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  1. Raman Bhardwaj on STV applies a positive vibe to the Ibrox do this evening. For the players it's a "once in a lifetime opportunity to reach the final". Not optimistic about next season then. (Ah. This isn't Terrible Journalism is it. Objective? Celticish?)
  2. It's a fair cop then Joey. I only looked this evening without success so a sort of grudging apology to online BBC.
  3. A big problem finding out the Fraserburgh v BRose result. Gave up looking on BBC. Again. They really don't care at all. Unless a Celtic or The Rangers B team was involved of course - which will doubtless be a future plan.
  4. Might have been the work of our local sparrowhawk or a passing cat, but the grass at Bartender Towers was a mess of feathers first thing (for me) this morning - the body had been removed. Before I could consider tidying up, the homicide clean-up team were in. Sparrows removed the lot for nest lining (I presume) within a couple of hours. Natural re-cycling.
  5. ...and they're sampling your toilet waste too - using faecal recognition they'll create brown lists excluding you from public toilets nae doot.
  6. Oor Wullie, Fat Bob, Soapy Souter, Wee Eck and Bennett.
  7. Not always. Many of these (like the aforementioned Culrain & Invershin) are request stops. Can't be bothered highlighting which ones. But, yep, it's still a long and wearying journey - unless you're a first-time tourist on a nice scenic day.
  8. We're all with you Jimi, as I hope you know. That's an inspiring comment for many, I'm sure. I hope you have a family behind you to provide close support - they can add so much to the positivity vibe, but if not I trust that there are good friends & neighbours (or even the many decent people you'll find here). For those on the outside of serious health issues read what Jimi says about the benefits of a quiet supportive word. Not just for the person undergoing the problem but their families and close friends too. Particularly for close family the stress, worry, fear and anxiety is always there for them too and is often hidden or overlooked. Remember they need reassuring cuddles and messages too. Even when you don't know what to say (I'm chronically inept at finding the right words).
  9. Your ticket = 10 times the face value of the one on sale. (That's £2.50 as opposed to 25p for the benefit of the youth of today). Grandad must have been sitting up with the big boys, lucky man. And lucky you getting it.
  10. According to today's Herald, the DFB Cup semi-final saw RB Leipzig through but "had to rely on a dubious VAR penalty after they went a goal behind". When VAR decisions are as controversial as on-field on-the-moment decisions what is the point? It is no more than an aid to referees and assistant referees by having more referees watching TV to advise the on-field referee or to ask him/her to look at the same film they have just looked at. It's not a technological panacea, It's a solution looking desperately for a matching problem and being manged by the same people who are the root cause of most complaints about current decision making. I can appreciate there are some decentish plus arguments, but for me they're way outbalanced by the negative impact on the real live game. Och, looks like we're going to have to live with it (and pay for it) anyway. Can't wait to revisit this thread once it's up and running. Or not.
  11. A grand strip too. The AFC logo was yet to appear. When was that -80s? (I've always felt that it was the winning entry in a Primary School art competition). 1977 LC Final - Cheers (some cynical) as Big Davie came on in ET. His header was directed straight up in our direction - saw it all the way. Pleasing. See all these games you've sardined into Granda? You're one lucky, lucky man. Get your stories written down for Jack.
  12. "After a VAR check, the goal is chopped off due to the ball clipping Borna Barisic's hand in the build-up. He's unlucky, but it's the rules these days." (BBC)
  13. There's been a few P&Bers thinking you needed therapy right enough... (But that's a grand step forward, a' the best mannie)
  14. Agreed. I'm half way through - a bit too much ego in there. That said, his family dog was talented.
  15. Linesman Doogie says that Boris should stay while there's two independent countries at war. Er... when was the last time two independent countries weren't at war? Or doesn't Mr Ross care about any others?
  16. The home of the Chuckle Brothers Web Site.
  17. Right on the first point. But to be fair AJT is fighting his corner with no support (even on the TRFC Thread). He lets himself be drawn into an unwinnable extended exchange of fire. Bennie just lobs in a grenade, follows with a smoke bomb and stands back to enjoy the reaction.
  18. Had you been old enough it could have been £1765.07 ...
  19. You should know. In common with many other P&Bers you have been guilty in recent years of firing comments about the demise of a well known Scottish football club with has caused many heads to explode.
  20. I'm guessing that you're the blonde lady or the articulate young lad? Or Stephanie? Anyway, I never got past referring to him as Doug, which suggests a hint of pre-senile dementia starting at least 18 years ago. Yes sir, I can booger off.
  21. According to the Highway Code which we all observe to the letter in the UK "Only flash your headlights to let other road users know that you are there. Do not flash your headlights to convey any other message or intimidate other road users. Never assume that flashing headlights is a signal inviting you to proceed. Use your own judgement and proceed carefully." So @SlipperyP's Singburians have got it right. And we're generally wrong.
  22. Not strictly bad journalism, but why does this read like a guilty confession? (BBC Scottish Gossip). "Revealing" might have been the word they required. Lowland League champions Bonnyrigg Rose Athletic have cited "pyramid integrity" as a driving factor after admitting they were one of four out of 15 clubs who voted against allowing Celtic and Rangers B teams to compete in the division next season after this term's experiment. (The National)
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