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  1. Yes, some idiots started it but thankfully they were shouted down and stopped.
  2. Best goal ever, just because Falky outjumped Ryan Stevenson. Andy Geggan.......PHWOOOAARRR!!!!!!
  3. They may be good individual players but they just don't gel as a team for whatever reason.... been a really frustrating season. Also, £20 for that at Cappielow? At least Dick Turpin wore a mask
  4. That was terrible today, neither team looked capable of scoring and neither keeper had a save of note to make.
  5. Have seen it before, I remember Westie coming on as a sub up front in a win against Airdrie at Broadwood
  6. Certainly with a high percentage of Pars fans, yes Too often they mistake running about a lot to be the main attribute of being a player instead of actually being in the right place at the right time.
  7. That annoys me too re Nicky Clark. A proper centre forward who we haven't replaced.
  8. All I can smell is shite...... Sorry Poet but couldn't resist
  9. Why next season? Could happen starting at the weekend. Thinking positive although it won't be Ryan obviously
  10. There's some pish on there but that has to be a wind up Jim Duffy the outstanding coach of his generation? Jesus wept!
  11. Almost a whole calendar month. We're going up lads. Too many draws and one win v the worst Falkirk team ever tho
  12. While yesterday was disappointing, I feel it is worth pointing out that no team has beaten Alloa for quite a while..... Still a massively disappointing result when two nil up at half time tho
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