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  1. I can’t wait to see if they cut last nights opening car crash statement or go straight to the first question
  2. The first question last night highlighted how poor recruitment has been. Just about every poster on here could have signed 95% of the players we have without much effort at all. I’m not keen on Holt but I don’t think he came over too badly when talking about the youth setup, maybe he should take a wage cut and just focus on that in the future!
  3. Is there any email I can contact the club on? I’m now not attending games until at least Deans steps aside and although I know it won’t make much difference I feel I need to let them know why I won’t be attending. I really feel like getting something off my chest!
  4. Have to say I’ve never really taken much interest in the board but obviously know it was rotten after reading things on here. Now that I have seen it with my own eyes I won’t be going to anymore games until they are gone. I was utterly shocked by that Colburn having the audacity to say what he did then Deans talking down to us treating fans with disdain. It’s quite simple there is NO way those clowns will improve us now we need to now vote with our feet to get rid of the charlatans!
  5. The start got a wee bit heated after that Clown had a pop at the fans and Deans got a bit of flack but after that it died down a bit. The opening 15 minutes summed up the clowns that are running the club for me! Sheerin really needs to go now though, I felt embarrassed for him how clueless he came across
  6. Main talking points from tonight! 1. the guy at the start that more or less blamed the fans is a c**t 2. Sheerin doesn’t know what he’s doing 3. Holt is a good speaker but full of shite
  7. Yep I’m still confused. It sounds like you have settled for what we have, that’s your opinion so I’ll respect that!
  8. I’m confused. Have we to keep the manager so the players who by your own words haven’t done it on the pitch don’t down tools for the rest of the season? some bizarre logic there!
  9. Why would they be on the way out if Sheerin is sacked? Yes a new manager might want to freshen it up in January with a few signings but his squad is here to stay for the rest of the season!
  10. Our record since Holt came in has been atrocious though. Holt isn’t the only one that needs punted but he is a big problem.
  11. That’s fair enough I respect that opinion. Glad we’re united on Holt though
  12. I think getting rid of Holt needs to be the first thing on the agenda. It’s no coincidence we have went to pot on the pitch since his arrival. I’d get rid of Holt and give Sheerin a few more games to see how it pans out. He might not be up to it but could thrive without Holt looking over his shoulder!
  13. There are 2 certainties in life: 1. Sheerin will be gone by early next week 2. The fan Q&A won’t go ahead with them running from the backlash
  14. “Gaining territory” Makes it sound like a chess game
  15. Have to say I felt sorry for Sheerin today, looks so far out of his depth in this role it’s unreal. I hope he is put out his misery tonight and finds a job suitable soon enough, although if Holt and Deans don’t follow then it might not matter who’s in charge on a Saturday anyway!
  16. Fair enough I get where you are coming from. I suppose some Players can play up top themselves better than others! It must be a frustrating role though when the service is poor!
  17. That’s what tends to happen when you are up top yourself and are being starved of service!
  18. I disagree with that bit. I wish we had the balls to be arrogant enough to go and play to our strengths every game which right now is 2 up top. We had Miller and McCracken who constantly went on about setting up to play our opponents and although Sheerin doesn’t say it as bluntly as they did there definitely seems an element to that with him. Obviously we need to know what we are up against but tweak certain things but we really need to start every game playing to our strengths. We just seem to care about opposition a bit too much!
  19. The problem is playing 1 up top makes it too easy for the opposition IF our midfield aren’t set up properly to support. Right away 2 up top fives the defenders a lot more to think about which will cause them more problems. We’re no good enough or clever enough to play with just 1 and that’s home and away! The higher up the leagues you go the better players and managers can play 1 no problem (with the exception of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer ).
  20. This might sound harsh but after listening to that interview it get rid now. I’m sick of having managers that set up to the opposition in League bloody 1. Play to our strengths and let teams worry about is FFS!
  21. How the f**k is this rabble 3rd in the league? Just shows how shit it actually is
  22. 2 games in a row now he has changed it to 2 up top and it has yielded goals after dismal displays up until then. He’s going to play 1 up top against Airdrie isn’t he?
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