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  1. Burrows made it pretty clear we have plenty in the works, better quality players take longer to tie down given they will have other clubs also interested. We could sign 20 players tomorrow if we just accepted anyone and let’s be honest some of the signings under Robinson were not being chased by multiple clubs.
  2. But we would have him in our team in a heartbeat, he’s a fantastic player.
  3. Sadly the usual nonsense you see at every club. Supporters will react with joy at any early signings only to state they are useless and we jumped in too soon without doing due diligence. We got the signing in early the last two summers and that failed to work out well. Alexander prefers to take his time and wait for the right players, quality over quantity. Two different approaches and we will see if the latter works for us at a later date. It’s never about when they sign, just who we sign that matters in the end.
  4. Looking at their forum last year it was obvious half the posters on there were complete loons. The amount of in the know “facts” posted by individuals that had suddenly become legal experts that was just made up twaddle was amazing, they then ended up just fighting with each other. Any half decent Hearts supporter should go nowhere near the place.
  5. I find it best to just trust those running the club, they look to be doing a decent job to me. Whatever the club announce they can’t win with these things regardless.
  6. Nice to hear the good things said about Andy, sounded like an amazing guy. Very interesting to also hear about the difference in recruitment policy between Robinson and Alexander, I always used to think getting the signings in early was a positive but after the last couple of summers it will be interesting to see how the extra scrutiny and time taken will pan out. I certainly sounds like we will be looking down in England again and with Alexander’s experience down there it obviously makes sense. Burrows is excited and that gives a level of optimism that we are looking a little more at quality over quantity.
  7. Very sad that one of the most respected posters on Steelmen Online “ Andy P” passed away Suddenly last night.
  8. There is certainly no accounting for taste.
  9. Are Hearts fans still intending boycotting away games next season should supporters be let back in ?
  10. I think Fox is more than happy to be a squad player, it does however pose more questions than answers. I’m worried about Carson going into next season as number one given his injury record and don’t think Fox is a regular number one, more someone playing the odd game or two.
  11. Lots of banter re budgets on here, are St Mirren pushing the boat out this season ?
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