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  1. Romeo is having a massive heads gone. Leave him to it.
  2. Mate, Derek McInnes had a team playing at Hampden today and you're still managing to come across as bigger loser.
  3. Imagine a grown man acting like when his team has won 🤣 What a state. Teams win a semi final and he's still seething from a draw the week before.
  4. Come on now. If he went 4 at the back and got slaughtered you'd be complaining he played the way he did.
  5. Can only disagree with that I'm afraid. We got in behind their full backs several times early on and Hedges had a clear cut chance but didn't want to take it on his right. Didn't get the break of the ball in the box either. Players snatching at it on their right instead of letting it come across their body and take it on their left.
  6. No shame in losing that or the performance. I'm sure twitter will be full of #McInnesout despite him going with the 3-4-3 they were asking for. In hindsight we looked better with a back 4 although Celtic were dropping off at that point and content to try and hit us on the counter. You have to take one of those 6 or so half chances in these games. Difference maker.
  7. The decline of Scott Brown is almost sad to watch. Still makes very good decisions on the ball but folk are running past him at half sprint.
  8. I think that's a bit harsh. Rogic done very well to dig that out of the ground.
  9. Two players are holding each others shirt. One falls and drags the other to the ground. It's about as obvious as it gets.
  10. Can't help but feel we blew our chance when we didn't score the Cosgrove header or Hedges failing to take a shot. They can still be got at from the wide positions but the decision making has to be better. Cracking goal from Christie but that was awful defending from Kennedy. Considine very poor for the second too.
  11. Rogic fell to the ground with a hold of Fergusons shirt. It's an obvious foul even if they are both at it. This Premier player is fucking awful.
  12. Bold move to start Kennedy. Hayes a massive loss. COYR.
  13. Aye. The Gordon save was brilliant but he shouldn't have had a chance. Magennis should have scored. Hibs had three moments where a proper pass is played and their team mate is through one on one with Gordon. One of them was a three v two as well.
  14. They actually fucked up the highlights of the semi final kick off.
  15. Me too. No genuine penalties in the game for me. Yeah would agree with that. The Newell one looked such an obvious dive but needed a replay for White.
  16. Am I genuinely the only person who thought neither of the last minute Hibs penalty shouts should have been given? Hard luck to Hibs. Should have won that. Football is cruel. And funny
  17. Craig Gordon asked if he's looking forward to facing Celtic in the final...
  18. https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/news/6222079/aberdeen-shay-logan-probe-messages-ct/ Cup semi final weekend too. Scott Davidson is a clown.
  19. The other boy was demanding an apology from Cormack 😂 You'll be amazed to find out the replies were full of Celtic fans complaining about the abuse they receive from Logan.
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