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  1. Holy shit 2 year contract for Williamson again, he must have some agent!
  2. I’d stop watching the scaremongering BBC if I was you!
  3. After the last few years we have had I’m still looking over my shoulder at 5th place, 6 points doesn’t seem much back to Alloa but 5 points seems miles away for me to Dunfermline. Mind f**k!
  4. Burrell still best coming off the bench for me, think he needs a wee bit more experience to be consistent enough from the start but hopefully that comes! It’s great that Mcglynn has these problems though!
  5. Got to laugh at some weird posts on here having a go at the new board and how the club is being run. They have done a great job in a short space of time and the feel good factor is definitely back for me. Still a long way for us to go but we are finally moving forward! Probably get pumped tomorrow now
  6. Hmm I think I’d prefer him to play for us and help us beat Edinburgh, I like the thinking though
  7. Well finished my lunch thinking the admin had done us right up to then finish work with 3 shiny new signings. Fantastic work
  8. Cmon admin I’ve only got 3 Kleenex left
  9. Kabia last season vs Kabia that Mcglynn is coaching would probably be a different player to be honest!
  10. Why does it need to be a choice between a cup run or promotion? I’ll take both thank you very much!
  11. No way will he bookies make them favourites, they’re not that naive.
  12. Great chance to get to the quarters. Darvel will shite it with the new found expectations!
  13. Listen to the live streams of other clubs the commentary is worse than ours, it’s almost as if some folk need something to constantly moan about I suppose that’s what happens when we are winning games of football!
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