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  1. Findlay definitely a cheaper option but not as good as Kerr with a ball at his feet. Kerr is a pipe dream. That's just the type of player I'd like us to sign. It'll be an EPL/Championship loan.
  2. I've always thought Findlay was a slightly lesser McKenna. If we could get him on the cheap then that's great business.
  3. I've no idea what the budget is. If money wasn't an option as such then I'd like to see us go for Jason Kerr. He wouldn't be cheap though.
  4. We're lacking another ball playing centre back. I'd love for us to look at someone domestically but we're probably looking at a cross border loan.
  5. Certainly different than what he said on RedTV yesterday... Posted at 22:1022:10 'Nothing better than a late winner' FT: Aberdeen 2-1 St Mirren Aberdeen manager Derek McInnes: "There's nothing better than a last-minute winner. We were relentless in that last 15, 20 minutes. We went for it. "The players deserve so much credit. When the question was asked, we rolled the sleeves up. "We can go into the break feeling good about ourselves." On transfers, McInnes's answer to whether there would be anyone coming in before the Monday deadline was: "Possibly", but the confident tone makes it sound more like definitely. The Dons boss said younger players would go out on loan and added: "We would like to do maybe one bit of business before the window closes."
  6. Five points off the top with a game in hand. We'd have bitten someones hand off for that before the season began.
  7. Well if that's the new rule then yes. Let's see if they apply the same rule every game. It's been the rule for years. There's a big difference between mistiming a tackle and pulling a players shirt/handling a goal bound shot.
  8. Didn't even realise you hadn't used subs. By the latter stages Aberdeen players were sprinting away and left the opposition looking like they were stuck in the mud.
  9. It's the first I've seen of St Mirren but I thought there was too many crossed balls tonight. You have two big strikers but we have three big defenders so it was going to take a perfect delivery to get a goal.
  10. Harsh but we'll take it. St Mirrens defensive work was brilliant all night but they noticeably tired and the legs seemed to go after our equaliser. They created very little but that wonder goal was no less than they deserved at that point. That felt better than the win against County.
  11. Really like the good work he did for the Dons goal there 😉
  12. McGinn's performance was a disgrace. Walked around the pitch without a care in the world. Has one of these games every so often.
  13. Great goal. Came from McGinn and Considine both being shite with the ball. McGinn needs hooked.
  14. We've been ok. McGinn and Wright too similar. Looks like they want to do the same thing. Miss Hedges hustle up there. St Mirren playing a good game. They've put in a ridiculous amount of crosses against our back three and Lewis which should be our bread and butter. St Mirren making sure we have to play out through Consi and Taylor as much as possible which is obviously a negative for us. If they get the first goal it's squeaky bum time.
  15. He's injured and was a standout at wing back. I'd expect him to be straight back in once match fit. Edit: A surprising standout at that
  16. Jack MacKenzie. Left back. I think he's been on a few times. McInnes is trying to get a loan sorted for him in the Lower Leagues.
  17. Just seems mad that you wouldn't be able to fill a subs bench without the extra spots Covid allows.
  18. St. Mirren have named four subs. Surely we should be looking to see if we can send Anderson or someone there until the new year?
  19. Not every day no but as @craigkillie says players are tested at least twice a week.
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