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  1. Looking forward to the game tomorrow. Was impressed with us last week although found it slightly frustrating Telfer was instructed to come deep all the time to collect the ball when it would have been easier for the centre half to run 50 yards into the space in front. That’s me nit picking though! Hopefully we can translate possession dominance into more clear cut chances in the future!
  2. On and off the field generally go hand in hand. The better we are on it takes the focus away from off the field. Still a long long way to go but we’re in a better position now for sure than we have been for a few seasons at least! Was it Holt’s decision to appoint Sheerin? I’m not a big Holt fan but deserves credit for that appointment , if it was him I’d course!
  3. Well that was a good performance yesterday. Sheerin has been a breath of fresh air and whoever found Krasiniqi deserves credit he’s going to do some job for us. Much bigger test on Saturday but I’m actually looking forward to these tests now rather than dreading it, long may it continue!
  4. Quiet on here from the moaners before the game. Decent performance under the circumstances. Looking forward to next week with a weeks training under our belts!
  5. We’re fucked with COVID and you are using bookies betting odds as a marker to how shite we are and I’m the one that’s rambling on?
  6. Oh and we are actually 5/1 now, I suggest you figure out how betting works before you use it as an argument as to how shite we are as a club!
  7. When were the odds compiled? It’s been pretty obvious for a while we have had COVID in the camp. Any decent punter worth their salt would have been backing Cove if the their odds were half decent. If we had a clean bill of health and a normal build up to this game we wouldn’t be 5/2
  8. We’re 7/2 becuase of the COVID situation
  9. I’ve deliberately stayed away from here but decided to have a quick read through and f**k me there’s some belters on here Anyway looking forward to the new season starting, it looks like we have actually signed a squad that will fit into a system and not just signing a plethora of players and then shoe horning them in like previous seasons. Just a shame we have apparently signed a completely shite striker that’s had about 60 minutes to show what he can do
  10. How refreshing to hear a manager talk about how the team played tactically after the game. Light years from the pish we had under M and M! A few more decent signings and I might just enjoy going tk the games again!
  11. There will be a few willing to have a guess based on a wee Google search on the internet but ultimately no one has a clue what the deal is! It’s just another moan for the sake of having a moan.
  12. Nothing like giving the laddie a chance
  13. Gold with red in the strip?? Shameful fashion sense that
  14. Dunno what all the moaning about that top looks class to me! Definitely lighter than the earlier pictures of it as well.
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