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  1. TBH I can't remember much about McPake and Goodwin. I was playing amateur football every Saturday when they were in their prime up here.
  2. I could have gotten two tickets with no issue at all. Lots of the threes went quickly.
  3. First things first, thanks for keeping us informed Rod! Anyway, what a nightmare. My daughter has swimming lessons at 1720. I'll likely have to take her super early to try and get tickets at 1700. First world problems though!
  4. Aye I've noticed. Will be shite for you all when I murder him and then stop posting.
  5. I like that St Johnstone one. Nice to see clubs take a step away from the usual though I'd imagine they're doing it as they'll need to use their yellow as the third kit due to being in Europe.
  6. We know you've had a few kickings from ASC over the years pal. You need to let it go.
  7. Aye. Probably still worth a punt for them regardless Did he ever get a game for Burton? A low cost gamble for them that hasn't came off.
  8. I'm almost happy Hearts are back up so we'll get another game to wear it.
  9. With fans of every club having moans about their clubs processes here and there it's likely for the best it's been a slow start to get these issues ironed out.
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