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  1. Can't post what was deleted and user since been blocked from contacting. Everyone is entitled to see things as they wish, however randomly sending messages to strangers in a private setting I see as strange at least. Posted plenty on forums and never seen that kind of behaviour when discussing topics. The end from me.
  2. Surely just knowing there is a user randomly sending PMs when they don't like posts or criticism is enough to cast judgement.
  3. Most important competition is the league and always has been as premiership football is needed for long term development and stability of the club. The cup is only important right now because the team have made such a c**t of that.
  4. He's or she or they/them has been busy with the private messaging then it seems. Odd behaviour
  5. Firstly, I'm not your pal nor do I want to be, is that why you send random messages? You'd be better concentrating on why you want strangers on the internet to be your friend. It's not normal behaviour. Besides that, from a football perspective you were one of the strong advocates the results and performances would get better with injuries returning, unfortunately other than 2 Cup games that really hadn't been the case. Therefore either were not very good or the team lack motivation for league games, either of which fall at the feet of BD. I've put plenty comments on my thoughts regarding dodds tactics and capabilities to adapt against differing oppositions, but there are an admirable bunch who stand by defending him. Therefore I no longer can be bothered to argue, however I do wish to highlight per my post that yesterday has killed off the remote play-off chance which surprises me based on being repeated told we will be better and push a play-off place when injuries subside. Yet to be convinced that has been the case this league campaign.
  6. Disappointing result and killed off any slim plsy-off hopes, but once all the players return we will be better.
  7. Maybe so, but big difference between a game within your home city that both sets of fans could walk or get local transport to and the costs for travel down for a midday KO from Inverness.
  8. Thankfully as we're always told the club has very so few fans hopefully everyone can get a 'cheap' seat Fucking shocking price
  9. While most of us accepts beating Celtic is unlikely, they have the biggest bunch of self-entitled fans out there. In 2015 SF, there were treble winners scarves and shirts everywhere around their hoards..................making it even more satisfying when the 'diddy' team punted the out. Making the seethe more pleasing to a chorus of 'You can shove your fucking treble up your arse.......' Regardless who either team plays, I'm sure there will be a full sectarian song book to enjoy in the June sunshine.
  10. now we are going back to Hampden again, can't help think this flag that appears for sale at times would look good set up over some inevitable empty seats. Can the supporters club not offer to buy it, or even set up a page.......if folks just put in a couple of quid then it could get back into fan ownership? We've heard more than that is raised for a roof that's not really required in a section of the stadium that in all honesty doesn't need used.
  11. QP fans all privately raging Getting reinstated is turning out to be this seasons 'hand of meekings'
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