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  1. I didn't think they would be voting but with Scottish football you never just know 🤣
  2. No I meant them voting to hibernate the rest of Scottish football, I'm just not sure how the voting rules work, if all league's have to vote on something happening or not! Was just curious really.
  3. Would the Premiership clubs get to vote on this as well if it came to that?
  4. Luckily for me my wee laddie will get that honour 🤣
  5. I'd definitely buy a season ticket with Falkirk TV included until we can get back to the stadium. Just had a flick through Twitter, general consensus now is to ask who wants to play and then get on with it.
  6. Yep if we even mention it that's is begging for reconstruction 🤣 Anyway I won't be seeing his posts from now on, it feels good 😎
  7. Pinning my hopes? I was merely pointing the article out! That's me done reading your rabble on here, ignore button has been hit.
  8. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/spfl-clubs-warned-failure-thrash-22097900 That means clubs from the Championship down would be expected to fulfil all 36 league fixtures. And any club which could not play their games could then be faced with the ultimate threat of expulsion from the SPFL The threats have started, Doncaster and his cronies obviously want reconstruction to happen now.
  9. The vote will be about playing the 20/21 season, not what you suggest. I don't think there will be any vote, it will get to the point that the spfl will ask clubs if they want to play the season or not and those that do want to play will kick on with the season. Budge's 14/14/14 might just actually get voted through!
  10. No idea what league we will be in Stuart, it just seems like the club want to play so that's good enough for me. Hopefully if there is a vote then all league's will go ahead as normal.
  11. So because we as a club want to play a full season that's somehow not sporting? You will need to talk me through that one!
  12. If you pull out of the league then you shouldn't be able to vote to force more financially stable clubs to do the same!
  13. If certain diddies don't want to play then I'm sorry you will lose your right to vote on such matters. If we get up by the back door it will be worth it just for the Morton seethe alone 🤣
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