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  1. I'd argue the case it's not "well they might try that again" and more "fucking cheating b*****ds" and in their mind giving Motherwell a taste of their own medicine. It's certainly how I probably would have felt when I played.
  2. I didn't say they were equal. I said it lacks sportsmanship which is what Motherwell are being slated for. You probably genuinely believe that to be the case too.
  3. He didn't back down. I was not aware of the rule myself but the keeper refused to come off. That's why Sarri went nuts. Can't believe none of the players on the pitch took charge of the situation.
  4. Just admit Motherwell were wrong. Then Celtic were wrong and then you can move on. The defend Celtic at all costs mentality that most Celtic fans have is nauseating.
  5. If you're that fussed about sportmanship then how the other team acted would have no bearing on what you then choose to do.
  6. Pleased with that. Would have taken a hard-fought 2-0 win if offered to me pre-match.
  7. I read it on the BBC website. So probably speculation.
  8. https://www.heraldscotland.com/sport/16973825.uefa-give-rangers-permission-to-cut-away-ticket-allocations-at-ibrox/
  9. can you even imagine the look on the UEFA boys face when he's told what's been sung?
  10. That's what happens to Celtic at home against smaller teams though?
  11. Left alone to fend for himself against the family.
  12. Isn't it 25 years which at the end of a parole board would decide if you are to remain in prison or not?
  13. It's funnier because their allocation hasn't been cut.
  14. Always pleasing to log in the morning after and read that celtic fans have been lashing out at all around instead of actually watching the game of football.
  15. It's a bizarre and sick story. She was dealing drugs to him and they were allegedly shagging behind Aleshas dads back. There was also a key left in the door and he's managed to walk in, grab the girl and leave. He's never been in the house before. The step mum then apparently casts doubt on him the next morning during the search? Agreed on the photos.
  16. Step mother. Certainly a bizarre case. Not sure how innocent she is to be fair.
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