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  1. Didn't they get away with a couple of 'lucky' decisions v Livi?
  2. Haven't clicked on that but I'd have bet my mortgage that someone mentions his sister.
  3. He's still young and learning but now there is more responsibility and a further expectation on him to deliver. He looks far better when he has an experienced head beside him. I think that was his second game with Ash Taylor beside him and they weren't exactly helped by the players in front of them. Would draw parallels with Porteous at Hibs. Solid and fearless young defender who isn't ready to lead the defensive line yet.
  4. You can't see them throwing even more money in to the bonfire after that?
  5. Most of the posters laughing at the **** would be laughing at Celtic if they had lost too.
  6. It should be him and Ojo fighting for that spot ahead of the defenders IMO.
  7. It's fine margins as well. If we get the goal when we had our best spell of play then we likely go on to win. Once we were chasing we were awful.
  8. Yeah would agree with that. I do think Vyner could do a job there but not with Leigh playing in CM also. It's now or never for Campbell in my opinion. The myth that Derek doesn't give youth a chance is not true. The real issue is he's not willing to give any of the youngsters a proper run of games to prove their worth like he is with more established players we've signed from elsewhere. If he doesn't trust the lad when we have only other fit CM to fill 3 positions then he never will.
  9. I'm always reasonably certain of how we are going to line up when we see the team. Normally my issue is who's going to be the one to get the team up the park. Vyner was awful for the first goal on Saturday. Took a bad touch that knocked the ball 20 yards up the park under minimal pressure. Things like that are unforgivable. He had a great game at Fir Park and Del says he thinks he is actually a midfielder. When we lose Doc says he's a defender trying to do a job due to the injury crisis. Make your mind up lads.
  10. His insistence on Ferguson playing just in front of the defence (even when Ojo is there) is baffling. Should have kept him further up the park on Saturday and had Campbell taking the ball off the defenders. Campbell had a couple of lovely cross field passes on Saturday. the problem was it had taken about 5 passes to reach him. Hibs were back in shape by then.
  11. On a brighter note, *** media seem to think that Ryan Jack is the man to take on the captain role and inspire them to glory. Lads...
  12. http://forum.rangersmedia.co.uk/topic/325527-david-murray/page/2/#comments
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