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  1. It literally is that simple. If you don't support indepence then you support the Union. You're supporting the status quo. It could easily be worse. It could easily be better. It could easily be slightly different. The difference is we'd be governed by the party the majority of our country voted for. It's really that simple.
  2. His best role is playing box to box. Similar to Shinnie. There's no point in him collecting the ball from the centre halves and playing one-two's for them to then launch it up the park.
  3. https://www.pressandjournal.co.uk/fp/sport/football/aberdeen-fc/2380546/aberdeen-boss-derek-mcinnes-blames-lacklustre-pressing-from-attackers-for-rangers-opener/ There's his excuse to drop Bruce.
  4. The difference between Edouard and Morelos is clear to see. Both didn't get their move they'd like. One comes back in great shape and bags a hat trick and the other comes back at least a stone overweight looking disinterested.
  5. To be honest we can say they were in better condition than us etc but there was no excuse for passing to a white shirt under no pressure or shanking long passes out of play.
  6. I wouldn't hate it so much if we didn't make twenty passes between full back, centre halves and centre mid beforehand.
  7. Come on now. Referees have to understand the magnitude of the game.
  8. In his pre season chat with McLean during the week he mentioned playing faster, more creative football. I was suckered in ignoring the fact he said the same last pre season. When he joined we had been shite and he had us playing some great for six months as a counter attacking team. We even got away with it in Europe for a couple of seasons. As teams realised we were decent they sat further back. It's been progressively worse since.
  9. Because there's no intention to try the two of them up top ever. If it happens it'll be because we're chasing an equaliser at home to Hamilton.
  10. Seeing the highlights in the post below yours that's a stonewaller.
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