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  1. You can clearly see the defenders left foot playing them on. Even the player on the far left.
  2. Signed a two year deal a couple of weeks ago, didn't he?
  3. And yet the Rangers team i full of players who the majority of their fanbase considered duds a year ago. Imagine that.
  4. Kennedy makes a fair point, he just put it across very badly. I would take the Celtic squad over the Rangers one. I think they have better players. If the management teams were swapped then Celtic would have romped to the title too. Kennedy can't come out and say that though.
  5. No I think you are correct. I thought Campbell was ready to start last season but we signed Ojo and then McGeouch so that stunted any real chance he was going to get. I'd have him ahead of both but that is mostly due to Dylan's injuries. Ferguson was outstanding at the beginning of the season but his standards dropped along with the rest of the team and he could have done with an older head (Brown?) in there to pick him up as he's played non stop since signing and this was his first poor spell. Saturday looked like the beginning of him getting his form and confidence back.
  6. Interesting to see you give Campbell a bit of praise but I know you are quite into stats etc. I thought he was decent in te middle with Ferguson and he made one brilliant tackle when it looked like Conway(?) was clean through. I think that was easily McCann's worst game against Aberdeen. Didn't look involved but likely to do with performing an unsuitable role. The one thing you can never criticise Hayes for is a lack of effort. When he's having a shocker he still always shows for the ball.
  7. That's right. We finished bottom during a season where there was no automatic relegation. There was going to be play offs. We had a pretty good cup record that season.
  8. Before I posted that I actually checked the thread to see if there was any chat on it. Aside from a general interest in how teams are developing youth, Dundee United's development has always held an interest for the past decade or so. One of my mates brothers was involved in the Aberdeen youth development. He told me the best two teams in the country were Utd and Queens Park. This was pre Gauld, Souttar etc. Those two clubs were the two examples for everyone to follow. United didn't quite make the money they thought they would and Queens were regularly losing players to the big two (along with others, Aberdeen taking a few) so it's interesting to read the guy say you won't be resting on your laurels. What worked for the previous 'golden generation' might not work going forward.
  9. Yeah definitely but wasn't intended as a 'McInnes doesn't trust youth' post.
  10. Yeah but that fell through due to Covid. Then he was sent on loan to Forfar. He'll be 21 at the beginning of next season. Not many boys are kept on until then without playing a minute.
  11. Yeah definitely. Just thought about this after the game and remembered that sometimes football is about luck and timing more than anything else.
  12. I think wing backs are more natural than full backs or wide midfielders now!
  13. Dundee United, the team trying to revolutionise Scottish football and produce Champions League players Jordan Campbell Apr 9, 2021 20
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