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  1. It's really unfortunate that Allan Campbell won't get to bow out in style.
  2. Any idea what we can expect from him? Good tricky player. I'd like to have seen him get more game time last season but we were struggling at that point.
  3. Probably been said already but "he's just about offside". "It's just about over the line". No mate. He is offside. It is over the line.
  4. https://www.eveningexpress.co.uk/fp/sport/football/aberdeen-fc/donsnews/derek-mcinnes-says-tommie-hobans-aberdeen-stay-will-be-extended-in-an-ideal-world/amp/?__twitter_impression=true The article is not as dramatic as the headline.
  5. Yup. Another space on the bench is available now though.
  6. It's a decision for the lad. Stay where he is and trust a big team down south will take a chance. Move to Hibs and become an immediate first choice as I feel they really lack a player like him. Move to Aberdeen (who I think have the strongest squad of the three) and potentially kick on in a strong team.
  7. We gave away a daft pen minutes in and then Lewis gave them a goal. We were up against it from there and Motherwell played very well. Looks like it may have been a blip. Hopefully.
  8. True. I really can't see Ferguson being here next year though. A midfield two with a squad that includes Campbell, Ferguson and McCrorie would be ridiculous. The type of options you want to have at this level. We've usually had a good to great XI at this level with not much on the bench.
  9. Barkley away to Villa on loan. Can only be good news for Billy.
  10. Hopefully we're not still interested in Pittman. Has Tansey written all over.
  11. Scoring from open play is the only real fault I can find at the moment (though McCrorie was clean through for the first pen on Sunday). Hoping we can get a few on Friday. It's not going to be an easy game though. Looking forward to seeing some McInnesball V.2.
  12. That's true. It's insane though. If Motherwell had a genuine chance of winning it then ther's more chance of me tuning in to see how they're doing if pundits talk them up. If I'm repearedly told they aren't good enough then why the f**k would I be interested as a neutral? Surely more viewers means more £££?
  13. The year we pushed Celtic far in the title race the thought of anyone other than the OF winning was laughable. Every single week we were told it wouldn't happen. Rangers were the only team who would be able to challenge. We then finished ahead of them twice after their promotion. When Leicester won the Premier League the pundits were going out if their way to state how much they'd love them to win the title. Up here there is no appetite for anything other than an old firm two horse race.
  14. I've said several times I think he should be in the squad if he is getting regular first team football whether it be on loan or at Chelsea. I don't think he should be playing for Scotland if the only football he is getting is in the reserve league. I don't think he is going to get much game time at Chelsea this year.
  15. Hahaha. To be honest I could only see us taking a midfielder in if Lewis is off...
  16. Guarantee there's a reply that says something along the line of "get him out". Top class from Derek.
  17. Love to see Hibs fans furious that we apparently look to see who they're signing and then come in with more money. A more likely scenario may be the agent making both clubs aware of the availability...
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