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  1. We look good in midfield though. Let's not forget they've not played much.
  2. Was quietly confident until I saw it was Consi and Taylor as part of a back three. Probably a back five though and I've no real issue with that.
  3. Agreed but imagine the reaction if we went 4 at the back and lost.
  4. Ha! Personally. More money and more chance of being picked up by a premier League team.
  5. I think a change for him in general will be good. As sad as it sounds there's a lot more to play for down the road too.
  6. My seven year old son's favourite player is Scott McKenna. Showed him the photo of him in his Nottingham Forest strip. The wee man looked like he was about to burst in to tears and then spent the next 5 mins trying to convince me he didn't care. Took me back to my reaction when Eoin Jess left Coventry at the same age!
  7. Yes. Happens on Aberdeen's in-house channel every time. Can't see why *** TV would be any different.
  8. I've always thought it's a bit crazy that managers are fined etc for answering leading questions. That said rules are rules. 🙂
  9. You have to admire the old firm fans on any notable post regarding McKenna. Going out of their way to let everyone know how shit the boy is. Strange behaviour.
  10. Presume he's back because he doesn't need to pay child maintenance now?
  11. That navy thing? Not a patch on their away strip from last year.
  12. To annoy you so much that you buy redtv so.you never have to watch them again.
  13. Papers were saying none of it goes towards a replacement as we signed McCrorie knowing McKenna would be off.
  14. So... McKenna will plug the financial gap and leave us in as good a financial position as we can possibly be all things considered. Based on what we saw yesterday would you be happy going forward with what we have? Would you entertain selling Cosgrove too and getting in a defender who can also play out from the back more comfortably than what we have? We'd be selling our only real goal scorer but playing the 3-4-3 without him it looked like goals could come from anywhere. Having enjoyed the football against Hibs, Killie and Viking my heart says yes but the pragmatic in me thinks we should keep Cosgrove and see if we can squeeze him in. Even if this does mean hoofball.
  15. Let's no wildly exaggerate on the back of a terrible performance. Campbell was brilliant yesterday but he's had some anonymous performances against us over the past couple of years. One where his namesake Dean had him chasing shadows at Pittodrie springs to mind.
  16. The lad must have been chuffed to be told he could miss the game. Changed days from his captain bullying him in to taking injections to play.
  17. Yip. Taylor and Considine both too slow and ponderous on the ball and want an extra touch. You can get away with one of them but not two.
  18. His first game in midfield was against you guys. The previous games he was RCB.
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