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  1. A profound and accurate assessment. Unlike the AFC statement.
  2. “We all recognise that Monday’s disastrous result in the Scottish Cup was totally unacceptable. It added insult to injury after such a poor result against Hearts, following what was a strong performance in the semi-final against Rangers at Hampden. “The football monitoring board, comprising Stewart Milne, Willie Garner, Steven Gunn and me, have now had a full and frank meeting with Jim. It wasn’t an easy conversation, but necessary after the overall poor results since the World Cup break. “From our wider discussions over the last two days, we believe that the senior players and the squad are behind the manager. Combined with our discussions at today’s meeting, Jim will be in the dug-out on Saturday. However, to be clear, Jim has been left in no doubt that the Board and the fans are seeking an immediate response from him and the players.”
  3. Similar experience for me, with a wee trauma added in. Just about to be put under when another surgical team member appeared in the room - a lady that I know socially (not intimately). Well, of course she knows me a bit more intimately now. Almost as embarrassing as last night's football. Almost.
  4. So, how do you describe Aberdeen FC to inform or remind the unknowing British public. Here's the Torygraphs effort. Not entirely inaccurate other than the misspelling but... The excitement continues for Gall after watching his side turn over Scottish Premiership stalwarts Abderdeen, the team of Sir Alex Ferguson, Gordon Strachan and Eoin Jess.
  5. Absolutely this. First man to Captain a Cup winning side in both Scotland and England*. And Eddie Turnbull had built a decent team around him - some inherited, some brought in. Other than the Fergie era, most AFC team lists are utterly forgettable but all 11 here are etched in the memory, not just as Cup winners. Decent opposition too. Nostalgia : None of this 5 subs nonsense and a traditional Master Mason at the helm. * And captained the same two teams as the first man to manage Cup winning sides North and South of the border.
  6. There's only one Martin Buchan. However old is he now, he'd be a great addition/improvement to the back line. Classy.
  7. Is that a cat or a Friesian coo? Nice.
  8. It never ceases to astound me the level, breadth, depth and whatever else of the knowledge of the P&B congregation and their ability to apply it in any situation, however deep and meaningful, shallow and meaningless. Wikibovril.
  9. @Al B. Lady from SSPCA pointed out to us that when you're faced with that decision, it's not the length of the cat's life that's important, it's the quality. Sounds like your Mum's wee beastie qualified on both levels.
  10. I keep reading that David Crosby has died. Has it happened before? I've got this great sense of Deva Vu...
  11. Look above the "T" of "The". Level with and just to the left of the foot of the access tunnel on the upper tier. That's me. No bunnet that day so not so easily recognisable. Perhaps not the best ever final (dull, dull, dull), but the end result was ok. Where are they now?
  12. In episode 2 of BBC's "Marie Antoinette" Louis XVI is routinely attacked by his wee brother. A character reflects that the younger brother is frustrated by being "a spare" and is jealous of his less charismatic brother's role as heir apparent. Art reflecting life?
  13. At half-time on a cold day, the banking between Pittodrie and the gasworks yard was shrouded in the mists resulting from the long line of urinators along the fence. Still, it was better than many a toilet at other grounds. Probably still would be.
  14. A bloody long time actually time teaches you that it doesn't matter if it's a glass half empty/full, as long as the bottle's there to top it up (even if on occasion the bottle turns out to be a bit flat/corked/very cheap blend).
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