans bang on about the quality he posseses but I would say lewy Barr has more ability, tenfold.
  4. I’m sorry but friendly or not getting beat 6-2 from Spartans who fielded a lot of youngsters and we had our strongest 11 out is just simply not good enough. Especially after the humping at QP, you would have thought there would have been a bit of a reaction, as I say regardless of it being a friendly. We have simply hit a rapid decline since the departure of Robbie. There is quite clearly unrest amongst the changing room as that just would not be accepted after what happened at QP in a changing room where everyone was in it together fighting for 1 and other. Because the position we are in that’s what it is going to come down to now. Forget pretty football it’s about rolling the sleeves up and being counted.
  5. Trapdoorwatch 2018-19

    Am I right in saying no teams will be relegated from LL this season due to Selkirk collapsing. But gauging from the quote above if the HL team where to be promoted and what looks like either AR or us to go down. Does that then mean whitehill welfare will also be relegated? (Last time I checked they where miles off Dalbeattie)
  6. Hopefully can bring the promise that got him a move to Alloa! I think as much as we have been leaking goals we are crying out for attacking options. Granted we are conceding goals at an alarming rate but when the relentless pressure our defence is under is scary hopefully better attacking options can reduce that constant threat.
  7. Cowdenbeath 2018-2019

    He was our best defender will do well at cowden I would imagine. Some game to get thrown into tonight!!
  8. I don’t think there’s any doubt Harvey may have the potential to be a good manager. I think he is probably a really good coach, he does try and play football from the back and has the right philosophy and ideas if you like. My problem is I don’t think that what we need at Berwick right now with the position that we are in. I’ve seen and heard some of our supporters refer to cowden as a gang etc. But I’m sorry I would love it if Berwick were a gang right now and sitting in cowdens league position. I think it’s horses for courses and right now we don’t have the personnel or quality to play football the way Jonny would like and that includes the players that he has brought in. Hopefully He has maybe realised that. But I think from the interviews in which I have seen he won’t stray from his beliefs.
  9. Hopefully the gaffer is chasing Marsh who has just left cowden. Looked good against us this season, certainly better than what we currently have.
  10. Gaz Phillips signs for Albion. Personally felt his better days were maybe behind him but always gave maximum effort. Wish him all the best, hopefully he doesnt come back to haunt us!
  11. I've seen them. A couple were superb. Think I prefer the first screamer to the second (although the second is an absolute thunderb*****d, we seem to be hilariously absent of any kind of central midfield). Pretty much all the others are consequences of tinpot defending of the highest order. Every corner and cross may as well have been a penalty kick such is the freedom we allow. It's a good result for you, no doubt, but to declare yourself a really good team while sitting below shite like Cowden and having only slapped a side as bad as us is near delusional. Would it not be best for us to sit back let them have their day we got fucking gubbed your slagging of other teams like cowden. Seriously wonder
  12. Bang on. This Berwick fan was influential in Harvey’s arrival and quite clearly didn’t want any more embarrassment or anymore spotlight on him so probably thought better not to bring the video to light on here.
  13. I think my biggest argument regarding sacking the manager is that we have quite clearly became worse under his guidance and that it is very realistic we could end up in the play offs. So personally I don’t think it’s drastic I think it’s in the best interests of our club, who will be no longer in 5 years time if we are relegated.
  14. Probably explains a lot considering we beat you earlier in the season under horne with a side made up of mostly youth players and trialists and the Penicuik team had 4 players in it who now represent us on a Saturday!
  15. I’ve probably attended a lot more Berwick games this season than yourself sir, with exception of Peterhead and Elgin I’ve made every away game and about 85% home games. I just belive this manager is far out his depth and worried about the existence of this club if we do go down which is a great possibility.