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  1. Fancy a wee name change bet on it? Finish 5th and I’ll change my username to anything you want.
  2. I hope that’s a promise and not a threat, you won’t be missed.
  3. Aye, you still kidding on you’re a hardman?
  4. Spot on. Him and Drs think they’re champagne in a tall glass when in actual fact they are just the same as Gogsy, Hamish and Jason King..... ...Luke warm pish in a plastic cup
  5. Just stating the facts as I know them. If you don’t like me because it’s not what you want to here then have a seat with the rest of the bitches waiting for me to give a fukk.
  6. Blackburn’s would be over in a fortnight
  7. There won’t be any introduction of LL2 any time soon.
  8. There’s no elephant in the room. East region will become part of the pyramid at tier 6.
  9. Your memory is so bad you forgot your login details for 12 Angry Men.
  10. You tried that before and look at the damage it caused. Try holding your tongue this time.
  11. In fairness , The_Judge fails to mention that in his third season he never won a match in 3 consecutive months. Remember the last time that happened at Kelty, it was funny.
  12. What a character Ian was. Can hear him now if he were still alive. “Hawl Maitland were no wantin that fud, ‘n’ tell McGonigall no tae even think aboot sijestin Wilie Newbiggin’, pair a fookin yoosless kants. Ad tak Tam Courts though”
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