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  1. A rumour going round the WhatsApp groups that the game may be postponed due to Walter Smith passing away. Really can't see it but would absolutely be behind this for a giant of the game!
  2. Cringed a bit listening to it. Sounded like a level below rangers TV commentary. Nothing outwardly offensive but it's easy to read between the lines. Neil McCann at one point described himself as being happy with one of the goals "but not because I'm an ex Rangers player". Tying himself in knots when he just doesn't have to describe himself as happy that Rangers scored in the first place.
  3. Let's be honest, there's an element of our support that would give the dregs of the OF a run for their money.
  4. Posted this in our thread but thought I should post it here too.
  5. A lot of time for this. Will go clean over the boys head though.
  6. We saw the advantage of having a forward thinking player in and around Ramirez instead of playing two either side of him and 3 CM's thirty yards or so behind as we move up the pitch. Ramirez himself said he enjoyed having another player up beside him. I don't think we need to ditch the idea of playing good football. We were passing it about well until the Ramsay and Gallagher injuries on Saturday. Definitely something to build on but depending on injuries I think anything other than a shafting on Wednesday should be glossed over. I've criticised Gallagher but if he continues to play as he did on Saturday then he'll be a big player for us. Ramsay and MacKenzie have already shown how important they are.
  7. Was Doing injured? Was looking forward to watching him and Ramsay go up against each other.
  8. I think Warnock thought it was a crazy move because he wasn't good enough. Reading between the lines of his comments of course.
  9. There was a few moments where Hedges just needed to shoot but tried a really intricate pass from the edge of the box with little to no room for the teammate.
  10. If you don't embed then the **** need to click it min.
  11. Reflecting on yesterday, that must be quite worrying for the Hibees. Their performance reminded me a lot of the last 18 months (bar that two month spell where we were superb with Watkins, Wright and Hedges playing together). Lots of passing between defenders and the two CMs trying to drag the opposition out of place. Run out of ideas then go long. Repeat.
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