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  1. Are you suggesting a sleepover like parents used to do when one child had chicken pox?
  2. How long would you have had him sign a contract for? Would you have moved on to a lesser target if the player himself only wants one year?
  3. 1. Celtic 2. Rangers 3. Aberdeen 4. Hibs 5. Livi 6. Killie 7. Motherwell 8. St Johnstone 9. Dundee United 10. St Mirren 11. Hamilton 12. Ross County
  4. Greg Leigh : "I watched the games that were on sky but you've cancelled my redtv subscription."
  5. No I meant he got covid and a knock then missed games. Edmondson got injured and then we had to get Watkins in. He's now ended up fourth/fifth choice when he would have had the chance to be first choice. He also didn't suit the style of football we were playing previously also. Hopefully he bangs them in and comes back in January ready to score goals for us.
  6. I don't think it was ability this time. He had his chance and then fucked it catching covid. We were then desperate for another striker and then he got injured too!
  7. Quite funny to see folk get whipped in to a frenzy when they know it's happening.
  8. Did you click it? Saw it earlier and thought it was quite funny. Hibs social media team on the ball as usual.
  9. Rumours of a keeper for the youth wasn't there? Which is strange as there's no development games.
  10. Don't St Johnstone have Chris Kane and the boy from Millwall?
  11. As bizarre as this sounds the worst thing he could have done was score against Rangers on his debut. He's scored a couple since then but he's never been big enough or had the all-round game to thrive while we were playing the way were. We're playing better football and it would suit him but we suffered injuries and needed back up and then he ended up with Covid after going out on the lash and he was suddenly third choice. Cosgrove is now back so he'll be 5th choice at best.
  12. I wouldn't take much stock in that tbh. I'd have hoped he'd have got a Premier team but game time in the Championship is probably better than going somewhere as second choice. Hopefully bangs in a heap of goals for you.
  13. Would have hoped he'd get a Premier team but at least it is game time.
  14. To the amazement of nobody except Celtic supporters and the commentary team.
  15. He wasn't a diver in the sense Petrov was. He was just very clever. Could shift his body weight to make contact seem much more than it was. Cosgrove is very good at it for Aberdeen.
  16. Did you tell them they'll lose the league if they play like that every week?
  17. I don't even remember that red card. He was so shite he had a second go at it.
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