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  1. We've looked a better team with Wright playing ahead of McGinn this season but he would have taken both of those chances. Interesting that United keep trying to play out from the back with the three they have at the back. They'll need to nip that in the bud sharpish.
  2. Some consistency with the handball rule in the box would be fantastic.
  3. Taking the obligatory Jack McKenzie space now he is out on loan.
  4. He's a millionaire version of Ash Taylor. Dominant in the air but a couple of mistakes in him every game.
  5. Never watched it but Rangers must have wanted it more.
  6. Wasn't humorous in the slightest. Embarrassing though. You can use that adjective.
  7. You always worry about promoted teams. Do they come up and adapt to the big league or do they take their championship level patter with them.
  8. The TV cameras waited for Clarke to shake hands with Marshall after the game. Pretty sure his words were "Clean sheets Marshy. That's the game."
  9. Folk getting their knickers in a twist online over the result and performance. I'd much rather we're hard to beat so we get better results against the better teams than hammer the shite and embarrass ourselves against the good teams. They're not mutually exclusive obviously but the manager doesn't get too long to work on things. Delighted for Andy there.
  10. Really good performance tonight. Crazy the amount of *** fans posting negatively about him on twitter. You'd have thought we lost.
  11. Unpopular opinion here but I don't think he's good enough for Scotland. That aside I'm absolutely delighted for him. One of life's good guys.
  12. Obviously sent in by Stormzy.
  13. I'm married with three children. Not shagging plenty or often I'm afraid.
  14. I can't be one of yours. My forehead doesn't slope and my knuckles don't scrape the pavement.
  15. If he was using an NHS test he wouldn't play but a private test will come back same day now.
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