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  1. Checked the top 10. The only one who fits the profile (not old, out if contract) is Luca Pfeiffer. Really can't see it.
  2. Our seats in the RDL were nae great. Livi one you knew something had happened, just not not what it was. McGregor's was as obvious as it gets
  3. Alan McGregor's non red and getting away without conceding a pen at Pittodrie.
  4. Hahaha. He'd moved to Pittodrie by then. A very non-pc description of him walking in.
  5. Rumour on the hat is that Reagan Charles-Cook is at Cormack Park today for a look around. Don't see it myself.
  6. Shocked to open this thread, pages to catch up on and see Jinky was having a normal one.
  7. Not pishing my pants about lack of signings...but a rumour would be nice. Cheers Scott Burns, you p***k.
  8. Some boy. Keane was swithering over whether to put him in his best Man Utd team of the EPL era
  9. Ragnarok set a high bar. More Korg required!
  10. In what way? Could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure Lvi can't go releasing CCTV footage to the general public, without permission from the authorities. Especially of minors.
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