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  1. Nobody mentioned the carry on with Logan and a local plumber? Sad days boys.
  2. As if to prove my point the chief seether arrives
  3. Thought you'd have gotten over the result by now pal.
  4. Just checked the fixture list. Ooooofft. Three big games coming up.
  5. Do you get free school meals during term time in England?
  6. Just watched it again. I think you could be right. Looks like one of Celtic defenders is claiming for that too, has his hand up and goes running to the ref. Still a penalty though obvz. A personal favourite moment is Scott Bain claiming for either offside or a handball for the equaliser as he knows he's fucked it. EDIT: Not equaliser. The second Aberdeen goal. Who am I to be pointing out others mistakes!
  7. Loads of players are given advantage and f**k up a pass. It's not the advantage itself but what you do with it that determines if the ref brings back the foul. Let's not forget we had a goal disallowed and the ref brought it back for a pen against Maribor.
  8. https://thecelticblog.com/2020/10/blogs/if-celtic-fails-this-season-it-will-be-because-of-two-major-strategic-failures-from-our-board/ The absolute state of this. Imagine we beat them at the weekend. Or they don't win the league.
  9. Shows how important Champions League football could have been.
  10. I'm going to leave it there as you have your opinion and I have mine. We'll just go round in circles. I will add the money you're paying these folk to be bit part players and have yet to win anything is why I couldn't them a hit.
  11. That hits list is wild. Roofe, Hagi, Bassey, Balogun, Helander, Davis, Katic and Defoe can hardly be considered hits. Some of them have barely been here a couple of months. Some of them have been part of Rangers teams that have won nothing over a decent period of time and cost far higher than the diddies pay in fees and wages. Edmundson and Middleton are in the misses for sure. Kent is a good player but you way overpaid for him too.
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