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  1. Switched on... heard the inevitable topic...switched off. But caught Dorrans saying "...I think that is my opinion".
  2. However Brazil do seem to be overly gravitationally challenged.
  3. Losing the will to live seeing the results. However Trimper's Haunted House has that wee bit of the surreal in it's favour. And Hoffman's appears to spring nostalgic from my youthful drinking era.
  4. Damn. You've stuck that tune in my head. Won't go away for days now. We rented too at first. There wasn't that much money washing about to buy one.
  5. Remember that most of the pundits/commentators etc are English. Hence Cat-ah, as in Brae-mah.
  6. Looks like your diagnosis of them is better than their's of you.
  7. After things you've been through having that wee niggle is not too surprising or unreasonable. Your medical notes possibly have a big red flag at the top to let GPs know to make you a priority. Stay well - hope the new antibiotic proves effective.
  8. Sorted. Knee & Jerk reaction. (Or a description of the two candidates?)
  9. That home form... As a result of which AFC still only one of three teams in positive goals-for. That away form... has to change sometime. Soon.
  10. A final Pink Fluid thought or two. Really delighted for St J for Eclipsing the Money from the Dark Side, leaving them Uncomfortably Numb. Wish I was There. I had that "Point me..." single. I gave it away. Seems it now changes hands for 3 figures.
  11. If you're into underwear theft. Try Point Me at the Sky, from the days when 2005 was way way way into the SF future. And it has Eugene on both sides in different songs - where's yer Major Toms now? And if you survive till two thousand and five I hope you're exceedingly thin For if you are stout you will have to breathe out So the man next to you can breathe in (breathe in, breathe in, breathe in)
  12. Me too. JB looks about 40 in that photo. Dundee aged him prematurely no doubt. I was always a big fan of Ian Ure's hair.
  13. In the previous 18 pages of fun-filled banter I feel that special mention has to be made of @Sergeant Wilsons superb performance, let down only by the omission of "Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz" to finish. But a special award required here. But let's hear it too for @AJF for his solo performance in demonstrating a greater sense of defence than his team in CL (in-)action. He rose nobly to nibble at vast offerings of bait as much as dropping the occasional acknowledgement of failings. Like The Rangers themselves others on his side were notable by their absence. Surprising that.
  14. Tonight's song : "Berghuis in My Goal" by They Might Be Giants (at least, they think they are/were)
  15. That's been a tough couple of pages to read. So sad to read of all Amanda and yourself have been through TDN, but heartening to pick up on the positivity. It all kinda puts the weekend results in their place in the scheme of things. All the best TDN. And again, hope there's a positive from Jimi....
  16. I'm sure there will be outrage in Aiberdeen over that. There may be two Culters but there's only one Cults.
  17. An alternative to P&B CrowdW*nking has presented itself. PM W*anking. But that said, yep, I was a Churchillian bairn too, just behind you. And Churchill would feature in the bottom 5.
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