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  1. Agreed, the idea that our reserves/youth cant put a few goals past a bunch of p/t HFL guys would raise concerns about our lack of depth and motivation.
  2. Daytime TV morons for the morons who watch daytime TV, all of it and its viewers need to get into the sea
  3. Early kick off this one - 2pm. Only the main stand open Diddy cup if we don't win it this season
  4. Are the Highlands ready for this kind of style overload. Some folks have only just moved on from plus fours and flat caps.
  5. Thankfully we have a coronation to look forward to. Bring out the bunting!!!!
  6. Absolute cringe-worthy sports patter that. Adding a 'y' or 'z' or 'o' etc onto an individuals name to give them a longer and sadder nickname than just their normal adult name is playground stuff.
  7. Not consider letting us win by that margin that way propelling the 'jug eared dwarf' straight into the Tannadice hot seat. That's a winner for both parties in different ways
  8. Surprised the BBC aren't calling for this to be shifted forwards............
  9. Injury update, so should see Samuels start at least I'd think. Inverness head coach Billy Dodds revealed defender Max Ram, winger Aaron Doran and striker Austin Samuels are now injury-free and ready for the Dens Park encounter. With the fixtures called off last week following the death of the Queen, it allowed seven further days for players to get over knocks and niggles.
  10. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/62920846 Shame its an organisation with no spine so very little will be done as usual by other UEFA actions against these protagonists and others. Boot them both out of the competition as an example would be a fitting punishment and emphasise that they are indeed not important to European football anywhere other than their own heads, but we all know it'll be a minor fine or warning - with the same behaviours continuing both overseas and domestically.
  11. Brown guy who arrives illegally in the UK without any papers is now adpoted as a symbol by an institution with history or racism. Without looking too hard for evidence without even covering imperialism, The Crown's record of domestic racism carries into modern times, as Buckingham Palace previously barred “coloured immigrants or foreigners” from working for them until the late 1960s. As recently as 2020, Duke and Duchess of Sussex Prince Harry and Meghan Markle left the Royal Family over their treatment of Markle, who is biracial. Moronic behaviour.
  12. You just know the 'half-wits' were all sitting around in someones living room while their mum made tea wondering what to put on a little banner - FTK, FTQ etc etc. Can you imagine the scenes of back slapping when one of then came up with the Fagan jem..........walking home proud of the clever idea they came up with and messaging all their little pals in the WhatsApp group. Bet all the way to Poland some were so bursting with excitement they literally creamed themselves.
  13. Thought she was vacuum packed? Is it not an inner coffin within hermetically sealed lead box within a wooden outer decoration. Kind of like the Russian doll of coffins or the worlds shittest pass the parcel.
  14. Hilarious isn't it. Groups that want to portray the image of being football hard men and ultras who stand up for the ideologies of their clubs (and religions it seems) all gathering around one guys house on an evening with some paper and paints to do 'Arts and crafts night'. Kind of like toddlers in nursery getting to do playtime and make some pretty pictures for mummy and daddy to be proud. All under the guise of in preparation of the upcoming big game. Bit pathetic really when you think deeper into it.
  15. Why stay home and watch the funeral on the wee screen, when you can do so surrounded by grieving hoards in your local muliplex. No popcorn though, cos remember this isn't meant to be enjoyable! https://www.myvue.com/event/her-majesty-queen-elizabeth-ii-funeral
  16. Liverpool had to win in order to demonstrate Ajax were only good due to Ten Hag, which is why a great manager has joined the greatest league in the world as shown by one of its stalwart teams triumphing over those pluck Dutch also rans.
  17. So basically a guy who's not a defender did ok against lesser level teams but got caught wanting at a higher level. Therefore should not be shoe-horned into a formation just because he is not good enough to play in his natural position due to better options. Agree on current form he should start in midfield, but he is no RCB regardless of what Steve Clark tries to brainwash the fans into thinking.
  18. Its only along the M8 and not even enough fans to fill Ibrox turned up..............no wonder their club died
  19. Said it many times before if McTominay cant get into the Scotland midfield he should be benched. The idea that we persist with formations just to shoe-horn him in because or Man Utd #Barclays doesnt help us.
  20. Wrong decision IMO. Not just based on the above but generally he's never really delivered in a Scotland jersey and arguably other than that one stellar season at Bournemouth when he was touted for top 6 clubs he's bang average with a crap attitude.
  21. Like Dundee away, usually a decent day out. On paper its 2 of the strongest teams and expected title contenders, so hoping there's a strong showing and a good game. Given our total beasting away at PT a few wks back, this will be a demonstration whether we are actually turning the corner with form and can compete or whether its just paper over the cracks and we're way off it.
  22. Every growing list of organisations and retailers who are fully closed on Mon 19th. We may be on the brink of a cost of living crisis, hyper inflation and a hurtling towards a recession but lets all have a day off and forget about that
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