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  1. Drawing parallels with our game v Motherwell earlier this season. A couple or daft goals conceded and the losing team not able to get themselves going. We look good when we play it in yo Cosgrove's feet so.of course we keep going long. Two great finishes. Cosgrove's was especially naughty.
  2. It's almost as if the guys making a massive issue of it have an agenda at hand.
  3. Former Celtic captain Paul Lambert backs those critical of on-loan Southampton midfielder Mohamed Elyounoussi for being caught on his phone after being substituted during last night's Europa League defeat by Sparta Prague. "He's letting the club down, he's letting the great Jock Stein down, the Lisbon Lions down - Celtic is an organisation, not just an ordinary football club," he tells BBC Scotland. "If you don't take it seriously, you will be found out. What that guy done was let everybody down. "Neil Lennon will be riling as I know what he was like as a player. Your team is getting the runaround and you are on your phone." Asked what Lennon can do to change the culture, as promised, Lambert adds: "You've got to get the ones out that you think are going to let you down and you need the better ones round about you." Jesus Christ 🤣🤣
  4. https://www.modernfitba.com/blogs/2020/11/5/player-profile-guy-melamed Surely I'm not posting this before @RandomGuy....
  5. Oocha. Good one. We can talk about timing. I think the only timing that has been lucky for Rangers was that they likely did not have training on the Monday due to playing Thursday and Sunday. If they had then these players likely would have went in to training. In that case they would likely have had the same carry on. Or they're desperate for the staunch vote.
  6. Doesn't help that it's his hamstring and he's a player who uses his running power to great effect.
  7. There was a game where Aberdeen beat Hearts at Pittodrie in the mid 90's. I'm sure the score was 1-0. Dean Windass scored the only goal from a free kick at the Merkland end and ran all the way to the RDS to celebrate. Missed it because I was having a pish. My old man told me it would be ok, I'd see it on Scotsport the next day. Fucking missed it again and have never seen it since. That's about my only memory of Scotsport. That and the mid ))'s revival when they'd do stupid shite like which player in the league can thrown the ball the farthest. The programme was on at around 11pm on a Monday.
  8. 🤣🤣 Hope it helped to get that out of your system Les. It's the last fixture before the international break so I'm expecting a resounding win and great Aberdeen performance before losing all momentum going in to the Rangers game.
  9. Apologies if this is a repost but wow. Had to laugh at that one.
  10. Yeah agreed. Watkins has done a very good job. It was nice to see a striker turn and run at someone or look to go in behind but as you say too often he is outside the box. Sometimes you just need a presence to create space for the onrushing midfield.
  11. Some of the build up play has been better without him but we've had nobody near the centre of the goals to put the thing in the net. There's a balance.
  12. The Aberdeen players and the Celtic players returned to work and didn't tell anyone what had happened until they were rumbled. Rangers had suspended their two players before the players had returned to training. The incidents are world's apart.
  13. When did they breach them? Have they been in contact with team mates since? Compare that to the Aberdeen 8 and Bolingoli who all mingled with team mates after their breach.
  14. Since then several teams have had to play matches where players have tested positive. Not everything Rangers related needs a "but this happened to Celtic" caveat.
  15. They are a very good counter attacking side. Don't get the chance to do it too often here. The games where they've slaughtered us have usually been games where we've set ourselves up to be quite attacking. This goes back to Pedro's time.
  16. Apologies. It was McGeouch who went off against Celtic.
  17. To be fair to McInnes we still played well without Hayes when he was injured. Wright also changed the game when he came on last week. There was many tough decisions to make. This wasn't like other years where we kept ten me behind the ball and were hoping to ride it out until penalties. We had a go but came up against a team of which most players would walk in to our side. Edit: I'm sure a Hibee could correct me but Boyle is looking out of sorts at the moment.
  18. You're a newish poster here but there's a Celtic fan called Romeo who is very easy to wind up. 😁
  19. I'd be very surprised if you find an Aberdeen fan genuinely hoping Rangers win the league.
  20. This is it in a nutshell. We didn't take any of our half chances. They scored a screamer and Rogic created a goal from nothing. The better team with the better players won. Unfortunately.
  21. Romeo's forgotten how to celebrate a win. It has been a while.
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