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  1. We took our under 9s team to play in the Blackpool cup in the summer. We're not allowed to introduce headers in to training until they're 12 (I think). English teams had the ball in the air almost all the time, with set piece routines used at every opportunity. Tough watch.
  2. Just puts unnecessary pressure on a player who is hot headed at the best of times
  3. He's watched the Celtic fans make a c**t of the thread and said "hold my beer".
  4. Here's me thinking the match engine isn't realistic. Just lost the Scottish Cup final to Rangers, 2-0 with both goals being 'harsh' pens.
  5. It's getting a bit ridiculous. I'm losing goals to a long kick from the keeper and the defender missing the ball every couple of games. I shouldn't have to set my defence to drop deep as I'm reading on the SI forum.
  6. Just seen it. Some obscure ones like Motherwell too? Suppose the only decent outcome is if you can get a good loan in for a few months. I'm guessing FIFA cover his wage, which is probably pretty high in relative terms.
  7. Heard he's over there in a hospital himself. Wife not able to get in and see him because it's such a backwards country. Nightmare for the lad.
  8. Was impressed with Emslie. Don't want to go full Millertime, but Bavidge just looks like a player.
  9. We've easily been the better team but e could be doing so much better.
  10. The council pleased for the club to be part of the beach renovation. This came after they told the club they couldn't build anything in the area.
  11. Hopefully he avoids it, but I think we'll really miss him if he picks up an injury or suspension.
  12. Is that the absolute bam that set his bedroom on fire with fireworks, during a livestream?
  13. Watched bits of an interview with him the other day. Spoke well of his time here. Said he was gutted to leave even though it was the right time.
  14. Can't remember the last time I left this angry after a win. Blind luck won us that. If Utd didn't have a past it wage thief up top then we'd have folded.
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