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  1. 4 hours ago, Shodwall cat said:

    I said please tell me I'm picking it up wrong in my original post so you could simply have explained it better . So what did you mean then when you said

    'On the whole I don’t think any of the players that remained from last season are below what Mcglynn has brought in (Wilson and Ross obvious exceptions)'. 


    I don’t think what Mcglynn has signed overall (as a whole) is exactly head and shoulders above the players we already have in the squad from last season. Yes you can pick out individuals like Mcginn over Hetherington but I’m looking at the big picture. I’m just a bit bored of hearing that because we have players from last season that’s why we are struggling. 

    He made 4 subs on Saturday, 3 of them that came on are his signings so if his signings are so much better they should all start surely? 

    Now that’s not me having a go at Mcglynn I actually praise him for getting more out of what we have but it’s the argument that last seasons players are why we aren’t going great that gets to me! 

    Hopefully my pint is clearer now. 

  2. 2 hours ago, Back Post Misses said:

    It’s not nonsense because he has 13 players filling out a squad. Imagine if he had 7/8 of those filling the squad creating competition for places ? You need to look further than just the starting line up. 

    The thing is 3 of the 4 subs that came on were Mcglynn signings. On the whole I don’t think any of the players that remained from last season are below what Mcglynn has brought in (Wilson and Ross obvious exceptions). 

    I like Mcglynn and think he will eventually get us up but he’s open to a little criticism now and again! 

  3. 49 minutes ago, Back Post Misses said:

    No it is not but until we get shot of most of Holt and Sheerin’s shite it is going to be up and down imo and will cut the manager slack till then 

    Not a great argument considering those players are keeping Mcglynn’s signings out the starting 11

    That said Mcglynn 100% needs time, the club has been a shambles for years and he’s not came through the door with a magic wand. I get the impression they quite don’t know 100% what their best team is yet, if we hit a bit of form for 10 games or so that will see us challenge! 

  4. Another frustrating day for us. A few positives though in Mackie and Kennedy. Mackie looks a better option for me now than Henderson! 

    There has been improvement but it’s stalled a bit now. Time to be realistic though and remember where we have been the last few seasons! 

  5. 5 minutes ago, Duncan Freemason said:

    For me, Henderson is no more a centre back than my better half. I remain utterly convinced that as long as Nesbitt is a Falkirk player, L1 is where we stay.……..and so much for McKay coming good under McGlynn.

    Nesbitt’s assists may satisfy some, but he really is a complete waste of a jersey.

    There is absolutely no chance of this group of players winning this league.

    Our worthy players list consists of Donaldson, McGinn, McCann, Burrell, Lawal, Yeats and I guess, Morrison. Beyond those seven, we have nothing but makeweights, and makeweights that simply can’t be carried by the rest.


    Got as far as your mackay mention and stopped reading, 1 poor game ffs and your on his back. Just f**k off! 

  6. 20 minutes ago, Amarillo Bairn said:

    At what point does Mglynn start to get criticism, it's no secret I didn't want him as manager and should have went for Ian Murray instead, but now that we have him the excuse off being left with "Holt's Squad" won't last much longer. 7 points behind already ffs,

    Mcglynn is going to need longer than 5 or so months to sort this shit show of a club out, maybe is Murray could shit £££’s then he would have done a better job! 

    Frustrating but got to back the manager now!

  7. 4 hours ago, Bairney The Dinosaur said:

    There are stats. Checking out of games? About average. Goal contributions (>66%), defensive duels (>33%) and wins (>35%). Missed chances? Absolutely. Underperforming his xg contributions. Misplaced passes? Nope. Better pass completion rate than 85% of the league. Rotten decision making? About average. Dangerous passes (>44%) and progressive passes (>66%). 


    That’s interesting mate where did you get that info from? 

    Nesbitt is no world beater but he gets about and adds tempo to our play, as soon he was got subbed off against Kelty we barely got forward and we’re so slow. I think Nesbitt adds a fair bit to our game as a whole! 

  8. 17 minutes ago, Russ said:

    There’s only 1 player in the whole country with more league assists than Aidan Nesbitt yet still people think he brings nothing.

    Mind boggling.

    Some folk just like to dislike certain players regardless of what they do, it’s the Falkirk way 😂

  9. Nesbitt was fine today, credit to him he never goes hiding. He brings a bit of intensity to the game that we would miss if he didn’t play. 

    First half we were a bit static, very little movement and moving the ball slowly made it easy for Edinburgh. 2nd half was better and ultimately was a comfortable win. Clyde getting something made it even sweeter. Overall decent day at the office 💪

  10. Out of interest I had a look to see how much better off we are than this time last season, it’s only a few points which surprised me. We’re obviously a much better team this season but we need to stop conceding silly goals IMO. 

    I actually don’t think Henderson has been playing that well recently so I’d be dropping him and getting McKay in beside Donaldson today, Henderson for me messes around too much at the back and looks like making mistakes. 

    We’ve always bounced back after a disappointment this season so hopefully today is the same! 

  11. I agree with Bairnardo time to get Lawal in from the start to see what he can do. Kennedy was rotten yesterday I’d drop him just for wearing bloody gloves. 

    Anyone know how far Williamson is away from being back? Could do with his ability to go forward again. 

  12. Have to say I was cringing at the songs sung yesterday, it wasn’t just a few kids there was grown adults joining in. They should hang their heads in shame, absolute twats! 

    I think there will be a few embarrassed people this morning when they open their eyes, I know it was a charged game but for ffs they neeed to grow the hell up! 

  13. Just now, DAFC. said:


    Why? We’ve both been run idiotically for years and deserve to be where we both are.

    Anyway, a shite game that we scraped a win, again. We were defensively solid and took our chance. We didn’t create many and Falkirk, for all their possession, maybe had one more chance than us, so that shows how crap it was.

    That’s us 7 clear of Falkirk eh? A team full of sand dancers. That’s it. You’ll never win the league with such dross that play alike.

    Mochrie by far the best player on the park however I’d give MOTM to MacDonald. He was fantastic.


    I’m not disputing that, we both deserve to be where we are, the fans deserve better! 

    Sand dancers, nail on the head with that. 

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