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  1. 1 minute ago, d31 said:

    I'd be fascinated to know what sort of 'attendances' we are getting at the moment. 

    How many home, away and neutral fans did we get last night?

    I'd imagine zero neutrals but more Hamilton fans than we'd usually get on a Wednesday night.

    I'm pretty sure they had around 50 fans the night they deservedly beat us at Pittodrie with their fat striker scoring a van Bastenesque volley.

  2. 36 minutes ago, tarapoa said:

    Teams that race into a big lead often have a bit of a drop off................also our opponents last night are unusual, in that instead of damage limitation at that point, they just keep going - as their three last fixtures have showed.

    Last night was fine................the biggest concern from it will be if Hayes misses the semi-final (have already written him off for Sunday).  The balance of the team in this formation both left vs right and attacking vs defensive is hugely dependent on Hayes at this time.............he leaves a bigger hole to fill than any other outfield player right now. 

    Hearing he wasn't cup-tied was a huge boost, so may the groin injury be trivial.

    Yeah. Although it may be ok using Hedges. I don't think we look as good with him at RWB as he is constantly cutting in. We did score heaps agaonst Hamilton and Ross County with him there though!

    Leigh can fill that void when fully fit. Unfortunately this injury to Hayes has come too early for him.

  3. 2 minutes ago, Green Day said:

    Caught a wee bit of the interview with the Aberdeen commercial director last night, they were asking him about the test event they had been knocked back from scot gov over.

    He talked a fair bit about how they hadnt asked for thousands of fans to be coming , had only requested 1000 - and then the hope to ramp it up to a few thousand if successful, its all to be out in the fresh air with plenty of distancing etc etc.

    Fair enough, lets see what the govt come up with as a response.

    What I found odd was when he started saying that you need to start getting footfall in the door for financial reasons, especially when he referenced the stuff Aberdeen do outside football (mental health stuff etc).

    I cant remember the numbers, but Aberdeen have a decent number of STs - assuming that the spacing is similar to the last TE at Pittodrie, you couldnt get more than - say - a quarter of the capacity, maybe 5000?

    And as all of this will be outdoors for obvious reasons, presumably hospitality is kyboshed too?

    So I just dont see where the income stream comes from??

    As is usual, of course, the muppets on Sportsound didnt probe this aspect. 

    I should say, I am not having a pop I just didnt understand what he was getting at - but as commercial director he must know the script on the cashflows and seemed to know his stuff on other aspects.

    The cynic in me would say they are desperate to get fans in the door because the corporate aspect is a major earner for the club. That will be the next stage after fan entry I'd imagine. He'll know his stuff as that's one of the aspects we've done well as a club over the years. Even if the oil industry is on our doorstep.

    I'm certain we've sold more season tickets than previous seasons and I'd wager we're getting more away tickets sold than usual (ignore the ugly sister games which will be on Sky. That will be a big hit).

    We also don't have to pay the policing costs etc that we'd usually have to cover on a match day.

  4. 3 hours ago, Dons_1988 said:

    I agree.

    I'm all for these points being made behind closed doors but statements like this smack of playing to the gallery.

    I get that Cormack will feel he has to show ST holders he's doing his best (also probably realising he over promised during the summer) but as a ST holder myself, I'm fairly relaxed. I understand the situation we're in, and I was never under any impression I'd be getting value for money this season.

    Yip, exactly.

    I went as far as also getting AberDNA to help out where I could. Will be thinking twice next time if we're going to continue going down this route.

  5. 11 minutes ago, big al said:

    The club and the council both making very good points though.

    Its a joke that controlled numbers can’t spectate outdoors.

    Can bet, along with other clubs, the thought of no fans all season is making chairmen panic as it’s unsustainable.

    I think it's pretty obvious why they're not letting fans through the door this Saturday/Sunday Al.

    It's very easy for the council to make these statements. Just like the SNP and labour can do to the government in Westminster.

    This is the same government who have put many barriers in front of the club previously.

  6. 14 hours ago, ScoRoss said:

    Might be harsh, but Scott Wright needs to be a lot better in front of goal if he is going to continually be a first choice in the team.

    Countless chances he has passed up this season, and there are a number of players that could play the same role. Think Watkins could easily drop deeper in the team to accommodate Cosgrove's return.

    I'm not sure if this is allowed with the current restrictions but if it is then he should absolutely be keeping the third choice keeper Ritchie out after training and practicing his finishing.

    Hedges played the first chance in with a bit too much power but Wright could have easily put that in with his left. Made it harder using his right.

  7. 1 hour ago, Falcor Roar said:

    I think Celtic blowing their 10 in a row chance despite their financial advantage might exceed the hilarity of hearts going down. They've been singing about it for the last 7 seasons. Thoughts and prayers for Neil at this tough time. Sevco getting a first title is easily a price worth paying. 

    Greenfield too early. I clicked before getting to the final line.

  8. 1 minute ago, Bob Mahelp said:

    You mistake me. 

    I'm not bitter. Defending is part of the game and I thought United were organised and strong there today. Your keeper was excellent.

    I'm sure you'll forgive me for being slightly aggrieved about the referee staring at a handball from 5 yards away and not giving it, but them's the breaks. 

    We should have won, but United d id what they had to do to stop us. I've no problem with that. 

    I wouldn't say they were well organised or strong at all. Countless times we couldn't beat the first man and missed three sitters.

    The kept trying to play out from the back. None of their centre halves seemed to have it in them and neither of their cm's were making it any easier for them.

    That's a game we should have won but I'm far from bitter. If I'm annoyed it's due to our failure to score guilt edged chances.

  9. No excuse for not beating that shite and by the end of the game we were lucky to leave with a point thanks to Joe Lewis.

    This one was on Wright. Two guilt edged opportunities. Lots of good link up play between Watkins, Hedges and Wright but if neither of them can put the ball in the net then it's mostly for nothing.

    Players were knackered near the end due to the intense pressing in the first half and it showed.

    United could be nervously looking over their shoulder by Christmas. Look a much worse team than St Mirren.

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