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  1. Well of that's the case then no way will be pass any sort of test to take over. I was basing my opinion on the embarrassing twitter interaction he is having, a really successful businessman just wouldn't do that.
  2. The current board have played a blinder here, 3 weeks ago I was desperate for them to GTF now I'm desperate for them to stay and not sell to a fantasist that would probably put us in major trouble - only a gut feeling nothing to back that up. Anyway thank god it's match day, just cracked open a bottle of Beck's to wash down my 2 rolls on Patrick's square sausage 😎
  3. Any serious bidder for the club wouldn't keep replying to rubbish on twitter, the quicker this guy is out of the picture the better in my opinion.
  4. Didn't go and only ever went to the final of that diddy cup which is always a good piss up. I couldn't care less who we come up against but it is a good opportunity for the fringe players to get some game time especially with no reserve team this season.
  5. Well wasn't expecting another signing. For all the boards faults what they have done is back the managers with funds. With all the shite being said about the Campbell fella I wouldn't be disappointed to see it fall through(something just doesn't feel right). The board need to go eventually but I'd rather they stayed than him coming in which would just be too risky now. Probably not a popular opinion but just don't want the club to take a chance on someone who could be a Walter Mitty.
  6. 4231 easily changes into a 433 during games. Longridge and McManus can easily play a bit wider but still get in the 6 yard box. It's not rocket science.
  7. McKinnon also said he can play anywhere up top including out wide.
  8. How do we line up now with LL added to the mix? Sammon McManus. Telfer. Longridge Tidser. Gomis That's how I'd line up the middle of the park and up top. There's a stupid amount of players capable of assisting goals in our team. If we don't play like Barcelona and win the league by 50 points McKinnon should hang his head in shame 😁
  9. Loving that signing. We have players capable of playing some excellent stuff just need a half decent manager to implement it now!
  10. I think your missing the point. Only getting a point wasn't the issue. The issue was the negative style of tactics again, it's boring as hell to watch and he won't change now. I'd rather we got beat trying to win games rather than playing not to lose. We could have won 1-0 on Saturday and if still moan about the style.
  11. Pish! Most of us had our doubts after last season but were willing to give him another shot at proving us wrong, 90 minutes on Saturday was the same old boring shite we were subjected to last season.
  12. McKinnon won't change, anyone that thinks he will are deluding themselves. He has a team capable of playing good stuff but he simply doesn't know how to get them to do it. We will probably still win the league at a canter but it will be boring. I just want him out of our club. I'm more depressed watching us than reading the takeover pish on here!
  13. I've been told earlier the deal is dead in the water, he hasn't got the money to back anything up. Say what you want about the current board but I genuinely don't think they would sell the club to a dodgy character.
  14. f**k me let the fans bid guys take over the club already. The English guy might be legit but at least we know 100% the BtB guys are in it for the right reasons. Not gonna lie the formation bingo was more fun last season than reading the last 50 odd pages on here!
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