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  1. Good appointment for you lot of Murray comes in, Airdrie played some good stuff against us under him. Thanks for taking him out of league 1
  2. Are folk really moaning that a staff member said on Twitter that season tickets will be out soon? New levels of moaning faced b*****d that
  3. Not a sausage, I usually get a good few leaks but bugger all now. Sack the board!
  4. He’s not only better than what we have he would be miles better than what we currently have. He was part of a very good defence in a very good side, if your going to argue against that then fair enough it’s your opinion!
  5. Muirhead was decent enough for us in a very good side, who wouldn’t want him back considering where we bloody are?
  6. Not going to lie I’m actually buzzing for next season, it’s the most optimistic I’ve been in ages. It feelS like the club is heading the right way and with Mcglynn in charge we have someone who knows what they are doing. Looking forward to getting my wee lad more into it now! Feet are on the ground though, I’m not expecting miracles!
  7. Ooft just pumped out of promotion play offs and instantly frequenting the Falkirk forum, what does that tell you?
  8. That’ll do us nicely. Moneybags QP gone, Airdrie likely lose Murray and half their team and the best of all that Airdrie poster won’t be seen on here for a while. Happy Sunday folks
  9. Most players are signed until end of May with their current club. I am sure some tapping up is going on but the board/management are not known for leaks Yes the start of June is early
  10. I know mate it was tongue in cheek, I do think we will do some business early but not this early.
  11. f**k sake came in to read about some Friday signings but have been hit by moaning faced fuckers. Time to sack this forum off I think!
  12. Oh I’m well aware football is all about opinions, it’s just a shame that some opinions are so wild
  13. My goodness please say I didn’t just read Sibbald isn’t what we need I remember the same was said about Liam Craig a few years ago, some folk are truly clueless
  14. They tried to get him in January, will be interesting to see if they try again!
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