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  1. Cosgroves best run of form came when he had May running around like a dafty up beside him. If we can get Main doing the same (bearing in mind he's stronger and probably faster) then it could work.
  2. Sounds like the typical footballer who doesn't want to stay but is publicly keeping his cards close to his chest. We're going through the same with GMS.
  3. It was the season before when Logan got most of his criticism. Looked to be back to something approaching his best before he got injured. Made a big difference to our team on his return from injury at seasons end. Taylor is not the worst defender about if he keeps it simple. Has at least one mistake in him per game though.
  4. Fantastic to see the reactions of the totally not bothered Celtic fans on the official afc tweet.
  5. Remains in Celtic fans heads rent free for an extra year.
  6. Where? Can't even see one post about this on twitter.
  7. St Johnstone FC Thread

    Random loves to post that May hasn't been used properly. He's played everywhere across the front four in countless different systems. Rarely dropped until this season when McInnes decided to go with Stewart and Cosgrove. He just doesn't have it anymore.
  8. Hibs vs Aberdeen

    That's the point. It's supposed to be biased. I just found it strange that they'd be all up in arms over a 50-50 decision then say very little at a more obvious decision that Hibs didn't get.
  9. Hibs vs Aberdeen

    Nae like you to jump in two feet without comprehending what you've read.
  10. The Great Big Kilmarnock Thread

    We can definitely opt for the longer ball too often but I don't blame the defence for that as much as I blame the options they have in front of them. Considine is far mroe ponderous on the ball than McKenna but Scott is definitely too keen to play the quick direct ball out wide at times. Considine played the start of the season (and the games Lowe missed) at LB. Our pair to start the season was Devlin and McKenna and that quickly turned to shit with McKennas injury. We also had Hobban in for a few games until he was injured. Both are great prospects for the national team going forward.
  11. The Great Big Kilmarnock Thread

    McKenna has been both injured and suspended and we've also not had a settled back four for much of the season. Killie have been far more solid as a unit than we have.
  12. The Great Big Kilmarnock Thread

    £10m would be over paying for McKenna's current ability but a £10m asking price isn't really the price we're going to let him go for. We're making sure we don't sell ourselves short.
  13. The Great Big Kilmarnock Thread

    What's wrong with those price tags? Players of the same quality would be worth much more if they played in League One in England.
  14. You're the wrong St Johnstone fan...