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    Ha ha. It's getting harder starting with teams that are not expected to do much in the league. On another note articles like this are pointless: https://www.pcgamer.com/amp/best-fm21-players/ How much of them could you sign for a team? If you want the best players just start as Liverpool obviously.
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    How you finding it? I'm struggling a bit. Aberdeen's injury crisis you begin with is a nightmare.
  3. Considering the disparity in wages and the fact Dylan us made of glass, I know which one I'd be going with.
  4. We strolled the first half but they more than earned the point in the second half. Surely there's only so much more of Taylor being Taylor that Derek can take? At 1-1 he tried to play offside out wide with no idea where Hoban was. Luckily Hoban bailed him out.
  5. Just ignore him. It's not the result I'm unhappy with. We just seemed to stop doing what we had been doing as soon as they scored. Nobody taking care of the ball. Add that to Hamilton getting a bit of belief and it was like de ja vu.
  6. Edmondson should have been on for Main long before he was. Kennedy had a shocker. Logan or Hernandez should have been on for him. He didn't beat his man once. His crossing and passing were off it all night.
  7. Leigh has more senior international caps than McCrorie and Ferguson combined. Campbell is not a limited footballer. For most games the past year Ferguson has played a similar role. It's what Derek likes from one of his centre midfielders. See Ryan Jack. Campbell played well for the most part then obviously tired. Ojo and Main I'll give you. I'll never get my head around the Main signing. What do you think he should have done?
  8. Nope. Just nope. There was no need to play direct, crap football. The same defensive midfielders played around the opposition at will for most of the first half. Second half we went long at every opportunity. Really poor from Derek waiting until the last 15 minutes to change things. No excuse for that.
  9. Not enjoying MacLeans biased commentary when we're clearly playing shite.
  10. Probably easy when he just keeps running in a straight line too.
  11. Kennedy has been brutal tonight. Hernandez must be awful in training if they've not got him warming up. Main off, McGinn on please.
  12. We're panicking and just shelling it up the park now. Brutal stuff.
  13. Shambles. From a shitey free kick too. Looked like Taylor lost his man. Lovely header.
  14. We've had a few dangerous crosses but Accies have managed to get a head on them. Need a couple of goals this half.
  15. McLean and Dodds keep mixing up Hedges and Main. Starting to get on my tits.
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