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  1. Williamson and Morrison shutting plenty up on here, love to see it!
  2. Agree with Yates comment. His inability to pass the halfway line yesterday stopped any decent attacks on the right. Didn’t make any mistakes defensively but does need to get further up of playing right back! Definitely better in the middle of the park
  3. First half there was very little in it and probably unfortunate to go in behind (poor defending though). 2nd half we were very poor and created very little, I don’t like having a go at individual players but I’d really like to see the back of Nesbitt, absolute sand dancer the boy! Mcglynn will get it right it’s probably just going to take longer than we all hoped for.
  4. Yes fair play mate it is. Frustrated as f**k today, really thought we had turned a corner
  5. His pint was he was wasteful, my point was at least we created with him on the park which we didn’t the 2nd half. He’s getting a lot of stick but he’s still better than the others in his position.
  6. Ok who’s better then? Who would you rather start on the wing over Morrison?
  7. so let’s just take him off and crate zero then. Good idea that
  8. Gave us an attacking outlet, someone that actually wanted the ball and run at players. Tell me who done that in the 2nd half?
  9. First half = anything decent we done was through Morrison 2nd half = done f**k all no Morrison on the park Full time = Morrison is useless Give your fucking heads a wobble!!
  10. f**k me. I hope Morrison had a knock at half time because that really changed the shape of the game for us. Not having a go at the young lad but if Yeats ever starts in front of Williamson at right back again then f**k me, the lad never wanted to cross the half way line at all
  11. f**k me some of you would just be a pleasure to sit and have a pint with We’re at the start of the journey with Mcglynn, he’s got 1 hand tied behind his back in regards to his squad, more patience is required now! I remember the days when signing an unknown from England would have been really exciting, now it’s the end of the world!
  12. Took the words out my mouth. Just because folk haven’t heard of him he must be no good. I’ll trust Mcglynn on this one not some roasters on P&B
  13. Love these unknown striker signings. Makes going to the next game quite exciting. Writing the lad off already is hilarious stuff, fucking bampots
  14. I’d rather Mcglynn was patient and got the right loan signings in, talk of Telfer is just panic stations stuff! It’s not ideal starting the league still needing to add to the squad but patience is required to make the right signings!
  15. Mcglynn has probably never played 5 at the back in his managerial career, I hope to Christ he doesn’t start trying it now
  16. Mcglynn won’t deviate from what he always plays. He will just sign more players to suit his style!
  17. I actually thought Alegria didn’t do too badly when he came on. He offered us a different option and just about got us a winner with a nice run and effort on goal (something that didn’t happen for the rest of the game). I think he will start on Saturday with Oliver in behind him which will suit Oliver better as well. It’s going to take a while for Mcglynn to fully get us going, even if we don’t go up this season the squad will be in much better shape and not needing a complete overhaul!
  18. Personally I think we are 2 or 3 attacking players away from being a decent team which Mcglynn will know himself. Hopefully the players calm down next week and find a wee bit more composure to do the simple things better. I like how Mcginn absolutely ripped into the goalie for just aimlessly punting the ball up the pitch!
  19. Too many replies to quote regarding my Williamson post. I’m not saying he was great but there was loads of misplaced passes across the team today, as soon as Williamson misplaced a pass he was getting it from the crowd. I’m in no way a happy clapper but ffs why does this crowd need someone to jump on? anyway hopefully Mcglynn is well backed and we get a few bodies in going forward
  20. The fans having a go at Williamson need to have a look at themselves, 60 minutes into a new season FFS
  21. Buzzing for today, nice 5 pints and a few vodka and cokes planned before the game. It’s become a necessity the last few seasons
  22. 1. Dunfermline 2. Falkirk 3. QoS 4. Alloa 5. Montrose 6. Kelty 7. Airdrie 8. Edinburgh 9. Peterhead 10. Clyde
  23. Can’t complain finishing above Hibs and Morton. Hopefully some of our injuries clear up for next week and add another player. Lets push the boat out and let Mcglynn sign a few more especially with the extra funds we have earned.
  24. Not really. We still need a point, expecting Morton to best Bonnyrigg by a good few goals.
  25. I’ll take a drab 0-0 of it nets us 50k
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