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  1. Regardless of who or what or whatever, there has to be a change end of. It’s clear as day there is unrest among the dressing room. And even with everything that is at stake it seems to be that the manager is holding grudges or putting his spats with players before our league survival. Not playing the like of brown Healy and Adamson, isn’t down to them as players is clearly down to Harvey falling out with them. I’m not Healy’s biggest fan, but without being over critical of rose he’s just a young lad trying his hardest, Healy offers a lot more. Brown probably one of our best players. And Adamson seemed to be our only hope of a goal. Not to mention Brennan who again he has dropped for a goalie that couldn’t get on the bench for cowden and looks a lot worse than Brennan. As I’ve said before ofcourse we are certainly not world beaters and the team isn’t filled with quality players, but that team can certainly offer a lot more on the park, the sole reason being that there is huge unrest amongst the dressing room. Doesn’t take a football genius to work it out. And it would be lovely if John could come on and just let us know what he is actually thinking, we all know he reads it. It was only last month you sent me a private message on here and invited me as a guest to discuss my concerns regarding the current situation. Well John I think now you will need to invite the whole 400 fans who attended the last home game as guests this Saturday because I’m sure we all share the same concerns now.
  2. https://twitter.com/bbcsportsound/status/1110289251445411840?s=12 A must watch as it’s exsctly what’s happening, I’m not saying that team is full of quality players who are capable of pumping teams but they are certainly a lot more capable than what they are currently showing.
  3. Well done for coming on here and silencing a few arseholes mate. Setting the record straight with some truths. It pains me to say it but even with huge games to come, which could potentially determine the clubs very existence I don’t think I can return to Shielfield as long as Harvey is in charge.
  4. Also noted is no result posted to the facebook page, clearly to prevent Harvey’s family having disagreement with us, some quotes where we don’t have a clue about football and under Harvey we will reach the SPL.
  5. @A Believer im sure I said something similar during the week and you asked me to define it? Not asking the same question of BTU? Similar to when I said about not going back to Shielfield you couldn’t shoot me down quick enough yet when disc potato said the same thing you where nowhere to be seen?
  6. Ohhh dear @A Believer ... what’s your thoughts mate
  7. All of which I have done and will continue to do most weeks. Oh don’t need to come on and preach, give it a bash yourself.
  8. ...and Fergie1 is Dom's Dad...gie it a rest will you... Pretty sad man you are @A Believer almost playground like behaviour from yourself. I do notice you have been a bit quiet on here recently, Now that most people are all in agreement you can’t really nitpick now.
  9. I think it would be amazing to see ouzy score a winner against Albion which would secure our league status after such a horrific injury, and I can actually see it happening. But even ouzy record isn’t exactly prolific, I think he only scored 3 goals last year since his arrival in January.
  10. JH has had nothing but support on here (I’ve had a fair few disagreements regarding it) , social media and at the games. But there comes a time when enough is enough. And I think 95% of fans would all love to see a change. And it’s been discussed on here on numerous occasions that we can’t compete with the top 3 financially and that when we played them all them it was about damage limitation, but we were coming up against teams in and around us so we will pick up points... these teams are the ones that have gave us the thumping! Regarding budgets and what not, you only need to look at the divisions above... Arbroath do they have the biggest budget in league 1? Alloa holding there own in the championship, the only part time team in the division! (Nice to see Hamilton get the winner for them against Morton, mcrorrie in the sticks for Morton)
  11. Seen a QP tweet today to say it’s the first time since 2015 they have beaten a team in all 4 games in 1 season, that team was Arbroath, so hey who knows we might be winning league 1 in a couple seasons.
  12. Sure, even though they could potentially close the gap to 1 point
  13. Well said. I really don't know how JH or anybody else can motivate a team when the so called supporters are undermining him in public. Shut up and back the team. Give it a rest JH and leave our club please.