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  1. Looking forward to the Clyde game tomorrow, I think we will win quite comfortably! I honestly can’t remember the last time I felt confident going into games
  2. Wasn’t aware of the email but I was expecting a lot worse after reading some of the comments on here. 90/10 thing could have been worded better but it’s not exactly that bad! Hopefully it’s prompts some more to sign up.
  3. Best performance I’ve seen in a while, it was just easy! Every player played well but special mention to Nesbitt thought he was great tonight. It’s now looking like we have zero passengers in the team!
  4. But the website still doesn’t have Dundee tomorrow on the fixture list
  5. Check the club Twitter feed and you will find everything you need.
  6. I’d settle for being in touch come January and Mcglynn being allowed to strengthen the squad for a title push!
  7. Yes how very dare you have an opinion that’s different from mine , tbf your logic is right but Mcglynn won’t change things just now.
  8. That’s about the 50th time you’ve posted that, it’s not going to happen FFS. Mcglynn knows how he wants to play and it’s great we have a good manager that won’t chop and change formations! Let it be man (am I allowed to say man these days )
  9. Was just going to comment on Burrell’s interview but you guys have it covered, hope the boy starts next week!
  10. I agree. Mcglynn is letting them feel their way into the team. It’s what good managers do!
  11. Magic. Get Hetherington to f**k we’re so much better without him. Perfect weekend
  12. A lot of it will be confidence, you could see that getting better as the game went on. Massive part of football is confidence!
  13. I actually don’t criticise the players that much and don’t tend to shout abuse during games if they aren’t playing well but high work rate and determination doesn’t make you a good player! I’ll respect your opinion though and leave it at that!
  14. I watched Hetherington yesterday and your analysis of his game yesterday is quite frankly baffling. What I seen was a player who wants to look neat and tidy but does absolutely bugger all. He gets the ball and plays a wee 2 yard pass sideways. He gave away silly fouls quite a few times due to his poor positioning and failure to read the game. He is anonymous and quite frankly a waste of a jersey! I honestly think he is one of the worst midfielders we have ever had!
  15. Yeah I know I wasn’t meaning it that way. His end product hasn’t been great at all but I did notice a difference yesterday in basically the speed of his shots, does that make sense? He is definitely guilty of trying to pass the ball into the net but yesterday had more zip about his efforts. Hopefully this is things starting to click for the new manager
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