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  1. When has Robson been replaced? What a complete and utter moron you are
  2. The signings definitely indicates a 433 to me. I was convinced we would play that against Ayr but maybe the new signing will let us line up that way now. I think we're at the stage where the team pretty much picks itself with a few tweaks thank god.
  3. I don't mind the shape of the 4231 but as much as I like him I couldn't have Robson in a back 4. My back 4 would be Dixon. McGhee. Mckenna. Kidd Osman and McShane in the 2 gives me a boner though
  4. Good job for someone to go into. With the squad you lot should definitely be up in the play offs at least. Has McCann been mentioned for the job?
  5. Going by recent comments we can expect another 3 not including Rudden if he comes back. Definitely need another striker but not sure what else would be a priority now. Right back and goalkeeper?
  6. Have to admit I know very little about our new signing but by f**k it's refreshing to have a manager that knows what needs strengthening and going to get players to help with those positions. The days of Hartley signing a bunch of players then trying to figure out how to play them are over.
  7. Rather surprised he has got a move to a League 2 team to be honest. Seemed a nice enough guy though and liked his tweet yesterday when it was announced he was leaving so hope it works out for him.
  8. Please just someone block this cretin Edibairn. I get the feeling there is more to him than just an average fan posting on a forum. I'd love to know who he really is.
  9. I don't have a clue how all this works but I'll wait patiently for someone who does to tell you your talking utter bollocks again
  10. When I glance at all the Patron talk on here I get excited thinking Paton has been dumped Probably a wee bit harsh as he has been a bit better lately.
  11. Imagine hating O'Hara that much you would be spewing if he scored a goal for Falkirk FC!
  12. He done a job when he came on. Anyone who says otherwise is a stubborn twat. I don't want him here next season as it stands but credit where credit is due.
  13. O'Hara coming back has improved us. He's a better player than Lewis!
  14. All this talk about Harrison Muirhead O'Hara etc, some of them might stay for the rest of this season but if any of them are here next season I'll be really disappointed. Kidd, McKee, Muirhead, Brough, Harrison, O'hara, Paton all players that might do some sort of job until the end of the season but need emptied when the season is done.
  15. I'd have loved him back but looks like he will go to a higher level than us. Not sure we will get much better to be honest but hopefully we can get an experienced forward in.
  16. Sounds like they will be more experienced players as well. Interesting to see who we bring in.
  17. And there is still about 4 new players to come in. Win next week and things will really be looking up.
  18. Bairnschild and Edibairn posting at the same time yet again. Sad twat!
  19. I would have been spot on if Osman was able to play. ITK#
  20. Apart from a few positions the team seems pretty straightforward to pick. The start of the season was a complete farce trying to select the team.
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