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  1. It will be closed down approximately 10 minutes after the results are in!
  2. From my understanding we only intended to sign 4 of the players from down South but Hartley was such a c**t that no players up here wanted to sign so we had to go back for more dross. Hartley is a hated wee rat up here! I remember chatting to one of the players at the time before the season had even started. He said 2 words ‘relegation battle’, the club knew they have fucked up before a ball was kicked in the league which is probably why they panicked and got rid of Hartley after just 3 games.
  3. I think we all know deep down Miller and McCracken will never manage another club apart from ours, there just not manager material. It’s a nice idea having them in charge but it’s time to get real and get a proper manager in. Oh and why no interviews this morning? Is the going getting too tough already?
  4. First game of the season I'll take a grind it out type of performance all day long as long as we get the 3 points. I reckon the players will still be well short of where they need to be match fitness wise, missing the 90 mins against Kilmarnock would have had a big effect on them. 3 points for us with Partick getting beat, all in all a bloody gold start to the season!
  5. Have I just read someone saying Morrison as a right wing back? This forum is bonkers at times 🤣
  6. My time in lockdown has been very productive!
  7. I've been living with my head in the sand for the last few months. What is the deal with PPV? Can I pay even though no season ticket? Can I pay say Peterhead £10 to watch the away Falkirk game?
  8. I think the opposite, if we got him then it would let us play either him or Dixon at centre half which would be a big plus for us right now. But hey none of them will score 20 goals so it doesn't really matter that much does it? 🙈
  9. Yes true but something was definitely up with him!
  10. Based on the fact I've seen most if not all of our new signings in action. That with them all being of a good age makes me think it's been a good recruitment window. Is that independent thought ok for you?
  11. Amazing how opinions can differ. I for one am excited about the managers now after the recent recruitment. Yes a bit inexperienced but they haven't done much wrong at all in my opinion. We have a balanced looking team with a good mix of older and young players. It's been the best recruitment we have had in a while!
  12. Possibly clutching at straws but maybe, just maybe being down the pecking order will be the kick in the arse Sammon will need!
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