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  1. Joey, he was getting stick because you couldn't shut him up when things were going well. Especially when fans were blowing smoke up his arse. First sign of trouble with his man in the hot seat and he was nowhere to be seen. Didn't want to be seen undermining the management apparently. I had decided a long time ago that McInnes' time was up but Cormack had no issue publicly shooting his mouth about anything and everything when he was thre.
  2. Aye. There's a reason that chairman never go on shows like this.
  3. Fans boy complaining that Ramsay is taking all the free kicks and corners Thinking of changing my username to '29gamestogo'.
  4. There's something to be said for the bad luck in losing 10 goals from 11 shots on target. Unfortunately none of them are wonder goals. They're clear cut chances that most teams would score. Fans guy is a bam.
  5. Ooft. Glad to know the option is there but I don't think I can bring myself to do it yet.
  6. Not so fussed about him sacking Glass as I am him making a c**t of himself on national radio.
  7. @Hoose Ricehas made that big a c**t of it that we'll probably see him get the Dons job next.
  8. I'd have fancied our chances in the playoff based on our cup results that season tbh.
  9. Watkins was fifth choice (brought in when all other strikers were injured or got covid.) Not many other clubs in the league would have afforded their manager that luxury. Hedges was on the way out but took his second chance and repaid the managers faith
  10. It's the typical piece you see for a manager looking to get back in to the game.
  11. I read it before. A puff piece if I remember correctly.
  12. The facts are that he organises our set pieces. In the last three games we've scored from 2 set pieces and had another goal bound effort cleared off the line tonight.
  13. Your striker literally got away with no booking for a foul exactly the same as Hedges was booked for s minute earlier.
  14. He must be catching up with you in years Joey. From listening to him tonight he's far less coherent than you. Well most of the time. Pulling the "trying to stop you making a c**t of it" rank actually. You countered facts with some nonsense Paw Broon spouted tonight.
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