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  1. f**k me you League 1 regulars are a touchy bunch! To be fair if we became a League 1 size team id be depressed as f**k as well 🙈
  2. Yep now they need to hit the dizzy heights of beating Raith Rovers and Airdrieonians 🤪
  3. Even if the academy didn't make us profit or even made a small loss each season it was probably a small price to pay to have an identity. Craig Campbell has ruined us for the foreseeable!
  4. I have to hold my hands up, I overreacted when i seen the team. Have to say they got it right. Thought Miller done a good job in front of the 3. Just shows you how poor the previous managers recruitment was that they have came in and played a formation that suited the players we have, a formation that the previous manager didn't play once all season 🙈
  5. Dixon's we're only 2 points off the top is exactly why McKinnon had to go. Hopefully Miller and McCracken get it drilled into them that it's not acceptable.
  6. McKinnon must have some dirt on Dixon 🤣
  7. Posted that before 3rd goal. Wasn't Dixon's best ball of the night but it will do!
  8. Dixon has put in some cracking balls the night!
  9. Valid point to be fair. I'd be hoping the new management team would get a spark from them but maybe didn't see enough in training.
  10. Not gonna lie my team selection earlier in the week fucking buries that team. What do Falkirk managers see that the majority on here don't? It's bizarre!
  11. Mutch Toshney. Durnan. Buch Doyle. Dixon Gomis. Miller Longridge. McManus. Sammon That's the best I can do Or maybe Longridge behind a front 2?
  12. Crossed my mind. I hope it is that would explain it!
  13. I have to say tonight's team is the worst I have seen this season. What the actual!!
  14. This day can't get much worse. First no Killer tickets and now I'm shitting through the eye of a needle so no pubs and game for me tonight!🤮
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