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  1. Aye and even worse some of our fan’s questioning if he’s good enough 🤦‍♂️
  2. Aye my wee boy is 4 now and at the age I will be taking him, the problem is I can’t be arsed going myself right now! The club have to get this manager appointment right and spark some interest for me!
  3. Singling out an individual? The club reported that one of our players wasn’t staying for next season. Get a grip! You better get onto the Daily Record they also reported Durnan was leaving. How very dare they!
  4. Could also be the club are taking care of the injured players before announcing their departure! The initial list didn’t have a single player that has been out injured!
  5. Are folk actually moaning at the club telling the fans that a player is leaving at the end of his contract? I know the club is a mess but jeezo there is no need to moan about every wee thing! Imagine a tabloid saying he is leaving and the club never told us 🤦‍♂️
  6. What connection does McCall have to Utd?? Apart from being sacked by them like 15 years ago of course!
  7. Durnan being away is lovely news, hopeless player! Hall next please he’s equally useless
  8. I know mate I’m just messing 😜
  9. Ooft bit harsh calling me an idiot because I don’t want Ian Murray managing Falkirk 😆
  10. Not a big release list and I don’t necessarily agree that they are making decisions without a manager in place but by f**k I’ve got a semi here in the knowledge that Leitch will never play for us again!
  11. I’m glad we never made the play offs, it might just be the shock the club needs tk actually get the finger out!
  12. I just want a semi competent manager after this shit show we have watched this season. Someone who knows how they want to play and actually sign players to play in that system. Our problem has been signing a bunch of mediocre players with no clue how we want to play then trying to fit them into over complicated formations It’s not bloody rocket science!
  13. Probably to sign a 34 year old over the hill player
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