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  1. Glad you like to make light heart and a joke of the situation. Speaks volumes of the type of guy you are. In a moment when we are all absolutely gutted, your trying to take the piss as usual. Seriously take a long hard look at yourself and think... I actually backed this shitstorm.
  2. Guys like @A Believer and such, who backed Harvey for some time, yet come on here and want to have a go at others have a lot to answer for. Don’t think it’s crazy to suggest the board pay attention to this site and gauge how fans are feeling based on posts on it. You guys are the ones who probably kept him in a jobs so long. Anyone who tries to say differently, I have private messages on this site from the chairman himself asking me to come along to shielfield and share my concerns with him and the manager and they can discuss there plans with me. @A Believer you should have a long hard think about you have probably contributed to what has happened today. There are others aswell but you are the obvious one.
  3. It was more just the point I made about a player we released who is in form scoring and creating goals which is something we desperately need going into these next 2 weeks. Fingers crossed someone can come up with the goods I still remain quietly confident. Not sure the bookies agree though most offering around 1/2 for cove and getting as high as even 5/1 for us this weekend.
  4. You have to laugh at some of the Clyde comments regarding the cowden players celebrating in front of them, it’s part time footballers normally playing in front of 300 each week and use took something in the region of 700 fans? Hoping for a bit of a party on the cowden players own back yard, they stopped use from doing so and they scored at your end ofcourse they’re going to celebrate in front of your fans, not everyday players in our league get to play in front of crowds that size. It happens at pretty much every game you watch on the telly whether that be England or Scotland players celebrate in front of opposition fans. Not to mention the way the Clyde players and staff reacted after scoring a last minute penalty that should never have stood at Shielfield last season.
  5. I’m sure clubs maybe pay the guy who’s commentating a fee to produce a commentary because I’m sure it’s the same guy that does edin city, Elgin and few league 1 teams highlights.
  6. After I posted this yesterday afternoon, murrell scores bonnyriggs only goal again last night in a 1-1 semi final draw with Bo’ness.
  7. Still only 21 aswell. It’s just so frustrating when you see the players that Harvey released are all doing pretty well and the position we find ourselves in, He didn’t even see half of the players he signed play before signing them. The guy completely fucked our club over big time.
  8. Matter of opinion ofcourse but would have him in ahead of aloulou rose and Adamson and ideally up top with see. For record last season ouzy scored 3 from 11 starts murrell 4 from 13 starts make of that what you will. My point was more at the fact the he has came up with crucial goals/assists in crucial moments for Bonnyrigg in a time where we are going to need somebody to do similar and I don’t see where this is going to come from but you never know.
  9. Lee currie would walk into any team in league 2 probably the big striker for Bonnyrigg aswell.
  10. Would you have murrell over what we have at the moment?
  11. Absolute nonsense. Most of the Bonnyrigg side would walk into your team aswell as ours. So you would have Brett over your current right back? You didn’t answer the question.
  12. Not atall because the Bonnyrigg team for example is made up of a lot of ex Berwick boys who I would have back in a heartbeat over any player we have now. Would you have dean Brett back over your current right back?
  13. Interesting to see that murrell has been instrumental in bonnyriggs play off games to get them into the lowland league. A standard of teams playing in it that will be no worse than cove probably. Why did Harvey let him go when we are so toothless going forward. Why was that arsehole so eager to make mass changes which could potentially destroy our club. Sorry a bit off track with that rant but had to get it of my chest when I look at the state we are in and look at how well the ones we let go are doing now, and what we replaced them with. Madness.
  14. Only 1 man could take charge of that team and still finish bottom...
  15. Valid point. I do feel JH pushed for the interviews after every game. Before his arrival away game interviews where non existent/rare and also no surprises player post match interviews stopped when JH arrived probably to prevent them from telling us how hopeless he was.
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