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  1. Probably best parking at the sunset boulevard car park and try and get through the harbour traffic to get back down the road. I don't hear that way though so somebody else might suggest another route.
  2. No not really. He's more the type to take the ball from the defence and then find someone else in space and pass to the them, keep things ticking over. Certainly won't be flying in to tackles or going box to box scoring goals. Not an exciting player by any means but probably needed in the modern game. Especially if you are going to be controlling games in the Championship.
  3. Divides opinion. I think he's very good. Brilliant passer of the ball but can sometimes be too safe.
  4. Which direction are you heading after the game? Back to Edinburgh?
  5. Wouldn't be surprised if we see him at the Dons. If Hibs and Aberdeen could agree a deal then he was coming home in the summer. He certainly wasn't agitating for it though and was happy to commit to Hibs when they told us to f**k off. Some of the takes from Hibs fans on the twitter post announcing his departure were wild. He wouldn't be earning £30k a week in England and no team in the Championship would be paying £3m for him either. Hibs and Boyle are both winners here.
  6. Snifter logged in to your account?
  7. I think he means putting his fingers in his ears in front of the Hibs fans...
  8. Henderson wouldn't have looked out of place in a blue strip. I think there'll be something there with Mueller when he's up to speed. McFadden didn't know who deserved it at half time of ET. Now says Hibs deserve the win
  9. Said it at the time and I'm even more convinced now. Was signed as cheap back up to Ramsay. Both were injured and Ojo did a job. Not required anymore.
  10. Don't know what to make of this Mueller. Movement is good but looks so awkward technically.
  11. Having a wild vision of him fitting a boiler and it's went to shite.
  12. Bold move from Hartley to rest Coves best keeper. This other lad has plenty of mistakes in him.
  13. He had a good ball to Kent for the goal but aye he'd shat it. Would have came across as bitter when he left but I can't see him coping with a full Ibrox and things not going well. Looked amazing for Aberdeen with empty stadiums and I thought he did well for you when he got a chance last season.
  14. Celtic and Qarabag aside, County are the best team I've seen is play at Pittodrie this season. Quite the dilemma for County fans IMO.
  15. Let's be honest, he should never have scored. That cross should have been dealt with 10/10. Never seen it with Hagi. Wasn't too fussed when Hagi or Wright were on the ball but my arse was almost chewing the plastic seat every time Kent took control of the ball
  16. Some amount of mutant Dons fans in the replies. Guy wasn't good enough. Tried hard and clearly enjoyed being part of the team. He's left.
  17. Adam Rooney struggled at Oldham and they released him. Couldn't believe it. What a deal for the Dons that was.
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