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  1. Aye. The UEFA Cup final when Porto were a disgrace for diving. Against a team containing Larsson and Petrov. Sutton and Hartson getting away with elbows every week as they 'shielded' the ball. Bobo Balde getting away with horrendous tackles every weeks as the commentators wpould chuckle "you've been Bobo'd".
  2. Whit the f**k are you on about? That's a bit harsh. His reply made me laugh out loud. Still no idea what it means.
  3. According to twitter we are signing Leigh to play CM to push McCrorie in to centre back. Can you imagine some of these people trying to complete a jig saw puzzle?
  4. I was talking about the St Johnstone game. Keep up dopey. We scored against St Mirren in the 71st minute. Then again in the 91st minute. What point do you think you are trying to make?
  5. For someone who doesn't like Celtic threads or the very notion of them you do love a post on them. Ooft. Can't help himself.
  6. There's nothing like a last minute winner to remind you that OF fans are cretins.
  7. Wow. Thought he was at least 4 years younger than that.
  8. Yeah. I'd imagine Gallagher will look down the road. Findlay may not after the Newcastle experience.
  9. A centre back who is good on the ball is going to cost a lot more than a good left back who would do a job in a back three though. I love Consi but time and time again this season he's starting to get caught on the ball. Teams are forcing us to our left side. He's solid defensively but he could really cost us when we're trying to play out.
  10. Yeah this is exactly how I feel about it. Good cover for Hayes too if required. I'd prefer him to Jonny at left back if it came down to it but Hayes is deadly on the wing when he gets to start that 20 yards deeper. As others have said look at most other left back options in the league (although I think he was a bit harsh on Doig and Robson).
  11. I think the back three helps him out if we're worried how well he defends. Our problems with the back three since McKenna left have been down to Consi and Taylors lack of ability on the ball along with their pace. Leigh can help with taking the ball up the park
  12. Yeah exactly. We were still training in fields at this point.
  13. That's genuinely fantastic you have that in place. I can see why you'd think you should be allowed to open the gates and do it sensibly. On the flip side I've been to Highland League fund raisers where they've squeezed in as much folk as possible to a function room as possible. It's teams like that who ruin it for teams like yours. I see your point but it just comes as selfish because it will affect your club. I commented further in the thread that we're all assuming the lower league teams will cope with whatever demand and do it sensibly. Allegedly Killie had an issue with Covid due to their own negligence (not read anything further today) and that's a professional club.
  14. I'd doubt that they'd manage to control that tbh.
  15. What's to stop fans of the bigger teams going to see the lower league teams if they are allowed to meet folk back in though?
  16. So how will it cripple clubs if they're not allowed to let in the folk they've already sold tickets to? It's almost as if there's stricter lockdown measures in place than there was when they had the trials. Along with a portion of the general public taking a mile when given an inch.
  17. So the SNP are trying to alienate hundreds of thousands of potential voters to prove a point? Doesn't make sense to me. Seems like they don't want thousands of people congregating in the same area for a small portion of the day.
  18. I definitely think he can. Was good in the air for his size and is well built. I'm all for this.
  19. Good move for him. A position we're lacking in so hope he kicks on.
  20. Cheers. I knew there was a couple but maybe got them mixed up. I'm probably thinking of the one where the keeper poleaxed the defender which was the opposite half.
  21. I could be wrong but were we not in possession of the ball under no pressure and a St Mirren player went down and required treatment. Why should that be contested?
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