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  1. Didn't he just take a coaching job at Man Utd? It would be interesting. Inexperienced top level player is probably not what we need but may be the market we're in. Like Gerrard he'd probably need a switched on backroom team.
  2. Absolutely. It shouldn't be forgotten either. In regards to your first paragraph that's the point I've been making. It's fine being asked who I'd take and myself giving an answer...but who's to know if there's any chance of it at all? It just seems fairly reasonable.
  3. We definitely miss Watkins but he isn't clinical enough. For me the ideal signing is a younger version who we can improve.
  4. In regards to the "who can replace McInnes" question, let's not kid ourselves that this isn't the most attractive the job has looked in decades. Some brilliant Scotland U21 internationals. An experienced core and arguably the best training facilities in the country. The Cowley's seem to be a lot of fans choice. Wouldn't be against that.
  5. We've to play Livi back to back. Wouldn't be so sure.
  6. We were playing the best football under McInnes and one of the main reasons for that us no longer at the club. Next week we'll have lost the other.
  7. I'd be disappointed if the club didn't have a succession plan in place at all times. Some random team could come in for the manager out of nowhere. There's no problem with a football team being proactive rather than reactive. Was Calderwood leaving the right decision? Definitely. Was McGhee the right replacement? No.
  8. McGhee (as crap as he was) had the budget wildly slashed on the back of Calderwood's spending with little success. Brown then came in to shore things up. Neither had a budget anywhere near the like that McInnes has had. I couldn't really care less what the club won before he arrived. That's all in the past. During his time St Johnstone, Hibs (Championship), Ross County and Caley managed to win trophies. Several others have also made it to finals and beat us to get there when we were favourites. I'd happily give you an answer to who I'd like to see take the job if any shortlist was made public. Until then it's mental masturbation. We'd all like to see Curtis Main replaced. No-one demands to know who should replace him.
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