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  1. I suppose it was the first game with the set up and at least we're trying something different but there's a reason pretty much every team worldwide has moved to flooding their own box
  2. Giving the ref an opportunity was Emerson Royal for Spurs yesterday.
  3. You finish where you deserve to buy 4th in the League last season is nothing to shout about.
  4. Taylor managed to get a free header as we've taken the bold approach of putting three up whilst we're defending a corner, which left space everywhere. I think you see loads of the game from the RDU. Not sure where you sit but Richardson is constantly making runs and not receiving the ball as we either take too long and he's now offside or we pick a different option. That's why I've been critical of Hayes. So many of our attacks slow down because Hayes movement isn't very good.
  5. Hahaha. I was sure you had thought he was struggling before. Makes a bit more sense now.
  6. Would need to disagree on that one. Looked like he was playing LWB when we weren't in possession today and that suits him perfectly.
  7. Had a chuckle at McInnes at the end. Told his players to go over and applaud the Killie fans, gave them a bit of a clap from near the dug out then returned the applause he received from the dons fans all the way down the touchline Was happy to see him get a nice reception.
  8. His final ball was pretty poor today but the rest of his game was near perfect.
  9. I've never said he's not a good player. The Hibs boys on here were critical of his performances this season.
  10. Considine, Devlin and Declan Gallagher were all selected for Scotland whilst at Aberdeen. You'd struggle to justify any of them being a part of the squad when selected.
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