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  1. Or we specifically mentioned the replies to the tweet he wouldn't have bothered to open. Aberdeen make a tweet. The replies are mostly Celtic and rangers fans arguing. That in itself is tragic.
  2. 7 in our office today. Rest of us working from home. 6 out of those 7 are 50+. Still of the opinion it's not as bad as the flu. Not one of them is what I'd describe as being in good physical condition. That includes the guy in his thirties.
  3. Some put down that. Don't know how I'll recover and carry on with life after this.
  4. You've probably lost track of the days due to working from home. It's Monday. Stop drinking.
  5. Aye. Meanwhile at Ibrox they're looking to sign an Atletico wonderkid and someone is looking to launch a takeover. Never ceases to amaze me just how thick these cretins are.
  6. **** with no self awareness all over the replies 😂 Not great news obviously but every club in Scotland not named Celtic are in a similar position.
  7. Cleaners from other NHS jobs (dentists etc) whose office has closed are already working at ARI. They've set up a Corona Virus testing tent for staff as 600 are off at the moment. Anyone with any sort of cough has been sent home.
  8. As far as I can tell, its the former. An admirable and well-meaning measure that's going to help out lots of people but it could also be another massive loophole for bullshit limited company types to cream even more dirty money off the government. I think it's genuine because they realise they've fucked it.
  9. The chairman literally said having the RDU open is a massive drain on the clubs finances. He then added the sweetener that it would add to the atmosphere as fans would be bunched together and would create demand. I'm happy to give you my redtv login if you'd like to watch it for yourself. Or you could continue to get the news from the red tops.
  10. Well that's a relief. Away round to my da's house to apologise for ignoring him. Can't wait to give him a manly handshake.
  11. Hahahaha. To be honest with you pal, that's where I was a few weeks ago. I know this sounds stupid but I started to worry when all the sports events were postponed indefinitely.
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