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  1. Glad that's over. About everything that could go wrong did. Players missing. A half fit centre mid pairing. Deflected goals. Daft penalties and poor decisions in front of goal. 4-0 was generous by the end. Fortunately they took the foot off the gas as they were dominant.
  2. Was exactly what I was thinking. You can hear him struggling for breath before speaking.
  3. Tbf they should have had a pen in the first half. A foul from Ojo who wouldn't have been playing if we weren't missing 5 players.
  4. Maybe. He just doesn't need to touch him at all. Balogun is running in to the crowd. Wish we weren't missing 5 players though.
  5. Soft, stupid penalty. Considine should know better than that.
  6. In his head he's this major wind up merchant. Whilst replying to everything.
  7. I'm being fair. Wright, Hedges or Kennedy would need to be dropped for Dylan to be involved. Two of them are playing
  8. Pretty much how you'd expect it to go against the form team in the league and missing 4 regular starters with a centre midfield pairing who have never played there together. They should have had a pen at 1-0 and we should have scored at 2-0. These are the chances you are punished for not taking v the old firm.
  9. https://www.sundaypost.com/fp/gerrard-refuses-to-write-off-the-dons-and-hibees-from-this-seasons-title-race/ Interesting that this has come from the Rangers manager and is never peddled by any of the sportsound 'journalists'.
  10. I'm starting to believe the "the board and American investors pushed this transfer through" rumours. Allegedly the board signed Arnason without McInnes having a clue previously.
  11. That team doesn't look as bad as I feared. There's a few teams in the league who'd be delighted to put that team out every week.
  12. Kennedy not fit? I have been reliably informed that the players couldn't get a drink on the bus home either due to Paterson's issues.
  13. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/scot_prem/3643021.stm Stranger things have happened!
  14. Porteous is this generations Zander Diamond. Looks like there's loads of potential and wears his heart on his sleeve but the rash mistakes will never go away.
  15. My mistake. Didn't realise Derek had confirmed he'll be in the squad.
  16. 🤣 Aye, it's typical of a game where someone around you plays the old firm. You're celebrating the 'diddy' being ahead. When the inevitable happens you resign yourself to the fact it's actually a decent result.
  17. We're missing about fifty centre mids for tomorrow now so we've already accepted defeat and moved on to the Hamilton game. 👍
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