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  1. Was a good enough option to get him his 'big' move though. Hopefully not a case of getting an ego thinking he's 'billy big baws' and better than ICT as an option (if that was the case he'd be doing better at the level he is), or is there other behind the scenes issues with people or structure of the club.
  2. Hibs reportedly keen to punt Danny Mckay out on loan - any chance we might pursue that? I know nothing about the guy's background but does he have family or that local which might help influence?
  3. Awaiting the European Super League announced for season 24-25 meaning the BBC have just spunked a load of public dosh on some half arsed Eurpoa League job with only Champions from diddy countries and Newcastle
  4. Given how close this league usually is, finding a 20 goal striker should be enough to propel most clubs into at least a play off spot. However we all know, peak to soon with a glut of goals pre-xmas and that asset could be off.
  5. The challenge for clubs will be whether they can entice away fans this season, given the mounting costs of fuel and travel combined with general living costs its inevitable that its going to affect the ability of people to afford travel. I would consider that more remotely located clubs like ICT will see a further drop, along with home ST holders or attendees who don't live in close by. After trying to recoup and rebuild attendance figures post covid, this season may start to see declines in footfall not just within the Championship but across the whole of Scottish football.
  6. Disappointed that nashville never made the final list, nice city and stadium which is city center and highly accessible. Probably not much of a football(soccer) following in that part of the country but would have made for a good spectator experience.
  7. If that's the criteria then it would make Chris Martin pretty much our first choice striker based on last season.
  8. Easy to criticise 'lack of talent' for strikers in this case or any other position. Look across British football - whether the EPL or SPL, teams are still importing foreign players than developing their own - in Scotland we dont even see much of teams buying or taking youngsters from lower league clubs any more. The low quantity of indigenous players at club sides is ultimately the issue and leave whoever the manager is a limited stock to pick from.
  9. Probably due to the fact at club level most play 4 at the back. Throw into the mix the insistence of putting McT into the defence somewhere when he is clearly not a defender nor thinks like one, we are creating our own problems at times. Opposition look at weaknesses - whether that be an inexperienced RB with player out of position inside him or a left side with similar imbalance. The inability to pick our strongest back line does not help for continuity only to then mix and match differing personnel while maintaining the formation they are not familiar enough with. We all know why we have 5 so as to accommodate both KT & AR, but when one is missing we need to revert to 4.
  10. Not sure if he's really ever shown that much in a Scotland shirt to suggest he is a big miss. Even at club level apart from that purple patch at Bournemouth, for me he has never really stood out and factoring in the 'call-offs/injuries' is there much to suggest he has a huge desire for national games to perform at his best level? If we got the Ryan Fraser from the end of his Bournmouth tenure, then he'd be a valued asset otherwise he's just another player of similar levels making up the squad (not convinced really adding any significant enhancement).
  11. Society will have its excuses for this but it's just lazy parenting. As a dad of 2 young kids (4 & 2 years old) we do reading a book every night (pretty much since they were born), try avoid giving them much screen time - TV or tablets in favour of interactive toys such as numbers, spelling, alphabet along with puzzles (jigsaws etc). But from dealings with other parents of similar kids we are a minority, there are stay at home mum's, benefit parents etc even those during Covid on furlogh who state they dont have time for things like that so its 'easier' to let kids watch TV, DVD, Xbox etc all while they do the same but in a different room. So many have attitudes that reading, writing, counting, alphabet even toilet training is the responsibility of the schools - there are even kids heading out of nursery into P1 with dummies and can barely talk. Its shocking but accepted and the media and health care professionals normalise it by stepping back and stating 'all children progress differently' therefore giving parents and out and justification for not bothering. Its sad to see and for proactive parents like myself, I genuinely worry my child's development will SLOW down at school. The eldest can already count to 30, knows the alphabet, can write his name and starting be more interested in reading and spelling words etc. Next year when he enters P1, its likely he will be shoved in a corner with the other more able kids and left to 'get on with it' while the majority of teaching attention goes on those who's parents don't bother then mask it with 'perhaps little Timmy is just less able or has learning difficulties' and similar bull-shittery. Apologies, very ranty but to summarise - too many modern parents are lazy selfish c***s more interested in their own lives than the kids which goes through all facets of life from nutrition, to self care and into education.
  12. You don't think like the social media and fame hungry generations though who see every situation as a chance to get 'likes' or exploit. Sane people think this is embarrassing and you should be ashamed and offering to clean up, however this is a doorway to minor celebrity and 15 mins of fame. It's the sort of shite that will make it onto daytime TV yet.........
  13. Maintaining the same team would give the chance for redemption from the players although heavily relying on trust they perform and get a result. It would potentially make his continuation as manager pretty heavily challenged in the event of similar levels of failings along with accusations over stubbornness to change akin to the levels of outcry at Levein 4-6-0 fiasco. There will be changes as something has to be done to freshen up and bring a bit more spark, but several players look spent and need rested while other look fragile in terms of confidence.
  14. With the vacant seat at Tannadice wonder whether there may be any interest shown towards Dodds? Had an ok season last year getting us to the play-off finals and having the previous history with the club would he be on any potential short lists. It''ll be the usual round of names being linked and he's probably on a par with many of those.
  15. Oh my, it's such a hot bed of constant ridicule on here from so many fans of other clubs who give about as many fucks about us, as most of us do about them. The isolated obsessives live amongst us from all corners though I guess, but whether someone is laughing with you or laughing at you there's entertainment being provided to many.
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