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  1. He wouldn't start for the two teams at the top of the league. Nkunku joins in the summer, I think.
  2. That's what tends to happen if a diddy beats a bigger, more famous club.
  3. Mudryk hooked at halftime. Injured or plum?
  4. Impossible to be dribbled past if you're 40 yards out of position.
  5. We've a Polish kid in our team. His old man said he was delighted the day this guy left Legia!
  6. Ooft. I see St Mirren seem rattled even after winning. Tin pot.
  7. I'm talking about the two "wingers playing fullback". His pals. Hahaha I did hear he had approached the club to see if we were interested. His kid lives up here.
  8. Note the two he thinks have been outstanding Hopefully he doesn't believe any of the shite he's speaking there.
  9. Yip. Still wouldn't want Declan Gallagher near the club though.
  10. Properly coached? van Veen ragdolled him with a dislocated shoulder.
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